Praise from Graduates of Leanne’s Color & Creative Flow Training

Leanne Venier in her Austin gallery

In my Virtual Color & Creative Flow Training Programs, taught LIVE, ONLINE & INTERACTIVE – I teach others how to get into Flow State at will (aka the Zone, the Groove, Deep Mindfulness) …. using your personal COLORS as a catalyst to get there …

… and to channel that limitless source of creative energy into all aspects of your life — to gain all these benefits and more (all supported by scientific research):

  • greater creativity
  • innovative thinking
  • 500% increased productivity
  • enhanced brain function
  • improved mental & physical health
  • increased energy
  • enhanced intuition
  • slowing and reversal of the aging process …
  • and more (again, all validated by loads of scientific research)…

And you’ll also learn how to:

  • understand and harness the healing & brain-boosting power of all the COLORS
  • analyze your OWN Personal Healing COLORS … to gain Clarity about your Path & Purpose and much more.

The Color & Creative Flow Training program is online, live, and interactive and led personally by me, Leanne (ie. it’s a REAL, LIVE training program and workshop, as opposed to a self-study program).

I teach and work with all sorts of people — ranging from business executives to entrepreneurs to lay people to retirees.

The benefits of the program apply to ALL areas of your life.
(You may also arrange for a private group training program with me at your location – just contact us for details.)

Scroll down for loads of Testimonials from my Amazing Graduates.


My Next Live, Interactive Virtual Color & Creative Flow Training program will begin

Saturday October 8
, 2016

Enrollment is now OPEN for the:
1-Day Workshop (October 15)
8-Day Bootcamp (starts October 8)
22-Day Accelerator Advanced Training (starts October 8)

See Details HERE

There are only 20 Students accepted for each Accelerator Training program.

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Testimonials about Leanne’s Color & Creative Flow Programs

How Leanne’s Program Trains your Brain to be Calmer, more Productive & More Mindful through Full-Brain integration – with both Personal & Business benefits

“Leanne’s Creative Flow Accelerator Program & Workshop is amazing. I took it to learn to experience Flow State (aka The Zone) regularly.  Who doesn’t want to be more focused, productive, and creative?

As an expert in color and light applications, a big part of Leanne’s training program harnesses her understanding of how color can bring about and catalyze the right conditions for Flow. Something no one else is doing.

It comes down to shutting off the left side of your brain and letting the right side take over. Our normal mode with so many thoughts rushing through our minds makes it challenging to achieve the focus and receptivity needed to have control over a particular activity. We’re distracted. It’s an easy concept to understand, but hard to achieve in practice. Leanne has developed a series of well sequenced activities to ready the individual for Flow and then take them there. Her Creative Flow Process accesses all parts of the brain for a fully integrated practice which produces rapid results.

After doing Leanne’s exercises, I was a lot more present and focused in my actions, less bogged down by extraneous thoughts. Leanne’s approach addresses the challenges most beginners have with incorporating mindfulness.

This is huge. Right now companies such as Google and Aetna are tapping into the benefits of mindfulness for its productivity, innovation, and health benefits.

At the end of the drawing portion, I could not believe how big people’s smiles were and people were literally glowing. To see adults so unguardedly happy in a public setting is rare. I credit everyone’s positive experience to Leanne’s design of the activity and her accompanying, clear instructions. It was not about creating a masterwork, it was about the process of selecting the colors and having fun applying them to the paper. And that’s exactly what I did.

Freed from the requirement of needing it to make sense or have some rational purpose, I could simply delight in seeing the color, my color, come alive.

It may sound a little strange, but the truth is, by letting go of my typical evaluation framework, I allowed parts of my brain that are usually less engaged, to activate. I think this is the underlying reason for everyone’s pronounced happiness and optimized performance – because we were all accessing Flow, which is defined as a ‘state of consciousness where you feel and perform your best’.

The one-on-one sessions with Leanne allowed me to discover even deeper insights that have led to freeing myself to take action.

Leanne’s Creative Flow Process also allows you not only recognize and release but also to direct your focus on a particular activity. The rational prioritization coupled with the development of cognitive focus allows for more concentrated and effective efforts on your most important tasks. This practice, whether applied in your personal life or in your business endeavors, rapidly develops your brain’s analytical muscle for reaching conclusions about what the core issue truly is and what it is you should be doing about it.”

