Rave Reviews for Leanne’s Red Light Therapy Inventions

Leanne’s REDjuvenators™ are the most powerful Red Light Therapy & Near Infrared Therapy devices available ANYwhere in the world. She guarantees it!

Incredible Testimonials of rapid-healing & anti-aging for my REDjuvenator™ Biophotonic Red Light Therapy Formulations keep coming in daily!

Below are just a handful of them from my very happy customers …

4 REDjuvenator™ Formulations

#1 – Timeless Youth™ – Red Light Therapy
#2 – Pain-free Power™ – Red Light Therapy with Near Infrared Therapy
#3 – The Universal™ (#1 & #2 combined) – Multiple types of Red Light & Near Infrared synergistically & optimally combined to treat all issues.
#4 – Bacteria Buster™ – Red Light Therapy with Blue Light Therapy

Leanne Venier’s REDjuvenator™ Body

Leanne’s Powerful Healing Matrix Formulations …

Include her Custom Synergistic Wavelength Blends and are programmed with Quantum Energy Healing Codes™  for the fastest healing & anti-aging effects — all contained in an attractive & modern-looking, large but lightweight, 1 foot by 1 foot (150 square inches) silver body … for maximum biophoton effect.
Leanne’s formulae are based on tens of thousands of published, peer-reviewed medical & scientific research studies, years of Leanne’s own medical research and her extensive engineering, ancient healing & metaphysics and quantum physics backgrounds

Learn about Each Formula & then Read Testimonials Below

Formula #1
Timeless Youth™

Red Light Therapy for Powerful anti-aging and muscular pain relief

Reduces wrinkles & Hyperpigmentation

Treats both Skin and Muscles

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Formula #2
Pain-free Power™

Red Light Therapy & Near Infrared Boosts Muscle Strength, Relieves pain & Heals Joints & Bones

Boosts muscles, reduces DOMS

Treats Muscles & Joints

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Formula #3
The Universal™

ALL the power of Formulas #1 & #2 COMBINED — for Rapid Anti-aging, Powerful Pain Relief, Muscle Boosting & Joint & Bone Healing + Improved Sleep

Treats Skin, Muscles & Joints

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Formula #4
Bacteria Buster™

Red Light Therapy with Blue Light Therapy
Kills Bacteria & Heals Skin

8 weeks of these targeted Blue & Red wavelengths kills acne bacteria & heals skin

The specific wavelengths of Blue Light in the #4 are scientifically proven to kill Acne bacteria, S. Aureus, MRSA & other infectious bacteria. When combined with specific Red Light, research proves the combo is more powerful than Blue Light alone.

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Here are just a few of the Rave REDjuvenator Reviews!

from Leanne’s Happy Customers & Doctors (Many more coming very soon!)

Many Medical Doctors are using REDjuvenators in their medical practices & for personal use.

Here’s what one has to say about Leanne’s teachings & REDjuvenator invention


“Leanne is truly an expert in the study and benefits of therapeutic light and color and how to use them to improve health. And she is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met. Her education in engineering, acupuncture, Shiatsu, and holistic medicine bring the perfect perspective to the topic of using Color, Light, & Flow state for optimal health and business success.

I have heard her speak many times and, as an expert in preventive and regenerative medicine myself, she knows what she is talking about. And unlike many out there preaching their version of health, Leanne backs up her data with published evidence-based medicine and research.

Her knowledge in this area is well beyond that of most physicians in practice.  

As a physician with expertise in preventive health, Leanne shows a breadth of knowledge that very few in this area have.

I personally use her REDjuvenator #3 for muscle boosting and post-workout muscle recovery. When I use it at night, it’s extremely relaxing and reliably promotes deep, restful sleep.

– Dr. Richard D. Hammer, M.D. FABAARM, FASCP, FCAP
Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell & Anti-aging Expert
Associate Clinical Professor of Pathology & Anatomical Sciences
Director of Hematopathology, University of Missouri School of Medicine

Here are a Handful of the 100's of Rave REDjuvenator Reviews & Some of the Things they Treat!

Many more will be added in each of these categories soon!

  • Skin Issues

    Quickly treats Eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis, acne, sunburn, inflamed skin, vitiligo & more (#1 & #3). Treats severe acne, topical MRSA, skin infections & persistent wounds (#4)

  • Anti-aging

    Dramatically reduces wrinkles, hyperpigmentation (age spots), scarring, improves skin elasticity, reduces oily skin (#1 & #3)

  • Hair growth

    Stops hair fallout, stimulates hair regrowth, thickens head hair (on men and women) and thickens facial hair (on men). (#1 & #3)

  • Muscle Pain & Muscle Boosting

    Relieves muscular pain due to injury, workouts (DOMS) or inflammation. Boosts muscle performance and increases muscle strength. (#2 & #3)

  • Abdominal issues

    Treats chronic and acute abdominal issues including cramping, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, food poisoning, parasites & more (#3)

  • Deep Sleep, Jetlag, Circadian resetting

    Induces Deep Restorative Sleep, boosts melatonin production, quickly treats jetlag and other circadian imbalances (#3)

  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

    Boosts mood & relieves SAD due to lack of sunlight or living in a cloudy climate (#3)

  • Joint Pain & Inflammation

    Treats arthritis, bursitis, rotator cuff injuries, knee pain, damaged tendons and more (#2 & #3)

  • Broken bones

    Accelerates bone healing at any age (#2 & #3)

  • Vision

    Improves vision (at any age), reduces bright light sensitivity, makes vision brighter and clearer (#3)

  • Pets

    Can safely be used on dogs, cats, horses, etc. to treat a wide variety of issues (joint injuries, pain, inflammation, food poisoning, torn ACL and more)


The #1, #2 & #3 Formulas are targeted for rapid pain relief anywhere on the body (all 3 treat muscles & tendons, #2 & #3 also treat joints & bones)

Lifelong Neck Pain healed in 3 sessions with #3

“I want to report that I’ve had amazing — and unexpected — relief from neck pain! Ever since I was a child I’d regularly get a stiff neck. I do neck rolls, stretches, multiple massage sessions but I guess I tend to be tense or something (and do a lot of computer work) so my neck almost always hurts. But after a few sessions of shining the light on my neck, it feels wonderfully light! And the pain is almost all gone!!!”

