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How does REDjuvenator Therapy compare to Joovv, Red Light Man and Vielight?

REDjuvenator vs Joovv vs Red Light Man vs Vielight & other red light therapy devices … 

Since this is a very commonly asked question … we wanted to share this great article and a few of the many other unsolicited, real-world Customer comparisons to answer this question for you.

(IMPORTANT – PLEASE NOTE: None of these people nor any of the rave review writers on the REDjuvenator Testimonials page were paid or compensated in any way to write these articles or reviews. 

If you ever hear anyone talking about how much they love REDjuvenator Therapy, you can be certain that were NOT paid for those endorsements or glowing testimonials.

These testimonials below and on the Testimonials page are from REAL people just like you, who just want to help others avoid the same mistakes and the time and money they wasted buying those other ineffective light therapy products …. because they simply want to help you make a wise investment in your health.

The reason REDjuvenator Therapy has spread all around the globe in such a short period of time is because all of our very happy customers – including laypeople and Medical Doctors around the globe – get REAL AND RAPID 100% SAFE & EFFECTIVE HEALING & ANTI-AGING RESULTS for a vast array of illnesses and healing applications ….

So it’s our HAPPY REDjuvenator CUSTOMERS who tell all of their friends, family, patients and clients about their results . And that’s why word has spread like wildfire world-wide … without any kickbacks, affiliate fees, paid endorsements or paid advertising involved.

And that’s how it SHOULD be … when a product REALLY works.

If a company has to pay affiliates, pay for endorsements by semi-celebrity influencers, pay for advertising and pay bloggers to write review articles to promote their products – you can be pretty certain that the promoted product or products don’t actually provide much in the way of REAL-WORLD results. Because if it did, their customers would spread the word for them without needing to be paid to do so.

Happy Customers who get results with a product will ALWAYS tell their friends, family and clients about those products …. without any form of kickback, because they simply want to help others … as you’ll see below…

And btw, when a company has to pay for all of those affiliate fees and endorsement fees and advertising costs, do you know who pays for all those added costs? Exactly, those costs get passed on to the consumer – you.

REDjuvenator Therapy is one of the most affordable and the #1 PROVEN MOST EFFECTIVE Light Therapy device on the market that provides REAL & RAPID HEALING RESULTS.

And that’s why it is the #1 Light Therapy product preferred by Medical Doctors around the world and CLINICALLY PROVEN to be 100% safe and effective across a full spectrum of healing applications.

And now for some real-world, unpaid and unsolicited comparisons between REDjuvenator Therapy and other Red Light Therapy and Near Infrared Therapy devices

Real-world Customer Comparison – Joovv vs REDjuvenator

This was written written by one of our very happy REDjuvenator customers, Troy May, about his personal experiences of Joovv vs REDjuvenator and why he switched from Joovv to REDjuvenator Therapy after not seeing much in the way of results from the Joovv after using it for several months …

… which once again goes to show that what REALLY counts is *real world results*. 

Thanks for sharing, Troy! 

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Why He Ditched Joovv and Switched to REDjuvenator Therapy – from Troy May’s Blog

(see the link to the full article below)

“I’ve recommended the Joovv light in the past for red light therapy … but I have recently started looking at and testing another product called the REDjuvenator. The person behind it (Leanne Venier) is right here in Austin and I met her last week when picking up the unit and she blew my mind.

I’m convinced that Leanne knows more about healing with light than anybody else on this planet. Most of the science that the competitors use to build their products came from some of her research.

I’ve been using the Joovv for about 3 months now and have noticed minimal effects but, in all fairness, I wasn’t really treating anything specific to actually be able to measure something tangible.

I’m keeping the Joovv light but I have been solely using the REDjuvenator for the last 2 days and I already feel more benefits in terms of sleep and recovery. I monitor my sleep closely every night with my Oura ring and I have clear and consistent patterns to base my comparisons between the products.

I’m rambling but my new recommendation for any kind of light therapy are the REDjuvenator product line. I bought the Universal #3.”

More information:

Troy’s blog

We’ve heard this exact same type of report from many of our members in our REDjuvenator Healing and Support Community ….

So many of our current REDjuvenator users started off with some other red light therapy device.

After seeing almost no results (or worse yet, actually feeling worse, like Kim Smith & her husband did (see below), after using the Joovv or other devices) they searched for something better …

And then they learned about the amazing results that thousands of laypeople and Medical Doctors around the globe have already experienced from REDjuvenator Therapy (we only launched the REDjuvenators just over a year ago!)

Here are the words from another former Joovv customer:

Kim Smith
April 3 at 3:17pm

Hi! I’m from Las Vegas, and I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of our REDjuvenator #3. I’m a certified nutritionist and my husband and I own a health food store (10 years next month). I’ve been into natural healing modalities for over 30 years and was completely surprised that I never heard of red light therapy and near infrared therapy until recently. We have had an infrared sauna for 11 years, but still never heard anything about the amazing healing of red light therapy.

Earlier this year I saw an ad on Instagram from a local clinic using red light therapy for fat loss and started doing more research to see what else it could do.

Unfortunately I didn’t see Leanne’s YouTube videos before I saw a podcast by another manufacturer (Joovv) that we ordered from.

