WHITE – Metal element (Lung/Lg Intestine) & Crown of Head, 7th Chakra  

White light contains all colors of the visible spectrum & is very healing & when used in color therapy, has milder effects than some of the individual colors

Bring more White into your life if you would like to have:
Peace & comfort when in distress

WHITE May Help:

Give you clearer skin
Clear upper respiratory symptoms & nasal congestion
Treat constipation & inflammatory bowel disease
Reduce asthma
Reduce recurring respiratory infections
Reduce allergies
Reduce pain

How to Have more White Energy (ie all the colors):
Meditate on color White
Look at White in paintings or a White wall
Wear White clothing

White can be used in any room since it contains all colors of the visible light spectrum but by
itself can be too stark and is best balanced with other individual colors in décor, artwork or


And most importantly… Get lots of Healing Sunshine which contains all of the Colors within its white light.

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