– Cherryl Chow


REDjuvenator Highlights

  • Quickly heals Neck pain
  • Feels very relaxing
  • Relieves tension

More PAIN Issues

Muscle Pain, Back Pain, Tendon & Joint pain & Injuries, Migraines, Frozen Shoulder, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Teeth & Gum Pain, Root Canal, Bruises …

Extreme & Crippling Acute Back pain – healed in 1 hour

Todd Shipman – professional Biohacker featured in Men’s Health Magazine (Sept. 2017) where he shared his top 3 favorite biohacks, including his #3 REDjuvenator

“I tweaked my back earlier today while taking 35lb weights off my barbell. Never experienced such a thing. I felt my back totally spasm, and then I collapsed. I was stuck in the position. Super painful to breath, or move in any direction or angle.

It took me 30 minutes to move from my garage to my couch (20ft, if even that!). I asked my twins to go grab my REDjuvenator #3 and bring it out to me. Just 60 minutes with the REDjuvenator and i can finally breathe normally again, and am back to walking at 75% capacity. I was about to call an ambulance I’ve never felt such pain and discomfort. My dad has had a tweaked back in the past and i remember he was “out” for days.

I’m continuously being more and more impressed with my REDjuvenator #3 panel. This thing is AMAZING!”

MONDAY UPDATE (3 days later)
“Just updating you about my situation where I threw out my back on Friday. I’ve been working with a functional neurologist/chiropractor. He informed me that my pelvis was misaligned by 1.5 inches, which caused a disk to slip under strain. Though he is fully aware of the power of light (LLLT) and general biohacking techniques, he is simply amazed, and in shock on how fast my recovery has been using the REDjuvenator. I threw out my back on Friday, and I am 100% back by Monday! He originally told me it would possibly be a few weeks before I’d be back to 100%.

On Friday, I was literally paralyzed by the pain, I couldn’t even breath without extreme discomfort, and i was stuck in a “bent over” position. This morning I went out for my normal run, and ran without any issues. I have been using my Redjuvenator and non inflammatory diet as my only sources of recovery. His response to me this morning was, “you are healing much faster than I’ve ever seen any patient do before”.
– Todd Shipman


Alice Ihde These REDjuvenator lights are “magic”, Todd! I love mine, as well!

(above comments were posted in the REDjuvenator Members-only Facebook Community)

Chronic Neck pain from Bone Spurs healed

Jeanne Evans
I developed a bone spur from a serious neck fracture in 2004. Intense, annoying pain daily especially after driving, studying, reading, holding my nephews, sleeping, etc. with the routines of icing, ibuprofen, headache medicine (migraines from the intense pain), icey-hot applications, etc., with no resolve for 7 years……

******HOWEVER**** 20mins of the #3 REDjuvenator unit, and I AM GOOD TO GO!!!!*********

Most amazingly is within the first few minutes of putting it on the area, ****I feel instant relief!!****  20mins is up and I am pain free, mobile and ready to go live life pain free again:)!!!**** Wooooo!!! 😉

Severely bruised & scraped leg – healed in 36 hours with two #2 sessions

BEFORE treatment – bad bruise & scrape on leg

36 hours AFTER injury with only 2 treatments

I got a Bad scrape on my thigh from not paying attention while climbing.
1st pic – the Scrape & bruise is about 6″ long and 3″ wide.
2nd pic was taken 1.5 days after the injury after only TWO 20-minute REDjuvenator #2 sessions. – Al Neumann


Frozen Shoulder – multiple women healed

Ruth Knauss, Naturopathic Doctor, Munich Germany

I have wonderful results with your REDjuvenator #3 on frozen shoulder syndromes and shoulder calcifications. 2 women in my gym have frozen shoulder, and were on endless physio, painkillers etc. I thought I’d show off a bit and brought your REDjuveantor baby to the gym… magic show! They got 50 % better after only 20 minutes…now they want it daily! 🙂
Much love from Munich, Ruth

Strained Muscle – healed with Two #3 treatments

Nikki Harris Adams I strained my Piriformis muscle last year. Took several pain-filled weeks, several chiropractor visits and lots of stretching exercises to get better. Tweaked that pesky Piriformis again last month but only 2 days of 20 minute REDjuvenator #3 light therapy and the pain is gone!….

Back Pain & Knee Injury – healed

Hi  Leanne,  I purchased the #3 REDjuvenator panel from you last fall after hearing your presentation at the Bulletproof Conference in Pasadena.  I live in Ottawa Canada and have been using the panel for the past 8 months to speed up healing of various issues and promote rejuvenation.

I love the panel and cannot describe the full impact it has had on my husband Val, and me – we use it every day.  News of the panel has spread to our family and friends and subsequently my sister bought one.  3 of my friends are very interested in purchasing a panel and are using my panel.

For example, a friend of mine is a competitive ball room dancer, he injured his knee so I offered the use of the #3 panel to speed up his knee injury so he could perform at a competition. He now wants to buy one as it has had a remarkable effect on healing his knee.

Is there any way I can help you to support and promote your product in Canada?  I am a health professional and an avid fan of your work and others particularly those that I have been introduced to through Dave Asprey’s work.  Let me know if there is anything I can do.   I would love to see this form of healing more accessible to people.  Any ideas/suggestions? Wondering what your future plans are.

– Marlene Nose, Health Professional, Ottawa Canada

Knee Pain, Inflammation, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis & Sleep – #1 Biohacking tool

Todd Shipman My wife comes home and immediately puts it on her knees, then her face, chest, helps her go to sleep also.

I have all the really fun biohacking toys available, and without a doubt this is the most useful piece of equipment I have. I use it, my wife uses it for her painful knees, and my mom uses it for her pain and inflammation from fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. And she was using it for cold sores too. It helps with things people haven’t even thought of yet….so it’s worth trying for almost any ailment or issue.

Linda Royer I agree, Todd. When something comes up, I go to my REDjuvenator light matrix first. It has worked for so many things.


Chronic Migraines healed

Linda Royer  I use my REDjuvenator #3 almost daily and just love it. It truly has helped me recover and prevent migraines. 

