Welcome to my REDjuvenator Optimal Health & Anti-aging Community!

Hi, I’m Leanne Venier, Medical Award-winning Engineer, Artist, Eastern Medicine Physician & Color & Light Therapy Expert. I’m the inventor of the world-renowned REDjuvenator Light Therapy & Quantum Energy Devices.

Thank you for taking these important steps to reclaim your health and reverse your aging process with the help of the REDjuvenator healing energies and light!

I’m here to support you in your healing and health optimizing journey!


Just a few details about your order, the shipping process and my 30-day Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee …

Exchange Policy – What to do in the case of Shipping Damage

If your unit is damaged in transit to your US address, it rarely happens, but just in case, I want to let you know the steps to follow. Please be sure to keep all boxes, labels and packing materials that your unit arrived in. We will need that to file a damage claim with our US shipping provider.

Please give us a call at 512-850-4948 immediately to let us know about the damage.

After speaking with me or my head of Customer Support, we will send you a return shipping label to send your unit back to us and we will ship out a replacement unit once the damaged one is received, at no charge to you (US orders only).

(For International customers, any damages or loss during international shipping will be covered for you by your international parcel forwarding service that you choose to work with. Once you choose and sign up with one of these services, we simply ship to your assigned US based address as way to be able to ship REDjuvenators to our hundreds of international customers. (I don’t have any affiliation with those services nor do I have access to their tracking information once your package gets forwarded). Be sure to choose a reliable international parcel forwarding service that provides full coverage in the case of loss or damage during the international delivery. Our insurance only covers shipping to your US parcel forwarding address – the international leg is taken over by the parcel forwarding service themselves with their own insurance and tracking. These parcel forwarding companies provide a very valuable service since we wouldn’t be able to ship internationally otherwise at this point in our growth. There are lots of very good ones out there to choose from. Here’s an article about some of the most popular ones.).


My 30 day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Each of my REDjuvenator formulations will typically provide noticeable benefits for the majority of customers within the first 1-3 weeks of daily use (for most skin, muscle or inflammation conditions). But some customers may require 4-6 weeks to experience noticeable results, especially when treating systemic illnesses, chronic mid to lower back issues (which is typically related to an underlying kidney energy deficiency which takes longer to treat) or large joint injuries where deteriorated tissues, bones or cartilage need to be regenerated (which takes time. Your REDjuvenator will actually stimulate bone and tissues that have stopped regenerating, or have gone dormant, to start growing again (even in the case of decades-old scars. So be patient and you WILL see results. 🙂 )

We have yet to find any condition that does not respond to the healing power of REDjuvenator Therapy with its powerful Quantum Energy Healing Codes combined with red light therapy and near infrared therapy. Some people respond immediately with lasting healing results, sometimes in as little as one to three treatments. Since REDjuvenator™ Therapy heals not only the symptoms manifesting in the physical body, but the additional Quantum healing energies also heal at the root of the problem by replenishing depleted life force Energies and opening up blocked energy channels, for full systemic healing over time.

While others may take a few treatments to a few weeks to begin to see tangible results or complete healing. That’s why we’ve had almost ZERO returns since we launched and not only that, a very high percentage of our customers come back and purchase SEVERAL MORE REDjuvenators to gift to friends and family members.

If you need a few extra days, or even a couple of extra weeks to feel certain that your REDjuvenator is beginning to work for you and stimulating your body’s healing process, we would be delighted to extend the trial period beyond 30 days so you can feel confident that it’s actually working below the surface and generating its proven local and systemic healing effects.

Simply call 512-850-4948 or email me at LeanneVenierColorExpert@gmail.com a d provide a call-back number. Someone will get back to you within the next 2-3 business days. (we’re a small company so please rest assured that we will get back to you and help you out as quickly as we possibly can. 🙂 )


If you think you might need help or guidance with a customized treatment protocol for a specific issue you are dealing with, I will be happy to help you with that over the phone. I would prefer that you have ample time to judge the effectiveness of the REDjuvenator healing energies and technology rather than giving up on your healing progress and returning it prematurely.

