Leanne Venier is recognized as the leading Global Authority on the Healing and Anti-aging Effects of Color, Light Therapy and Red Light Therapy.

She is regularly sought out to teach medical doctors, neuroscientists and lay people … at Major Medical Centers, Neuroscience Research organizations, MENSA, SXSW Interactive and leading Brain and Neuroscience conferences.

Leanne has been interviewed countless times on NBC-TV, National Radio, global podcasts and in numerous international health magazines. She  regularly shares her ongoing research and ground-breaking discoveries about the Science behind the Healing effects of Color, Light Therapy, Art & Flow State with medical practitioners, neuroscientists, business executives, entrepreneurs and lay people. 

Here’s what the Medical Doctors, Surgeons & Neurophysicians who follow Leanne’s work, have to say  …

… about how her science-based research has improved both their medical practices and their personal lives.


Dr. Richard D. Hammer, Regenerative Medicine Expert“Leanne is truly an expert in the study and benefits of therapeutic light and color and how to use them to improve health. And she is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met.

Her education in engineering, acupuncture, Shiatsu, and holistic medicine bring the perfect perspective to the topic of using Color, Light Therapy, & Flow state for optimal health and business success.

I have heard her speak many times and, as an expert in preventive and regenerative medicine myself, she knows what she is talking about.

And unlike many out there preaching their version of health, Leanne backs up her data with published evidence-based medicine and research.

Her knowledge in this area is well beyond that of most physicians in practice. 

As a physician with expertise in preventive health, Leanne shows a breadth of knowledge that very few in this area have.

She is a dynamic speaker who has gotten rave reviews from participants at the conferences I have attended. Her talk at MENSA was standing room only. In addition, her educational talks are not only informative and revealing, they are entertaining and fun. Leanne is an excellent public speaker.

Leanne’s teachings on how to improve sleep, reduce stress and avoid burnout in business using color, light, art and flow state, has huge impacts on health from a population health and business aspect. Sleep, is key to prevention of chronic disease. You would be well served to pay attention to Leanne’s teachings and learn something that is actually personally applicable and productive.”

– Dr. Richard D. Hammer, M.D. FABAARM, FASCP, FCAP
Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell & Anti-aging Expert
Associate Clinical Professor of Pathology & Anatomical Sciences
Director of Hematopathology, University of Missouri School of Medicine


Dr. Michael Glasscock, Otologist, SurgeonAugust 2011

“Ms. Venier,

I was fortunate to hear your lecture on color and light frequencies used as medical therapy last month at the UT Health Sciences Center Medical Library in San Antonio. This is a fascinating topic that I had no knowledge of until I heard you speak.

I was impressed with the documented data you presented.

As a typical traditional surgeon, I know little about alternative treatments of any kind. I actually did not know that newborns with jaundice are treated (in hospitals) with blue light. It seems ironic that such a simple procedure could have such dramatic results.

If physicians will accept that treatment, why won’t they be open to managing other problems with light? But that is a recurring problem with many physicians. They simply do not keep an open mind to new or different ideas. As an innovator, I’ve found it difficult to bring certain new products to market. There is a steep learning curve for most physicians.

I congratulate you for your efforts to enlighten the medical profession. You’ve certainly enlightened me.”

– Dr. Michael E. Glasscock III, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Otologist, Neurotologist, Inventor & Patent holder


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