I use it on my neck because I used to get migraines a lot and they’d always start in the back of my neck/base of my skull. Anytime I have an ache/pain or trying to heal an area, , it gets doses of light therapy. I even use it just to relax. Love it. I want to get an entire bed made of these like a tanning bed. LOL! Full body red light therapy! Thank you for all you did at the conference, too, Leanne. You talked with me for a while and give me a bit of advice that I’ve followed.

Root Canal, Canker Sores, Swollen Gums

Cherryl Chow – May 24 at 11:13pm

Leanne, I used my #3 light after my root canal which had resulted in canker sores and swollen gums. I used the REDjuvenator 3 nights in a row, 20 min each session. I forgot to use it last night. Went to the dentist today. She said my gums look beautiful! It’s been 8 days since the procedure, but she said it looks like it’s been 2 weeks.

Low Back Pain, Knees, Liver, Dog’s ear growth – multi-use tool for entire family

Holly Meyers I have a #3. I use it most nights on my chest as Leanne recommends. I also use it on my lower and mid-back. Actually, wherever it hurts I put it on while I am watching TV at night. I end up using it for a couple of hours in different spots. Knees, liver, stomach, you name it. My dog had some kind of weird growth on her ear. I used it on her and now it is barely there. I cannot do without mine.

Bruised, painful finger

Carole Davis – May 19 at 4:39pm

I know this is just a small thing, but Wednesday I noticed a bad bruise on my middle finger at the end that was painful and dark. Anyway, as I was doing my face I placed my finger onto one of the lights. Yesterday (Thursday) I treated it again even tho it wasn’t as uncomfortable. Today its gone. Clear. As I state, its just a small thing but proves that bruises can be treated with the light. I use the No. 3.



Osteoarthritis Quickly Healed


Cherryl Chow

REDjuvenator™ Applications

  • Heals osteoarthritis in joints
  • Improves vision
  • Calming & soothing full-body effect
  • Pleasurable to use daily

“Dear Leanne, 

I was recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left and right shoulders. The right one was especially painful. The pain was more or less constant. I could feel the heaviness sometimes when I was asleep. I started using the lights on my right shoulder for 20 min daily for about 2 1/2 weeks. Did not bother using it on my left side. The result is that the pain on the left shoulder is completely gone and a 90% decrease in the right one. And, it only hurts when I stretch or do yoga. Yay! I’m continuing to do the light therapy daily and hope that the shoulder will be 100% well by June so I can go zip lining.

My vision really is also getting very clear!

I love the light — very soothing. I’m generally very non-compliant about everything so it’s a minor miracle that I’m able to use the lights so consistently! I think just because I like it. I was supposed to do physical therapy for my shoulders — and icing — but I did the exercises exactly three times. They’re boring and I just can’t remember to do them.

Thank you for developing this therapy!
– Cherryl”

Update – June 2017:

Hi Leanne, I’d like to report that I was able to go zip lining in June after all! There was a possibility that I would not because of shoulder and arm pain that my doctor said was osteoarthritis but my physical therapist disagreed, so who knows what it was, but whatever the cause, it was painful enough that I could not raise my arms completely. I used my REDJuvenator #3 to treat it (for a couple of months total) but the pain in my left arm is completely gone now!

Beard growth Stimulated with #3

“Another life changing advantage from the #3 panel. I’m 34, and have never been able to really grow a beard.
The top photo (BEFORE using my REDjuvenator) is from right before Halloween this year. You can see the holes/thin/patchy spots. The bottom photos were taken last week (after 7 weeks of REDjuvenator #3 daily 3-minute treatments).”

– Todd Shipman, Vallejo, CA

REDjuvenator Highlights

  • Stimulates hair follicles
  • Slows and reverses hair loss
  • Thickens hair growth


Boosted Strength & Muscle Building


Dr. Richard D. Hammer


  • Boosts muscle strength (as proven by science)
  • Builds muscle more quickly
  • Heals joint injuries
  • Speeds muscle recovery (DOMS)

Dr. Hammer, brand new to power lifting, beat the 20 yr State record in Deadlift by 65 lbs and also beat the Bench Press State record by 15 pounds the same day… after using Leanne’s #2 light intermittently for 6 months then 3/week for the final 6 weeks (after injuring his shoulder 6 weeks before the competition).


BEFORE (above) – June 2015
AFTER (below) – November 2016

Pain, Cramping, Uterine Fibroids, Parasites, other

Severe Chronic Abdominal Cramping & Hemorrhoids  – healed

I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis in 2003, which is paralysis of the stomach with no cure.  Through this condition I developed internal hemorrhoids and finally a lovely external one.

I read into all the procedures to rid it, and none of them are worth the painful surgeries or the one extremely painful non-surgical procedure involved. So it’s been literally a part of me for 3-4 years now.

I was curious about using my #3 REDjuvenator, so after researching exactly the hows and whys behind hemorrhoids I thought, “why not?”.

***Sure enough (20mins, 2x/day for 4 days,) I began to notice a size difference!!!!


I began to continue (20mins 2xs a day) for the next 2 weeks and it continued shrinking! 3 weeks from the start date and my hemorrhoid is almost completely gone!!!

2nd Testimony – Debilitating cramping gone!

Bouncing off the 1st testimony, Gastreoparesis process for me leads to debilatating-intense stomach pains, severe nausea which usually leads to intense vomiting and then sleeping erect for the rest of the night, with zero movement or it all repeats.

***HOWEVER with the #3 unit**** as soon as I feel the pain coming on…I put the light over my lower abdomen and within 20 minutes ***I am SAVED and good to go!!!!!!

(This is HUGE Leanne!!! Nothing for 12 years has prevented this horrific cycle, except the #3 unit !!!!!!)*****

– Name withheld by customer request 


Uterine Fibroids – shrinking after 3 sessions

Ruth Knauss -Naturopathic Doctor, Munich, Germany

Holy moses… I can feel my uterus fibroid melting away after only 3 sessions 20 minutes each…I am really impressed! I had this rather large fibroid for 10 years, no problems with it due to uncomplicated position in the uterus and I kept the size under control with my own therapies. 4 weeks ago, it suddenly dropped down into the vagina…which is a very rare phenomena. But the REDJuvneator #3 has already helped after only 3 sessions!
Much love from munich, Ruth

Skin Issues & Anti-aging

#1, #3 & #4 are targeted to heal any Skin issues. #1 & #3 also reverse aging, wrinkles, age spots and more.