We have received countless rave reviews, testimonials and reports of incredible healing results from hundreds of our customers and medical practitioners all around the globe …

All of these people are using the REDjuvenators for a vast array of health conditions (for humans AND pets) and in many cases, they have described their healing results as ‘miraculous’. (See the Testimonials page for some of the REDjuvenator rave reviews)

There are no known contraindications with using your REDjuvenator in conjunction with any other treatment modalities (and in most cases, it will actually enhance other treatments you may be doing at the same time). So please let us know if you need help with a specific issue and we will be more than happy to help you with a customized treatment plan.

Return Request

If you need to return your unit for any reason, you may request to return your REDjuvenator within 30 days of receipt by calling us at 512-850-4948 or emailing us at LeanneVenierColorExpert@gmail.com and providing a call-back number. I or one of our Customer Satisfaction team will call you back within 2-3 business days to get some additional information and walk you through the process.

To qualify for a refund:

  • Your unit must be in NEW or LIKE-NEW condition without any functional or cosmetic damage.
  • All components, including hanging hardware, power cord and padded storage/carrying case MUST be returned in new or like-new condition.
  • The original foam padded box/carrying case with logo that your REDjuvenator arrived in must also be returned with your unit in like-new condition.
  • Units that are returned with missing components or without the carrying case will have a portion of the return value deducted from the total.
  • Important: Please make sure to contact us FIRST to start the return process at 512-850-4948 or email us at LeanneVenierColorExpert@gmail.com.
  • Please DO NOT ship your unit back without contacting us first or you may void your eligibility for a refund. If you ship your used unit back without authorization and void your eligibility for a refund, we would either simply ship your unit back to you (as other stereo and electronics sellers do when your return doesn’t qualify for a refund.)… or, in the case where your returned unit is still brand new, for any unauthorized return, we will deduct an additional 10% reallocation fee from your refund. So please do contact us first and we will be happy to help you out!
  • We regret we can not accept the return of REDjuvenator™ units that are damaged in any way, cosmetically or functionally, by the customer.

Leanne Venier International will donate any lightly-used returned REDjuvenator units to our Non-profit, Low-income Loaner program. As such, there is a nominal return processing and re-purposing fee of 8-10% of the price of the device which goes directly towards re-allocating your returned unit to our non-profit program.

Most companies that sell durable goods charge a 10-20% restocking fee on returns and then they resell those returned products. Because we only ever want to ship out brand new, unused devices to our customers, any returned units would go into our local non-profit, Low-Income REDjuvenator Loaner program which directly supports local people in need who would otherwise not be able to purchase their own REDjuvenatorto help them heal from their pain or illness. Your 8-10% return processing and repurposing fee covers the cost of receiving, testing and adding the light to our non-profit REDjuvenator Loaner Program.

BONUS: If you decide within 6 months of returning your original unit, that you would like to re-purchase a new REDjuvenator, we will even REFUND the majority of your original return processing and repurposing fee to you after your follow-up purchase. That’s how much I stand behind my product and how much I want you to be able to benefit from its healing energies to help you and your loved ones heal.
(Please Note: your re-purchase must be made on the same account as the original returned unit with the new unit shipped to the same customer at the same shipping address. ie. the return processing and re-purposing fee refund is not transferable.)

We regret that we cannot refund the cost of shipping (just like the vast majority of internet-based purchases).

Refunds (less shipping fees and the return processing & repurposing fee) will be posted on the same credit card that was used during the purchase within 4-5 weeks of receipt of the device at our offices (this is faster than the industry standard for returns of durable goods and electronics which is typically 5-7 weeks). Once  the refund is posted, it may take an 5-10 additional days to show up on your credit card statement. If for some reason you do not receive your refund by the end of six weeks please call us at 512-850-4948 or email us at LeanneVenierColorExpert@gmail.com.

Please use your preferred form of delivery confirmation and shipping insurance when returning your device to Leanne Venier International and send us the tracking information to LeanneVenierColorExpert@gmail.com once you have shipped your unit. Any loss or damage incurred during return shipping is the responsibility of the customer and their chosen shipping courier, so we encourage full insurance and tracking on returned units.

I take my customers’ complete satisfaction very seriously because I care and I want to support your healing journey in any way I possibly can.

If you’re ever less than satisfied with your product, I will do whatever I can to help you get the maximum benefits from your REDjuvenator. If you still need to return your unit, your return will directly support low income families via our non-profit program.

Thank you for your understanding that we are a small business, not a giant Amazon seller corporation. Our goal is to help as many people as we possibly can. 🙂