– Dave Michaels, Entrepreneur, Austin, TX
Creative Flow Accelerator Graduate

How the Program can give you a new Lease on Life & Rediscovered Joy

“Leanne’s Color and Creative Flow Accelerator Program is the best thing I have done in a long time! I can’t believe how it is changing me! Oh I got myself stressed about if I could be good enough? But the Color exercises are so simple to do, and there is so much information given during the periods of teaching … plus written documents on colour meanings, nutrition, healing coloured lights, healing oils, Oh so much!

And every question that is asked, a full explanation and answer is given by Leanne! I have never known SO much help and support from any other course I’ve ever taken! I cannot praise Leanne enough, because she is there, wanting to help us! I hope that this helps in some small way in the making of your decision for your future health?

I felt the change in myself immediately as I felt that I wanted to be more healthy and I found that I didn’t crave for alcohol as I had done, or feel as lonely of an evening, as I had my mind and intentions on Leanne’s programme and the learning process!

Since the course, I have also found that I am more cheerful and out-going, and am attracting more same-minded people to me. I have also stopped drinking! (though I wasn’t an alcoholic, but found it ‘helped’ when I got upset with grief which was/is often, since my husband only recently passed away)

And I keep feeling Joy! How crazy is that? How can you feel JOY when you are grieving so much? But I do!
I am now wanting to be healthier too! It’s like my body and my mind is changing. It’s as if I am changing on a cellular level!”

– Carole Davis, Retired (England, UK)
Creative Flow Accelerator Graduate


“Although I know the creative energies flow within me, I tend to live too much in my head from day to day.  In hopes of cultivating a little more balance in my life, I registered for Leanne’s Color & Healing Creativity workshop.  Something about the setting surrounded by Leanne’s abstract color creations, the relaxing evocative music, or the simplicity of the drawing task set the stage well for my analytical brain to take a much-needed vacation and for my creative impulses to reawaken and find expression.  There’s something wonderful about just sitting back and seeing what emerges when one’s creativity is given full rein.  The workshop helped to reawaken in me some long-dormant creative juices; my hunch is it would have a similar effect on others.”

– Dr. Robert Price, PhD
Creative Flow Workshop Graduate

Leanne with Immortal Evanescence Instagram Frame

“Leanne is truly an expert in the study and benefits of light and color and how to use them to improve health. And she is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met.

Her education in engineering, acupuncture, Shiatsu, and holistic medicine bring the perfect perspective to the topic.

Her knowledge in this area is well beyond that of most physicians in practice and she shows a breadth of knowledge that very few in this area have. And unlike many out those preaching their version of health, Leanne backs up her data with published evidence-based medicine and research and is not hawking some product.

Leanne is on the cutting edge of science and applying it.

– Dr. Richard D. Hammer, M.D. FABAARM, FASCP, FCAP
Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell & Anti-aging Expert
Associate Clinical Professor of Pathology & Anatomical Sciences
Director of Hematopathology, University of Missouri School of Medicine

An Entrepreneur & Engineer Raves about Leanne’s Creative Flow Workshop for gaining the Creative Edge in business

“Leanne’s course was a reflection of her own groundedness in the reality of everyday life. She is that rare breed of human as teacher who combines the best of an engineer’s mind with that of an artist’s mind, all with a desire to help others find their greatest talents themselves. I felt right at home with the way she led the course.

Here is what I experience by ‘getting into the flow’ daily by practicing the techniques that Leanne teaches.Screenshot 2015-01-01 07.54.04

It’s like I walk into a new, ever-expanding exploratorium of ideas in my mind. Many of those ideas have been hanging there in my subconscious just waiting to be noticed or associated with something going on in myself, but I wasn’t aware of it yet. I subscribe to the notion that I am what I think I am. Suddenly I started realizing life is a lot bigger and wider in its influence (and vice versa) as I found this new way to tap into my subconscious thinking.