Quickly healed Shingles, 35-year Bursitis & Chronic Knee Pain with Formula #3


Lois McGee, 76 years young!

Lois’ shingles BEFORE her REDjuvenator™ treatments. She’d had these excruciating, deep, open shingles sores and non-stop stabbing nerve pain for over 2 months.

AFTER only 6 REDjuvenator™ 20-minute treatments! Pain reduced immediately & shingles healed rapidly. (Lois reported that the shingles completely healed a couple weeks later but I don’t have a photo since she was off enjoying her life once again!)

“My main purpose for using Leanne’s REDjuvenator Light Therapy tool was to heal the still open shingles sores on my body.  After only 3 days of treatment with Leanne’s light, the sores are showing advanced healing and there is less nerve pain! …

… BUT the BIG BONUS has been the complete relief of bursitis pain in my right shoulder.  The very first treatment of the shingles on my back, the light overlapped to the shoulder and it completely eliminated shoulder pain that I have experienced for about 35 years – after only one 20-minute treatment!

I have also been struggling with leg pains this past year, hobbling around, sometimes using a cane, so obviously, I treated the legs also.  After all, it only takes about 20 minutes per treatment.  Well, surprise, surprise, leg pain is gone and I am getting ready to start some walking on the treadmill!  This is a serious move as I have not been able to do this for about 18 months!”

November 3, 2016 – Lois McGee -#3
(This testimonial was written after only 3 days of using her #3 REDjuvenator! Lois rapidly and successfully treated Shingles, Chronic Knee pain, 35 year Shoulder Bursitis & Chronic Leg pain)

“I know Leanne from her amazing healing artwork so when I saw that she had invented a healing tool using light therapy, I had to know more.
At the beginning of September, 2016, I acquired/was attacked viciously with a nasty case of shingles, in spite of having had the shingles shot. I contracted pneumonia at the same time and was hospitalized. That’s another ugly story but I won’t go into that now. After being released with several prescriptions and a now seriously advanced case of shingles but cured of the pneumonia, I came home to sleepless, pain filled nights and days. My doctor has prescribed Lyrica as a non steroidal, non narcotic and non naproxen pain medicine (I’m allergic to all of the above (and isn’t everyone) but thought I would try it in desperation). My cost after insurance would have been $392.00 a month. I did not have it filled.

Fast forward to October 31st when a visit to Leanne’s office put me in front of her REDjuvenator Light Therapy invention. I bought one and after watching her video, reading the book and some careful instructions from her, I began this amazing and still progressing healing journey.
My main purpose for using Leanne’s Light Therapy tool was to heal the still open sores on my body (the shingles wrapped halfway around the upper part of my body and is about 5 inches deep). After only 3 days of treatment with Leanne’s light, the sores are showing advanced healing and there is less nerve pain! …
(shingles before and after photos coming soon!)
… BUT the BIG BONUS has been the complete relief of bursitis pain in my right shoulder. The very first treatment of the shingles on my back, the light overlapped to the shoulder and it seems to have completely eliminated shoulder pain that I have experienced for about 35 years – after only one 20-minute treatment!

(Lois’ bursitis often kept her from sleeping well since the pain would almost always flare up at night)

I have also been struggling with leg pains this past year, hobbling around, sometimes using a cane, so obviously, I treated the legs also. After all, it only takes about 20 minutes per treatment. Well, surprise, surprise, leg pain is gone and I am getting ready to start some walking on the treadmill! This is a serious move as I have not been able to do this for about 18 months!

Stay tuned for further updates! It’s been a really tough year, health wise so I am beyond thrilled to have this highly effective therapy available to me in the privacy of my home.

Lois McGee (76 years young!)

(Update: Prior to purchasing her REDjuvenator, her leg pain had gotten so bad that Lois had to cancel her annual backpacking/hiking trip to Ethiopia that was scheduled for February 2017. Only 4 weeks after using her #3 light to completely heal her leg and knee, finally confident that the pain was not going to return, she wished she hadn’t canceled her trip to Ethiopia! She’s been easily walking over a mile without any pain whatsoever.).)

REDjuvenator™ Applications

  • Quickly heals Shingles
  • Treats Chronic Bursitis
  • Heals Chronic Knee Pain & Leg Weakness

Rapidly healed Rosacea with Formula #3


AFTER: Before starting treatments with her #3 REDjuvenator™, Crystal Deiwert had worsening rosacea for 2 years

REDjuvenator™ Applications

  • Calms inflamed skin
  • Reduces bumpy skin texture
  • Smoothes & renews skin

BEFORE REDjuvenator™ – angry, inflamed redness all over Crystal’s cheeks for 2 years.


AFTER only 15 REDjuvenator™ 3-minute treatments over 5 weeks – rosacea is almost gone in this photo

Infected Contact Dermatitis healed in 2 minutes with #4


Bobbie has suffered from recurring contact dermatitis and had a very bad patch of it on her wrist that was infected & wouldn’t heal for months


  • #4 Kills bacteria quickly
  • Promotes rapid skin healing
  • Fast acting relief
  • Also works great for killing acne bacteria & healing skin

This photo was taken 24 hours after a single 2-minute treatment using #4. This little scabbed area had been a badly infected patch of contact dermatitis that had not healed in many months. Immediately after her 2 minute treatment at the bulletproof conference, Bobbie felt a tingling sensation and the next morning, her open wound had scabbed over and healed by 75%!


This photo was taken 72 hours after 1 2-minute treatment using #4. The patch is almost completely healed!


Bobbie posing to show how she treated her now-healed wrist the day before

ANTI-AGING - Wrinkles, Hyperpigmentation, Scars

The #1 & #3 formulas are targeted for rapid anti-aging & restored youthful appearance

Rapid Anti-aging with Formula #1

I’m back to NOT wearing makeup!

