VIOLET – Crown of Head area, 7th Chakra

Violet has a soothing and tranquillizing effect on frayed nerves and so is especially useful for those who are nervous and highly-strung by nature.  Violet can also be used to help develop the spiritual, intuitive faculty and can be used before and during meditation, perhaps by visualising or concentrating on a violet colour cloth.  Violet can be used for all mental and nervous disease, as well as for rheumatism, concussion and kidney and bladder diseases.
Bring more Violet into your life if you would like to be more:
More artistic
Humanitarian & kind
Mentally strong
Connected to your spiritual self, bringing guidance, wisdom & inner strength

And if you would like to have:
Pure thoughts & feelings
Inspiration for all undertakings,
Enhanced talent & creativity
Integration of your spiritual & physical makeup 

VIOLET May Help:
Shrink enlarged lymph nodes
Increase white blood cell production
Treat anxiety & depression
Relieve sciatica
Decrease muscular activity
Stimulate the spleen
Depress activity of the heart muscle

How to have more VIOLET energy:

Meditate on color Violet
Look at Violet in paintings or a Violet wall
Wear Violet clothing
Consume Violet Foods:  Purple grapes & grape juice, plums, purple broccoli, eggplant

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