YELLOW Earth Element (Spleen/Stomach) & Solar Plexus area, 3rd Chakra

Yellow is a positive color which acts on the nervous system.  It stimulates the intellect and so is good for school rooms, studies and anywhere where good conversation is desirable.  Our spirits are raised by looking at yellow and orange, as they most resemble golden sunshine which our bodies crave.  Yellow helps the liver with elimination and purifies the intestines.  It’s good for skin too.  Yellow can be used for nervous exhaustion, for depression, indigestion, skin problems, liver problems and constipation.

Why do all Fast Food Restaurants use YELLOW and RED in their logos?
Read on:

Bring more yellow into your life if you would like to have

contentment, fulfillment & satisfaction
Balance in your eating habits & digestion
Mental sharpness, better memory & ability to absorb information
Interest & curiosity, awareness, wisdom
Self esteem
Less overthinking & pensiveness

And if you would like to be more:

Empathetic, caring, patient, friendly, altruistic
balanced, well-grounded, stable, reliable, predictable, practical
secure within yourself
open to others’ ideas & desires
Tranquil & calm
able to give others space to be who they are
able to nourish yourself appropriately

YELLOW May help:

Stimulate higher intellectual functioning
Stimulate the Motor nervous system (neuromuscular system)
Help regenerate damaged nerves in both the sensory & motor nervous systems
Stimulate the lymphatic system & intestinal tract
Cleanse & heal the skin
Heal broken bones
Stimulate the repair of damaged cells

In a Fast Food place, YELLOW will ensure that Customers:
– have a cheery positive visit and will want to come back again
– have a stimulated appetite so they’ll eat more

How to have more YELLOW energy:

Meditate on color Yellow
Look at yellow in paintings or a yellow wall
Wear yellow clothing
Consume Yellow Foods:  Bananas, Pineapples, Yellow cheeses, Yellow Peppers, Sweet corn, Golden plums, Parsnips, Lemons, Grapefruit, Honeydew melons, Butter, Egg Yolks

3 Comments on “YELLOW”

  1. When I look at the picture associated with the color yellow, I feel an absolute shudder, but a good shudder, like this is what I really need! Amazing.

  2. Hi again Nancy, That’s a common
    sensation when you are very deficient in a particular color energy.

    If you’re craving that color, it can be really good for you to simply stare
    at it a couple times a day for 5 minutes. If you’d like to download a high
    resolution screensaver version of that yellow painting , when you subscribe
    to my mailing list here, you can download that one and others for free.:-)

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