TEAL/TURQUOISE – Thymus/Midchest area

Teal/Turquoise is a combination of Blue & Green & therefore carries attributes of both colors
Bring more Teal into your life if you would like to:
Balance anger with love & compassion
Balance fear with self-expression
Teal May Help:

Rebuild & cleanse
Reduce pain & fever
Accelerate burn healing
Boost immune function (stimulates thymus gland)
Relieve infections, reduce inflammation
Act as a Brain depressant

How to have more TEAL energy:

Meditate on color Teal
Look at Teal in paintings or a Teal wall
Wear Teal clothing
Consume Blue, Green & Teal Foods:  Spinach, Lettuce, Cabbage, Green Apples, Green Beans, Peas, Lentils, Kiwi fruit, Watercress, Green Peppers, Green leafy vegetables,  Blueberries, blue plums, grapes, bilberries, Kale

This energy center of the Midchest/Thymus is believed to be enlarging & becoming more significant as humans proceed along the evolutionary curve of psychospiritual development.

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