It took only one treatment from their machine to know we bought the wrong one. I felt absolutely horrible after the treatment. Completely drained of all my energy. I had felt great before using it. My sleep was great before using it and so bad after using it. I was heartbroken. I was hoping to find the answer for my sluggish thyroid and was afraid it would actually worsen with the machine. Luckily they had a 60 day no hassle return policy.

My husband had injured himself when he had a bad spill on his skateboard and no relief with the bad machine, so he was more than willing to return it.

We returned that other bad machine before the first 30 days and when they received it, we immediately ordered the REDjuvenator.

We both have been bodybuilders for a longtime and this bad machine stopped our working out completely from his injury not healing to my complete lack of energy.

Needless to say we are so looking forward to feeling 100% soon! I’ll be taking photos and video as well as keeping a diary on all of our health improvements. We are both long time glasses/contact lens wearers (since we were kids) and I’m looking forward to improving our vision using REDjuvenator Therapy. My Mom has macular degeneration in her left eye and with the studies recorded at the University in Wisconsin of improvement with red light therapy, we’re hoping she won’t have to get injections in her eye anymore (she has had to every 8 to 10 weeks since Nov. 3, 2016). She lives with us, so she’ll be able to use the REDjuvenator everyday. I’m going to keep reading everyone’s stories and I can’t wait to add ours soon! 😀

Kim Smith
April 10 at 6:12pm

Look what arrived yesterday 😃❤❤❤! Leanne,
I can tell you already what a night and day difference on the REDjuvenator and that other machine we sent back.

I feel so great with the REDjuvenator! ❤❤❤ It’s also so much easier to handle and use!

Kim Smith
April 14 at 1:02am

I am loving ❤ our REDjuvenator #3!!!
I’m keeping a diary with the times and areas I’m treating, so I can record my progress. This picture is of me resting my feet on the REDjuvenator for 10 minutes. I feel it’s just like when I get a reflexology treatment from a friend of ours that is an incredible reflexologist. I feel as though I had an hour session with her after just 10 minutes on the REDjuvenator! ❤❤❤ It’s heavenly!



And here’s another Happy Healing Story after switching to REDjuvenator Therapy …

5 year Brain Toxicity & Poor Mental Function from Infected Root Canal – healed in just 2 days using REDjuvenator #3 … after unsuccessfully trying several other red light therapy & near infrared devices including Red Light Man and Vielight

Joe Pleasant, Attorney
Jan 21, 2018

“After just one day of using my #3 REDjuvenator, the energy in my brain and my cognition have noticeably improved. The effect also lasts all day. 
This is a much more potent procedure with the REDjuvenator versus the cheap hand held red light and other more expensive lights I was using before.  Great Product!”
Update from Joe – January 22, 2018:
“Leanne Venier I’ve only had the REDjuvenator #3 for 2 full days.  I’ve already noticed improved mental function.  I noticed it the first time I used it!
And I’ve tried the Redlightman mini combo, a cheap grow light and I even have a Vielight which is supposed help with Alzheimers.  None of them are as effective as the REDjuvenator is on my brain!
I am so happy with the results and they seem to keep getting better the more I use the REDjuvenator. I can’t begin to tell you the nightmare I’ve been living over the past 5 years because of the assault on my brain.  I’ve been struggling at work and socially and with my family life.  I’m an attorney and it’s not easy to practice law with a broken brain. I had to do a lot of faking and acting like I was fine when I was anything but fine.
After only 2 days with the REDjuvenator, today I felt sharp!  I haven’t felt this way in 5 years!
For me it feels like I’m healing my brain.  I have a crazy health history that involves root canals, cancer and neurological issues.  Cancer is gone.  Root canals  removed.  Still have some issues in my jaw related to infection that spread from my root canals.  My neuro issues are stemming from a permeable blood brain barrier caused by chronic inflammation from my jaw.  So I’m trying to heal the remnants of infection in my jaw, heal my BBB to stop the assault and ultimately heal my brain.  REDjuvenator Therapy seems to be the answer.”

How Does REDjuvenator Therapy Improve Sleep, Protect you from Harmful EMF and Heal your Body & Brain

Find out from this video featuring one of our many EMF-sensitive customers who not only LOVES using her REDjuvenator every day, she also uses it to heal herself and provide rapid recovery whenever she gets zapped by harmful EMF or cell phone radiation (in the past, it would take her days to recover, but with her REDjuvenator, she now recovers immediately).

What makes REDjuvenator Therapy so much more powerful and effective than any other Light Therapy device?

REDjuvenator Therapy INCLUDES red light therapy and near infrared therapy, of course … but the secret sauce is that it ALSO INCLUDES powerful Quantum Energy Healing Codes that no other light therapy device has … to heal the energy body while simultaneously healing the physical body at a cellular level … and that’s why REDjuvenator Therapy is MUCH more than just a light therapy device and why they provide such powerful and phenomenal rapid healing, anti-aging and sleep and health-boosting benefits.

And that’s why word has spread like wildfire around the globe in just the last 16 months since we launched – all from word of mouth, no paid advertising, no affiliates and NEVER any paid endorsements.

Once people switch to REDjuvenator Therapy, they consistently start seeing dramatic, rapid healing, sleep improvement and other health improvement results … just like Troy, Kim, Joe, and hundreds of others have …

Read many more Rave REDjuvenator Reviews with incredible healing and anti-aging reports from real-world people, just like you … on the REDjuvenator Testimonials page HERE