What Does your Favorite Color say about You?

Can Different Colors Really Help You Heal and Be more Creative & Productive?

by Leanne Venier, BSME, CP AOBTA

This topic is how my teachings about the healing effects of Color, Light, Art & Flow State began.

So in this week’s post, we’re going back to the conversations that got it all started and I’m going to help you begin to understand what your Favorite Colors can tell you about yourself.

When I first started painting 8 years ago, people viewing my paintings always had one or more favorite colors they were drawn to in the artworks. They’d often feel inexplicably and magnetically drawn to one or more of those colors and they’d tell me they couldn’t stop staring at them.

At that point, I’d been studying about how colors influence and heal us for over a decade. So I’d share with them what that particular color they were feeling drawn to might mean for them.

Whatever color they were drawn to, I would  explain what might be out of balance for them, which I could pinpoint because of their “Color Craving”. And every time, the information I shared would resonate strongly with them. It all made sense and they always wanted to know more, but there was no book I could recommend. It was 15 years of my studies and research that I’d combined into a single color system that was still stored in my head!


Leanne with The Chrysalids EIG -DSC_0227LOW RES

Everyone wanted to know how to use these color energies to help themselves heal and restore balance in their lives. 

After 3 years of constant nudging to add some of this information to my website (or even better, write a book (it’s coming!)), I finally added a single page of very basic color information on my early art portfolio website (that site couldn’t support multiple text pages so it was one very looooong page about the Healing Effects of different colors!).

But that single page was found by thousands of people

And the interest about the topic of Healing Color & Light has grown ever since. It’s now gone global with my teaching at major conferences, medical centers, corporations, and loads of TV, national radio and international health magazine interviews.

But it was those one-on-one conversations that planted the first seeds.

Those seeds have now flourished into 2 fully expanded websites about the healing effects of Color, light, Art and Flow State and my Online Color and Creative Flow Training programs.

And this is how it all began…


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Did you know that your Favorite Color can tell you a LOT about yourself?

Yep. It’s true. Your favorite color(s) can tell you what your ideal natural state of being is (and by that I mean, whatever makes you feel happiest). You may have the same favorite color for years, or it may change at different times. Those colors you’re drawn to at different times can also tell you where you might be going out of balance physically or even, emotionally.

Have you ever felt inexplicably drawn to a certain color?

And have you ever felt that whenever you’d see that color, it would jump right out at you and make you want to buy that thing and take it home with you?

Well, this is simply because you intuitively know that Color will be very healing for you and will help you to feel and perform your best.

Your body and mind will actually CRAVE certain colors that will help you stay healthy and happy.

Our Bodies need ALL of the Color Energies that are Naturally Found Within Sunlight.

We evolved to live and thrive under all of the colors found within sunlight. And we crave these colors just like we may crave certain vitamins and nutrients found in certain foods.


Alaska. Denali NP. Alaska Range. Rainbow above Muldrow Glacier.

Sunlight contains all of the healing colors of light

How are Individual Colors Like Individual Vitamins?

Say you take a multi-vitamin every day, but one day you start to feel like you’re coming down with a cold. Does that mean you take 2 or 3 multivitamins?

No… to work directly on the cold, you’ll often just take a higher dose of Vitamin C.

Your body may even try to tell you to start eating Citrus fruits that are high in Vitamin C, simply by giving you cravings for oranges or grapefruit.

It’s similar with Color Cravings (ie your Favorite Colors)

Think of the Full Spectrum of Color energies that are found in sunshine (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo & Violet) just like you’d think of a Full Spectrum Vitamin.

If you’re coming down with a cold, you may crave oranges because your body knows that it contains Vitamin C which will help you heal more quickly.

It’s the same with “color vitamins”. You’ll sometimes crave certain color energies which will help you restore balance in your body and emotions more quickly.

And just as it’s a good idea to eat oranges when your body is telling you to, it’s a great idea to bring more of whatever colors you’re craving. It’s easy to bring color into your home or office environment or even with you while you’re on the go.

Color_Energy_sun_spectrum  bowl of colorful fruit  vitamins

You get a Full Spectrum dose of ALL the “Color Vitamins” by going out under sunlight every day

Sunshine is scientifically proven to be great for your health!

