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Catalytic Color: Flow & the Balanced Brain Benefit: SLIDESHOW (Click to Download)

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Catalytic Color: Flow & The Balanced Brain Benefit

Saturday, March 14, 2015
12:30 – 1:30 pm

JW Marriott
Salon 2
110 E 2nd St

#ColorNFlow   #SXSW

All other materials referenced during Leanne’s SXSW Interactive panel discussion can be found on these pages of this website:

Color and Creative Flow Training & Workshops

Flow Science

Sub-tab: Research about Flow

Color Therapy Flow Supports

Sub-tab: Functional Art for Flow Enhancement

Sub-tab: Free, Flow-Enhancing Screensavers

Science of Color and Light
Sub-tabs: In the MAIN MENU BAR at the top of this web page, hover your Mouse over
“Science of Color & Light” to see the Drop-down menu with all Pages that fall under this topic including:
Color & Light Therapy in Medicine,
Blue Light,
Healing Effects of Sunlight,
Videos about Color & Light,
Healing Effects of Individual Colors
and more.


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