(see before & after pics below)

“I never used to wear makeup. I liked the natural look and didn’t want chemical-laden products on my face. But, in my 50’s, I started to get brown age spots, deep wrinkles, and the small scars on my face wouldn’t go away. I had to find something to hide those ugly marks of aging. So I began to – yikes! – use cosmetics to give me an even skin tone.

Then, I discovered the Redjuvenator #1. In just two weeks of daily use, one of my bothersome scar scabbed up and became much less noticeable. In 6 weeks, my wrinkles improved. In 12 weeks, my brown spots have lightened. My skin looks so much better that — I’m back — not wearing makeup!

And feeling more confident than ever. Now, I get compliments like:

• “You look great.”
• “Your skin is so soft.”
• “You look 10 years younger!”

Thank you, Leanne!

Rapid Anti-aging with Formula #1

Mollie’s before and after photos – dramatically reduced wrinkles, hyperpigmentation & scar


Mollie Rose

REDjuvenator™ Applications

  • Tightens skin & reduces wrinkles
  • Reduces age spots & hyperpigmentation
  • Heals scars, even old ones

Rapid Anti-aging with Formula #3

“Dear Leanne,

I just had to write to thank you for developing your REDjuvenator Lights.

For a couple of years now I have been reading about, and listening to podcasts about the healing benefits of red light (Led, infrared etc) I would listen and read but never could quite wrap my head around exactly how i could take advantage of this light . There were so many different sites on the internet selling different red light devices, but none gave me any confidence in their knowledge, ability or safety.

And then, I watched your seminar at the Bulletproof Conference. Eureka!!! There it was! All the information wrapped up in such a concise and informative way. And not only that, but you had developed and manufactured a light for home use. Couldn’t believe it!!

I immediately ordered the #3 light. It was amazing…after only one week I could see a noticeable reduction in the size of my pores! This has been an issue for me since i was in high school. So needless to say I am ecstatic. If this is happening already, imagine the effects of long term use!

Then I listened to your videos for each light. Hmm, “don’t forget the hands”, well that was an eye opener. Started doing my hands, and again within a week I could see a difference. Brown spots were getting lighter and veins were less visible…a miracle for sure! Just can’t find the words to express my excitement with this light!

So anyway, just want to thank you again!! and let you know that I am now ordering lights for all 4 of my children and a #2 for the big guy’s knees and ankles!

Paula Heard
Ontario, Canada”


Paula Heard, Ontario Canada

REDjuvenator™ Applications

  • Quickly reduces pore size
  • Reduces age spots & hyperpigmentation
  • Reduces visible veins on hands
  • Quickly relieves back pain

“On another note, my husband had a stiffness in his back for a couple days, made it hard for him to turn from side to side. He is an ironworker. So while he was watching TV, he put the light on his back. Propped it up on a cushion and another for his head. He did that for 20 minutes and then laid it on his chest for 20 minutes. Then, dada, pain was gone! He didn’t know what to think…lol..amazing!”

Clears & brightens skin, stops breakouts, reduces oiliness

“It is been a couple of months since I use the “#3 Universal REDJuvenator” at least once a day and I can truly say my skin tone improved, becoming less oily and brighter.
Furthermore I noticed it relaxes me as well, so I tend to use it in the evening. I saw the first results within the first week.
I am French and live in the U.K., so it helps me as well facing grey and cloudy weather, as it gives me the light I do not get from the English weather, without the harmful UV.
I really advice this device to anybody who has oily skin and wrinkles. Your skin will definitely become brighter, clearer and youthful and you will feel more relaxed 🙂

Thank you Leanne!

xxx – Anna (UK, originally from France)

More Skin-related Testimonials

Scrape & Bruise Rapid Healing

I got a Bad scrape on my thigh from not paying attention while climbing.
1st pic – the Scrape & bruise is about 6″ long and 3″ wide.
2nd pic was taken 1.5 days after the injury after only TWO 20-minute REDjuvenator #2 sessions.

Al Neumann



Nikki Harris Adams
 I made my physician husband use my REDJuvenator #3 for his psoriasis! He was amazed with the results. He has found when he has a flare due to poor dietary choices, the #3 light heals it amazingly well. He is a Family Medicine Boarded Physician, works as a Hospitalist and ER physician and is a believer. Thank you Leanne Venier. Also, after he treated his flare ups a few times, he hasn’t had any recurrence in about 2 months. Fascinating!

Cold Sores

Shannon Reis
I’m quite happy so far with my results. I’ve been able to manage my cold sores with my REDjuvenator #3 … only one outbreak (when I forgot to treat for a few days) was over in record time (< 3 days).


Astrid Coustier (Posted in REDjuvenator Facebook Club): “After getting a very painful sunburn which caused symptoms of the flu. I used my #3 on the area for about 10 minutes. As I was traveling out of state the next day, I did not get to use my light again. Typically this burn would have blistered, and peeled. But there was NO peeling, and the intense pain was reduced by the 2nd day, both which really surprised me. Thank you Leanne for creating such a wonderful tool!

Katarina Lunner , Sweden – I’ve used my REDJuvenator #3 on sunburn at the face and shoulders. It wasn’t a severe sunburn but I was red and worried it would hurt and become itchy. The skin seemed to heal faster and as you experienced, Astrid, no peeling!

Severe chronic skin reaction for 5 months from Anesthesia & Antibiotics on Face & Hands – cleared in 24 hours with one #3 Treatment

BEFORE One 5-minute facial treatment – redness & swelling on cheeks & eye area

24 hours AFTER One 5-minute treatment on face with REDjuvenator #3 – redness & swelling (that she’d had for 5 months) is completely gone.

BEFORE – Hands were painful, burning, itching & swollen with one finger that was almost completely black (reaction to anesthesia & antibiotics 5 months earlier)

24 hours AFTER ONE 3 minute treatment on hands with REDjuvenator #3. Blackness has almost completely cleared, skin is healing rapidly.

These are Photos of a conference attendee at the ILA conference in Florida – Before and 24 hours after a single treatment with the #3 REDjuvenator.