The first exercises we did with Leanne felt like a penny dropped. After she helped with interpreting my particular use of color on the drawing I created, I realized something very intimate that was holding me back in being more expressive about some personal issues that seemed to impact my professional life. What was interesting was observing that once I had all this out in some form of color patterns – inside, around, and even the outline of the drawing – I realized I could let it go now. Then I could see answers to how to move forward with the insight.

There are specific reasons for everything Leanne does. During the course I began to realize the finesse of her delivery of these ideas. The use of colors as tools for finding your creative flow is ingenious, and you get why that is so as you listen to her talk and allow yourself to experience what she has on offer.

As we continue into this 21st century, I expect we’ll see more and more businesses of all types focusing on these kinds of exercises because in the end the machines will be doing the dreary work. It’s the humans who will be required to do the creative work. You cannot manufacture creative work nor can creative work always be done 8-5.

I can imagine Leanne’s insights of light and colors and how they impact our lives being shared as a secret weapon for architectural teams, ad firms, design firms, even sales teams wanting to truly gain the competitive edge.
Creativity is the higher currency of this new economy. Go to this course and see for yourself.”

– by Tom Parish, Entrepreneur, Film Colorist, Electrical Engineer (BSEE)
Creative Flow Workshop Graduate

Some Students come back to do the Program multiple times since they get so much benefit from it

“I’ve enjoyed the workshops I have had with Leanne.  I admire her and her work greatly.

The extended Creative Flow Accelerator program helped me to integrate the benefits of doing the Creative Flow exercises on a regular basis. I also learned that I didn’t have to have a large block of time to do the drawings so setting the intention to do drawings has become easier.”

– Elise O., Psychotherapist, Austin, TX
2x Creative Flow Workshop Graduate
1x Creative Flow Accelerator Advanced Program Graduate

 Is the Program worth the Cost?
About its Lifelong Benefits & how Leanne helps guide you there

“I know it may seem like a lot to pay for the Creative Flow Accelerator program, but I think that we are getting a far bigger lifetime value than you can possibly imagine, and for me, as I just knew it was something I wanted to do, so I was prepared to pay even more! And I now know that Leanne doesn’t just give what she says she will, but her heart is most certainly in it to make sure that we are getting ALL the help and support that we require to learn all aspects of the programme!

Leanne’s commitment and teaching of all the stages, and her hands on guidance, and the information that is included (and there’s lots of that, and continues to be available), is invaluable!

If you are prepared to put the time and effort into doing the programme then it is money well spent and is certainly not just for the time period of the programme, but for life and your life changes too!

There is a mine of information tucked away in that small frame called Leanne, and it’s all waiting to be tapped and passed on to you for your learning! If you are thinking about this, then ask yourself for guidance in your decision, and if its right for you, you’ll make the correct one! You know what they say about ‘asking and receiving’? Well it works all the way through with this I can tell you!”

– Carole Davis, Retired (England, UK)
Creative Flow Accelerator Graduate

The Benefits of the Program continue well after completing the course, as this student can attest:

“Hi Leanne. Just wanted to share a moment of gratitude since today was a particularly moving session. I’m finding a lot of value in this practice. Thank you.” (written 2 weeks after completing the course)

Andres E., Mexico
Creative Flow Boot Camp Graduate

Even More Testimonials for the 1-Day Workshop

“Thank you for assisting us with Cancer Caregiver Day last week, Leanne. The activity you planned for the group was perfect. Some in the group were apprehensive about the prospect of creating art but you quickly set their mind at ease when you reassured them artistic talent was not required. Your calm encouragement gave them the courage to get started. The explanation and instruction you provided was clear, concise and informative. You set the perfect stage to allow their creativity to flow.
It was an extremely successful experience. People seemed to move into a world of their own with just their thoughts and feelings being reflected in color. Providing time to journal was of great benefit. Too often in this fast moving world we do not take the time to process and reflect. The color drawing exercise allowed us to discover ourselves. Your explanation about the personal impact of the colors was most interesting.
You gave us an invaluable tool to restore insight and balance into our lives.
Thank you again!”

– Mary Jackson, Cancer Research Center Manager
UT Health Sciences Center, San Antonio


“I’m certain it was the color work we did in your Creative Flow workshop that inspired a flood of new ideas for my script…  within just a few hours after the workshop!”