But what if you have a particular craving for one color? It’s usually because your body needs that color to restore balance.

You can easily bring more of that individual color into your home and work environments for a more concentrated “color vitamin” effect. And if that color looks good on you, you can buy a new blouse or tie so you see it on your body all day long.

Those single dose color vitamins will bring you back into balance more quickly, just like a higher concentration of Vitamin C will help you heal from a cold more quickly.

The “Color Vitamins” that you crave will Vary (just like your food and nutrient cravings do)

Your color cravings will change periodically, depending on whatever is starting to go out of balance in your body. Your different organ systems and cells function optimally by using different wavelengths of color for their various functions. If one organ system is out of balance, you’ll crave the color energies that will bring that organ or cellular system back into balance.

We’re constantly going in and out of balance, so none of these cravings are bad. You can simply use your color cravings to your advantage by paying attention to them and bringing more of those colors into your life.

Inward Journey by Leanne Venier available as a FREE HEALING COLORS SCREENSAVER

Discover your Personal Colors and What they Say about You:



A Few Examples of Color Cravings in Real Life

What Does it Mean when You’re drawn to a particular Color MOST of the time (ie. your “Favorite Colors”).

Does this mean your body and emotions are always out of balance?

No, this simply tells you what your ‘constitutional type’ is. That is, how you thrive in the world and what your optimal natural state is where you feel and your best.

I like to call these long-term, favorite colors that most of us have, as our ‘battery recharge colors’

We each have a certain constitutional body type.

Some of us thrive in high energy environments while others thrive in calmer, quieter environments.

Depending on which type you are, you’ll tend to feel drawn to the colors which support those natural ways of being – even when you’re IN balance and you’re feeling good.

Your favorite colors help you feel and perform even better

For example, if you’re a very high-energy, active person who loves to always be thinking, moving and working on different projects …

Your favorite colors may be RED or ORANGE or YELLOW.

The energizing color RED will keep your batteries charged up so you can maintain the high energy behavior that you thrive on. RED will keep a high energy person running for hours, just like caffeine can give you an energy boost when you’re tired.

Orange and Yellow are also energizing, uplifting and stimulating colors. Red is the most stimulating, then Orange and then Yellow.

INTO THE DEPTHS_by Leanne Venier_ScreenSaver1920X1280_1
‘Into the Depths’ by Leanne Venier – available as a Free Healing Colors Screensaver

However, if you’re usually a high energy person but right now you’re feeling stressed out and overworked…

You may feel temporarily drawn to calming, cooling colors like TEAL, BLUE, INDIGO, OR VIOLET during those times of stress and overwork.

RED will often be your “go-to battery-recharge-color” when you’re in balance, but if you get stressed out, overworked or even if you drink too much coffee, you may be less drawn to your favorite Red and more drawn to those calming, cooling colors.

‘Transcending Time’ by Leanne Venier

On the other Hand, if you’re a calmer type of person who thrives by often being in a quiet, serene space

If you like to keep things moving slowly and steadily, and you do your best work when your surroundings are calm and quiet …

Your favorite, ‘go-to’ colors may be GREEN, TEAL, BLUE, INDIGO OR VIOLET.

The calming influence of these colors will tend to sustain a calm person, just as red, orange or yellow will sustain a high energy person.

‘Shadow’s Journey’ by Leanne Venier – Available as a Free Healing Colors Screensaver

Now let’s say you’re typically a calm person who’s feeling unusually tired or depleted at this time …

you may find yourself inexplicably drawn to reds, oranges or yellows – the colors that will bring your energy up – even if you don’t typically enjoy being around those colors as much.

‘Journey to the Light’ by Leanne Venier – Available as a Free Healing Colors Screensaver

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You can use your Color Cravings to help Restore Balance before you get physically Ill

If you’re low in one nutrient or one Color Vitamin/Energy, that Color is going to have much stronger healing effect for you personally.

Once you start supplementing with the Color Vitamins your body is craving you’ll find that you can feel better. You can restore your mental and physical health more quickly.

All you have to do is bring more of those colors into your environment.