She had had surgery & anesthesia in January 2017 and a severe allergic reaction to the anesthesia manifesting as ongoing facial redness & swelling and a sort of ‘rash’ on her hands. She was given antibiotics by her doctor to try to treat the issue, which only made the redness and swelling on her face and hands even worse. This redness, burning & swelling on her face & black discoloration, itching, flaking, cracking and burning on her hands had been going on for 5 months when she came to the conference. She had tried countless things to get rid of the redness and swelling but nothing worked until the single #3 treatment which cleared the problem within 24 hours (the healing continued the following day without needing a follow up treatment)
These photos were taken before and after a single 5 minute treatment on each side of her face and neck and 3 more minutes on her hands.


Promotes Deep Restorative Sleep, Treats Jetlag, Resets Circadian Rhythm

Quickly restores Healthy Sleep & Proper sleep cycles for a Healthy Brain

Immediately Promotes Deep Restorative Sleep as measured by Fitbit, Resets Circadian Rhythm

“Thank you very much for our phone conversation and the suggestion that I try the Sleep treatment protocol prior to falling asleep. I tried that last night for the first time – and I registered the longest period of deep sleep on my Fitbit that I have ever had. It registered an hour and 47 minutes of deep sleep and the most I’ve had before was about an hour. Many times less than that.

Thank you again for your time and for inventing this innovative, helpful device. ”

Alfred B Southhall

Deep Relaxation & Restful Sleep

Definitely the BEST night I have had was when I put my feet on my REDjuvenator #1 light, then had REDjuvenator #3 shining on my bare chest–for heart/lungs, since I had bronchitis. It was right before I went to bed, and I slept like a baby for the first time in many, many months! They are great–so maybe a little systemic from the feet on up! Thank you so much, Leanne! I appreciate all your input!”

– Alice Ihde

Side Note: We’ve had SEVERAL reports from customers stating the same thing: placing the #3 on their chest promotes a very noticeable and very fast full body deep relaxation response and deep sleep when used right before bed.


REDjuvenator Highlights

  • Full-body relaxation & promotes deep sleep
  • Relieves chest congestion
  • Induces sleepiness even when wide awake

And MUCH More! More Testimonials will be Added here Soon!

About rapid healing of: Eczema, reduced bright light hypersensitivity, many cases of Vision improvement, acute neck pain, chronic wrist pain & injury healing, colds and flu, pet arthritis, post-workout rapid muscle recovery … and more!

WOW! All that from one Red Light Therapy Device?

Want to Learn How Biophotonic Light Therapy can work for YOU?

Last year, Leanne spoke to 2500 people at the Bulletproof conference in California about the “The Power of Biohotonic Light Therapy for a Bulletproof Body and Brain” and received a standing ovation at the end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since my REDjuvenator lights are exponentially more effective than literally ANYthing else on the market, I don’t release all the data about my proprietary Healing Matrix formulations to the public. But what I can tell you is this…

My custom formulations are based on

many decades of my own experiences, research and formal training in the realms of:

  • Light Therapy and Photobiomodulation Medical Research
  • Ancient Healing arts
  • Eastern Medicine, Acupuncture and Zen Shiatsu
  • Engineering Design (I’m a Mechanical Engineer & former submarine designer)
  • Plus the literally tens of thousands of research studies from around the globe that I’ve read and analyzed in-depth
  • in addition to my own empirical and medical research in the light therapy realm over the past several years.

My custom formulations include:

  • the most Powerful Synergistic Wavelength Blends
  • the most effective power output
  • PLUS catalyzing Quantum Energy Healing Codes™   
  • with an extra large surface area that can be applied anywhere on the body to treat a large area at one time for maximum photon absorption
  • all of which result in the fastest cellular healing, pain relief, muscle boosting, anti-aging and age-reversal effects.

The REDjuvenators actually work. Fast.

Unlike all of the other light therapy products on the market which provide marginal or slow results, at best….
The REDjuvenators™ give you the fastest, safest, most effective results. They’re light years beyond anything else on the market.

This is what you should look for in any light therapy device … and why the REDjuvenators™ are the BEST:

THE MOST EFFECTIVE, OPTIMAL WAVELENGTHS in a Synergistic Healing Array – A REDjuvenator™ Exclusive

combined in a large Healing Matrix in the proper proportions and in synergistic combination with each other 

I designed my REDjuvenators™ using the most powerfully effective wavelengths according to the latest scientific and medical research in cellular biology and photobiomodulation.

My own research has shown that, when certain peak wavelengths are combined together in the proper proportions, they have a synergistic effect that become even more powerful and effective.

No other light therapy product on the market contains my custom wavelength formulations.

My wavelengths blends are only one aspect of why the REDjuvenators™ work so effectively and so quickly for everyone who uses them.

Here are several more things you should look for in any light therapy device ….


Technology is also very important when choosing a light therapy device – there are safe technologies and harmful ones. Just as there are safe LED devices and less safe ones.

The REDjuvenators™ use the latest state-of-the art, safe LED technology.

My LED’s use the highest quality, highly efficient diodes that emit the greatest amount of healing light with the smallest amount of wasted energy and no need for EMF-emitting cooling fans and motors that many of the other light therapy products on the market use.

The REDjuvenators get slightly warm after several minutes of use which feels very nice on the body. With proper use, they don’t get very hot so they don’t need cooling fans and motors.

Many other LED light therapy devices on the market get very hot due to low-efficiency diodes and require EMF-emitting motorized cooling fans to prevent them from overheating. (How can you tell? If a light therapy device has any air vents on the sides or back, that means they have cooling fans built in.)

REDjuvenators can be used safely on or above any area of the body for the fastest healing results.

As a professional Eastern Medicine healing practitioner who firmly believes in the vow to “FIRST and foremost, DO NO HARM”, it’s very important to me to protect the health of my customers as much as it is to help them heal.

As an engineer who’s also highly trained in subtle quantum energies, I designed a product that would not only HEAL the body, but also PROTECT it at a cellular level.

Not only do the REDjuvenators™ help heal the body, the wavelengths of LED light they emit have been scientifically proven to have a PROTECTIVE EFFECT on the cells and on the entire body.

Within just a few weeks of use, you will notice your overall health increasing.

The effects of using the REDjuvenators are cumulative.

Customers report not only quickly healing their various ailments, aches and pains, but also having more energy overall, sleeping better, feeling more optimistic and happy and having a more positive mood in general.