Jolyn Janis | Actress (HBO’s ‘The Leftovers’), Filmmaker, Art Director, Austin, TX
Creative Flow Workshop Graduate


“Leanne Venier’s Flow workshop was a rich experience. I’ve been continuing to use what I learned and experienced, using the color play to gain insights and practice dropping into flow state. The workshop experience and the practice at home has helped me become familiar with what it feels like to be in flow, what the sensation is like in the body, and I can more easily access it and tap into it as I go through daily encounters in my life. I appreciate the ongoing benefits from my experience in the workshop.“
– Melissa Wolf – Austin, TX


“Leanne is best suited for the continuation and enhancement of the work of Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (“Flow” State pioneer) because of her success as a contemporary artist, coupled with her ability to analyze the creative process and verbally express that which drives it.”
– Gabby S., Austin, TX


“Your workshop helped me trust the process. Even though my left brain tried to take over, it utterly failed to do so, to my amazement! I gained much insight from the color exercise and the results!”
– Cheryl S., Austin, TX


“I liked the atmosphere and opportunity to do this activity which was not intimidating for me as someone who has no experience doing art. I felt comfortable just doing it and letting it happen.”
– Caryl Price., Austin, TX


“Leanne is a very energetic, bright teacher! Every person in the class received thorough attention and individual analysis of their color drawings. It’s a fun class and I will definitely apply the knowledge in my business!”
– Deborah Meleski., Austin, TX


“Understanding the meaning of colors and placement in my drawings as it related to what I needed clarity on is already helping me work through my creativity issues. I felt an “opening” during the workshop!”
– Karen O’brien, Austin, TX


“The workshop taught me an easy way to get centered and in touch with self.”
– Tracy R., Austin, TX


“I liked the information regarding color. I was also pleased to get insights about using my time more wisely ie. actually scheduling time to create. You presented the knowledge in a very appropriate way! Thank you!”
– Deb D., Austin, TX


“The new knowledge and insights i got both during the exercise and the analysis part were great. And I am so happy to have a new tool for creating more Flow in my life!”
– Amy Asay Austin, TX


“It helped to be in a setting that got me moving and creating. It facilitated the process of moving into the right brain state and then allowing the energy to flow into expression. That’s where I have been blocked. This primed the pump!”
– Danielle S., Austin, TX


“Knowing nothing about color, the workshop was really informative and helpful. It drew me out and I got some very interesting and helpful personal insights”
– Susan W., Austin, TX


“I now have greater personal connection and insight regarding color for a healing and metaphysical perspective. I see the value of adding in color drawings along with journaling. I liked that a lot.
– Tom Parish, Austin, TX


“I liked having the time to develop my color exercise. I gained insight as it developed & the workshop was very helpful in my awareness of a current situation.”
“I now look at color differently and my emotional response to it!”
– Wendy O., Austin, TX


“This Color and Creative Flow workshop made me aware of the need to take quiet time to focus on the creative endeavor. It sharpens the creative spirit within us.”
– Sally W., Austin, TX


“Your workshop gave me clarity and inspiration to begin exploring my creativity – not as scary as I imagined! Thank you for your encouragement.
– Katrina S., Austin, TX


“This is a fantastic start to a new exploration. I’ll be thinking about this and practicing with color now. It’s great to have a Flow State practice and information to get started!”
– Cindy B., Austin, TX


“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop!! I will use Leanne’s creative color process as a focus and healing exercise!”
– Beth M., Austin, TX


“I enjoyed the workshop and thought there was very good information. I’m very interested in learning more.”
– Cyla Huber, Austin, TX


“I learned valuable information about color, art and healing and how I feel about each of these.”
– John Gleason, Austin, TX


“My fiance and I had a wonderful time in your class–it was a great experience and reminded me of how much I enjoyed art and Flow State. Thanks Leanne! 🙂 ”
– Thanh Lam, Austin, TX


“The group discussion was very helpful – the individual color psychology analysis was very insightful!”

“The workshop helped me to set aside left-brain concerns with performance & expectations and provided a structure which I will recreate on my own at home.”
– Laura H., Austin, TX





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