We’re constantly going in and out of balance and it’s all just part of being a normal human being. So it’s best for your physical and mental health to surround yourself with a variety of colors.

An increasing number of forward-thinking hospitals are finally beginning to recognize the importance of having a VARIETY of color in their spaces.

Childrens-Hospital-of-Pittsburgh e3234bd4fe0264f438938d57390cbdf5 hospital-room-sheikh-khalifa-medical-center
Various hospitals with colorful walls and decor

Have you ever heard that some colors have stronger healing properties over others? Well, this isn’t exactly true.

That’s like saying that Zinc has stronger healing effects in your body than Vitamin E or C.

For a healthy body and mind, you need ALL of the vitamins and minerals … just like you need ALL of the color energies at different times.

And sometimes you need one color more than others. Those individual colors will be best for you if you’re going out of balance.

Fortunately, it’s very easy to determine your BEST Healing Colors

Your body has an uncanny way of telling you what Color energies you need through your attractions to different colors – your ‘color cravings’.

You can use these Colors to your advantage to

  • heal your body,
  • calm your mind and increase your focus & concentration
  • and even help you boost your productivity to get a lot more stuff done.

Discover your Personal Colors and What they Say about You:



How Can your Personal Colors Help you Boost your Creativity & Productivity?

When you combine your Personal Colors with specific exercises, those colors will help catapult you into a right brained, Creative Flow State, (aka The Zone) an optimal state of consciousness where natural healing begins.

When  you’re in your Creative Flow, you feel and perform your best. Your productivity skyrockets and your creativity soars.


Flowing Spectrum of Colors

Creativity-Wallpaper with people flourishing



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Google Corporation knows the Importance of Color for Stimulating Creativity & Innovation

zurich05 Google_01-700x335

Want to know about the Science behind all this?

Click here to learn about the Scientific Research:

About the Benefits of Flow State

About the Healing Effects of Color, Light and Art

A Simple way to Bring Color into your Home & Work Environment

I bring color into my own home and work space with colorful items that I see and use every day.

For example, I have a full spectrum of coffee art-mugs in my kitchen and office – one in each color.

Depending on how my day is starting …

The mug color I choose for my morning beverage will change from day to day. Some days I’ll be very drawn to my energizing, fiery RED mug. Other days, I’ll use my calming, balancing TEAL mug and so on.

It’s an easy way for me to support my physical and mental states.

If I’m craving red and need some energy, I’ll bring in more red items. If I open my cupboard and my yellow mug is calling out to me, I’ll use that mug that day. It might mean I need some mental clarity.

It’s easy to buy a few colorful everyday items for your home or office — just choose the Colors that make you happy and keep a variety on hand. Those colored items will help you get back into balance every time you look at or use them.

If you like to get your Art Therapy and your Color Therapy at the same time, I’ve finally been able to respond to all the requests from people who have been wanting to purchase my Healing Artwork (but couldn’t afford the originals).

I now offer a line of Beautiful and Affordable Healing Colors Art Therapy products like mugs, phone cases, pillows, gallery-quality wall prints and more.

However you choose to bring more color into your surroundings, it’s easy to boost your health with Color!


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About the Author


Leanne Venier, BSME, CP AOBTA, is an international award-winning artist, engineer and expert in the science of color & light and Flow States who regularly lectures at major medical centers, SXSW Interactive, MENSA & elsewhere. Leanne loves geeking out, reading thousands of medical and scientific research studies. She connects the dots between research that’s happening all over the world and then shares her findings to help others. She has a knack for explaining the research in ways that are easy for everyone to understand. She combines her art, mechanical engineering background and acupuncture and holistic healing training, to teach medical doctors and lay people around the globe about the latest scientific research for Optimizing Health, Creativity and Productivity using Color, Light, Art and Flow State.

Leanne has been interviewed on NBC-TV, nationally syndicated radio and in numerous national and international health magazines. She teaches executives and laypeople how to use Color to easily tap into Flow State (the Zone) for 500% increased productivity, enhanced creativity & optimal health in her Live and Interactive Color and Creative Flow Online Training Program. She’s available for Speaking Engagements, Flow Workshops & Training Programs and Business & Productivity Coaching using Flow State. More information on her website: CatalyticColor.com


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