Using the safest TYPE of light is also important.

The REDjuvenators™ emit safe, NON-COHERENT light …  just like our bodies were designed to naturally absorb from sunlight. We evolved to take in safe, non-coherent colored light from sunshine and use it for cellular healing. This is the same type of light I use in the REDjuvenators™.

Please note that ALL lasers emit COHERENT light which can be very harmful and dangerous to the cells at any power output. We did NOT evolve for our cells to absorb potentially dangerous coherent laser light.

Therefore, I recommend you NEVER use lasers for any type of healing application.

Safe, NON-COHERENT light, like in the REDjuvenators™, has been proven by countless medical and scientific research studies to be safe for our cells and far more effective at healing cells than potentially dangerous, coherent laser light.

When you add in the facts that laser light can very quickly harm the tissues, the technology they use is very expensive, plus the fact that lasers can only treat a very tiny surface area at one time, there’s absolutely no good reason to ever use lasers for any type of healing application (However, if you’re doing surgery and wanting to cut through flesh, then lasers are appropriate.)

REDjuvenators™ emit safe, non-coherent light…. just like our bodies evolved to absorb from sunlight and utilize for optimal health.

THE SAFEST & MOST EFFECTIVE POWER OUTPUT: Too little vs too much vs Just Right

Power is also very important. Too little power output, and the results are minimal, too much power output and you can damage the cells, according to the latest research.

Most products currently on the market are either too weak to be effective or too strong for safe, human use.

I designed the REDjuvenators™ based on the most-up-to-date cellular biology research. They emit the optimal power output for triggering the healing response. And I use state of the art, highly efficient LED technology to provide the fastest healing results without harming the cells.

(In the REDjuvenator™ Guidebook that you’ll receive with your light purchase (a $14.95 value), the optimal treatment times for all applications are outlined. Many treatments require as little as 1-3 minutes per day.)

THE MOST EFFECTIVE FORM OF LIGHT: Non-pulsing vs pulsing.

Non-pulsing lights (like in the REDjuvenator) have been shown to be far more effective than Pulsing lights in almost every healing application than non-pulsing light. A recent, giant meta-analysis compared the data from all the existing research from around the globe that used pulsed vs non-pulsed light in various wavelengths for various healing applications….

Time and again, non-pulsed light came out ahead.

This makes perfect sense when you realize we evolved to live and thrive under natural, non-pulsing sunlight. Our bodies evolved to be able to maximally absorb the wavelengths of sunlight that heal our bodies. Sunlight emits non-pulsed light, just like the REDjuvenators.

The large-scale medical meta-analysis comparing pulsed vs non-pulsed light proved that mother nature knows best, once again.

We evolved to live and thrive under natural non-pulsing sunlight. The REDjuvenators use non-pulsing light just like mother nature intended.

And the testimonials speak for themselves.

LARGE SIZE to Treat Large Surface Areas to Save Time & Get the Fastest Results

Size matters.

  • I designed the REDjuvenators™ with an extra large surface area that can be applied anywhere on the body to treat a large area at one time for the shortest treatment times and fastest results.
  • When you apply the light directly on or very close to the body, the maximum number of healing biophotons are absorbed per second, meaning shorter treatment times with the fastest results.


Most other devices on the market have very limited healing or anti-aging applications. They have body designs or limited application wavelengths that are designed to do one or two things, and only marginally succeed at best.

I designed the REDjuvenators™ to be highly effective when used to treat a vast array of rapid healing, pain relief, muscle-boosting, optimal brain function and anti-aging applications.

Those other devices on the market provide only a tiny fraction of the effectiveness of the REDjuvenators™ …. And they almost always cost more money for far fewer applications (many costing several thousand dollars).

(Also see the FAQ – “Why did you choose your Flat-body design” for more on this)


As many people are aware, it is possible to capture and harness some of the other healing energies that are found in nature and sunlight  (ie. healing energies besides colored light). While man has succeeded in creating artificial light sources that emit the same wavelengths found in sunlight, they’ve yet to be able to capture these other quantum energies using machinery. Quantum Physicists have been trying for decades to capture these powerful energies (referred to as Zero Point Energy in Quantum Mechanics) and use them as rocket and vehicle fuel sources.

Some humans however, have learned to harness these healing energies, such as highly advanced yogis. As an empath, I’ve always had a natural affinity for being able to tune into and sense these healing energies (which is one of the things that also makes me highly sensitive to harmful energies like cell phones and EMF’s). To fine-tune these abilities, I spent many years in Italy, training to harness and channel these energies.

I’ve used these abilities and training to program specific Quantum Energy Healing Codes™ into each and every REDjuvenator™ to dramatically boost the effectiveness and rapid healing results of the LED lights and Healing Matrix arrays.

This is one of the reasons the REDjuvenators™ are providing such rapid and astonishing healing effects for such a wide array of applications. No other light therapy device on the market comes anywhere close.

The REDjuvenators™ are light years ahead of anything else on the market.

Again, the testimonials I continue to receive literally every day from my very ecstatic customers (real people, just like you), speak volumes. (many more coming as soon as I have time to add them!)

With the REDjuvenator™ you get the fastest results for your entire family (adults, children and pets) … for a very affordable price.

What Parts of my Body can I treat?

My REDjuvenator flat body design can be used to treat literally any body part, including the head or face – either by direct surface-contact application, by suspending it vertically or horizontally or on the back of a chair with the included hanging hardware or by using it propped up on any table-top stand.

The large 1 foot square flat body Healing Matrix designs can be used:
  • handheld for use anywhere on the body
  • laid directly on the body – while relaxing or even while working
  • leaned against while comfortably reclining in bed or on the sofa – you can read, meditate or watch television while taking in your healing therapeutic light.
  • hung on the back of a chair for easy back treatments
  • suspended overhead with the included hanging hardware (especially useful for my customers who are medical doctors and healing practitioners)
  • hung on a wall
  • used on tabletop in any simple frame stand
  • attached to a wall in multiples or lining the walls inside an entire light therapy room (for home or professional use. I have customers who have created their own light therapy rooms using REDjuvenators™)
  • easily transported in your carry-on luggage when traveling – many of my customers have told me they never want to leave town without bringing their REDjuvenator™ along!

