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Healing Colors, Red Light Therapy, Near Infrared Therapy & Sunlight

What is Color & Light?

Healing Effects of Sunlight

Leanne’s Recommended Red Light Therapy & Near Infrared Therapy Devices

Biophotonics and the REASON WHY We Need Healing Colors, Light & Sunlight

Watch Leanne’s YouTube videos about the Science behind the Healing Effects of Color and Light

Learn More about Red Light Therapy & other Healing Colors of Light

Color & Light Therapy in Medicine

Videos about the Healing Effects of Color, Light Therapy & Art

Blue Light Therapy

Blue Light – Why is it So Important for our Health?

Published Medical Articles by Leanne Venier – Texas MD Magazine

Healing Art

Anti-aging & Stress-Reduction Effects of Color & Art

Science Behind the Healing Effects of Venier’s Art

            Eyesight Healed by Gazing at Leanne’s Healing Art

Videos about the Healing Effects of Color, Light & Art

Benefits of Flow State

Scientific Research about the Benefits of Flow State



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