Most of my happy customers love using their REDjuvenator right against their body or face. They prefer the soothing direct body application method by laying it across any body part like the back or chest, placing it under the legs, holding it against their face or leaning against it.

You simply don’t have this kind of universal versatility with ANY other kind of light therapy body design.

WHAT healing and/or anti-aging ISSUES can I treat with my REDjuvenator?

Click here to learn about each of the REDjuvenator Formulations:


I chose to make a truly universal, simple yet attractive, modern design that will work on ANY area of the body or head. My large 1 foot square, REDjuvenator™ flat panel design is the absolute best format for containing my custom Optimal Synergistic Biophotonic Light Therapy Wavelength Blends and Quantum Energy Healing Code™ formulations.

Years ago, when people first started asking me, to offer my own light therapy product line as the world’s leading light therapy expert, I had initially considered making a wrap-around design with my light formulations. But I quickly nixed that idea due to all of the limitations of that body shape.

A wrap-around design (or a face mask or helmet design) would

  • extremely limit the number of healing and anti-aging applications my powerful formulations could be used for (you can’t use a wraparound on your face, you can’t use a helmet or facemask on your body, etc)
  • dramatically reduce the total surface area that could be treated on the body at any one time
  • severely limit the allowable power output and effectiveness (those other body designs simply can’t support more powerful energy outputs)
  • require much longer treatment times
  • dramatically increase the probability of parts and wiring failure after just a few months regular of use
  • not be usable for the entire body or head

Why limit the number of applications by making a restrictive body shape?

As a mechanical engineer with decades of healing experience, I knew that by making a single, well-designed, well-constructed and user-friendly light therapy device with minimal moving parts and with the most powerful wavelengths and healing energies – I could make a SINGLE long-lasting device that would be able to treat countless healing and anti-aging conditions.

There was simply no way I could make a wrap-around or facial-mask or helmet-style light therapy device that would match the power, effectiveness and universal, multi-use capability of my user-friendly, attractive flat-body 1 foot square Healing Matrix panel design.

With one device, this means you’ll never need to buy a separate light therapy device for each different area of your body. REDjuvenators™ can do it all.

Along with the countless healing, anti-aging and health-optimizing features you’ll get from using your REDjuvenator™  …

Everyone who purchases one of my REDjuvenator™ lights receives these 3 SPECIAL BONUS GIFTS.

You get these Bonuses AS SOON AS you’ve completed your purchase, even before your light arrives:

  • my free REDjuvenator™ Biophotonic Light Therapy Guidebook PDF (a $14.95 value)
    (this will give you complete instructions specifically for your REDjuvenator device with detailed treatment times and treatment protocols for a full arrray of healing, anti-aging, pain relief, muscle boosting applications .. and much more)
  • access to my free, Members-only Training Videos
  • an Exclusive invitation to join my free, private, Members-Only Facebook REDjuvenator Biophotonic Light Therapy Club where all members of the REDjuvenator community get to share with each other about their rapid results and learn even more applications and uses for their lights.

NOTE: AS SOON AS you’ve completed your purchase, check your email for your RECEIPT which contains IMPORTANT INFORMATION about how to access your Bonus Guidebook, Members-only Training Videos, and Private REDjuvenator Club.

My lights actually provide tested, proven & medically-endorsed results … faster and more effectively than anything else on the market.

All those other newbie manufacturers of light therapy devices with slick-looking websites and science-y-sounding marketing hype are trying to talk you into believing that their products will give you results.

The REDjuvenators™ don’t just promise results, they actually DELIVER them.

The ongoing flood of incoming testimonials from my REAL CUSTOMERS since I launched my REDjuvenators™ only a few months ago, speak volumes:


Many of my REDjuvenator™ sales since the launch have been through word of mouth.

Hundreds of happy customers have been telling their parents, friends, relatives & loved ones about their rapid healing and anti-aging successes using their REDjuvenators™ …. and word has been rapidly spreading around the globe. I now have customers all across the US, in Canada, all over Europe and the UK and in Australia and New Zealand.

Most of the light therapy newcomers currently jumping on the growing “science of light therapy movement bandwagon”, have no medical or healing background whatsoever and no science or engineering background.

Most of them learned about light therapy either from my YouTube videos, my many nationally syndicated radio interviews, global podcast and television appearances, or from one of the many articles around the world that those videos & interviews have inspired.

And most of those newcomers to light therapy have read only a handful of research studies – very often misinterpreting or misunderstanding the data and medical terminology in the study – before throwing together some poorly designed, ineffective light device which they start selling on a slick-looking website or Amazon.

My REDjuvenator™ formulas, on the other hand, are based on decades of experience and research

This includes literally tens of thousands of medical and scientific research studies I’ve analyzed, my own decades of research, study and healing practice in the realm of color and light therapy, and my extensive science and engineering design background.

The Medical Community Endorses and Embraces my Visionary Teachings

as the Pioneer in the Science of Light Therapy Movement

As the leading global authority in the realm of Photobiomodulation and Biophotonic Light Therapy and the first individual who finally validated light therapy by teaching the science of how it all works to the masses through my easy to understand lectures and videos….

I’m also regularly invited to lecture at major medical centers, MENSA and brain and neuroscience conferences to teach medical doctors, scientists and brain and neuroscience specialists about my research and findings.

We’re also using my REDjuvenator™ lights in multiple medical research studies co-lead by one of the world’s leading stem cell experts.


The REDjuvenators™, unlike most of those other newbie light therapy products popping up on the market lately, actually *work*. Fast.

Just read the many testimonials from my very happy customers. Real people, just like you.


If you’d like to know the TECHNICAL REASONS

and what exactly makes the REDjuvenatorsoutshine literally every other light therapy product on the market, also read the first Question in this FAQ list:

“What wavelengths & power outputs do you use in your REDjuvenators? What should I look for when I’m trying to decide on a light therapy device?”

YES! I love sharing my teachings with others! 🙂

There’s a LOT of Free information on this website…. but to make it easy for you and get you started, if you’d like a fun and engaging way to get a great overview of

How and Why Light Therapy Works

… with some amazing images and case study stories, check out my Bulletproof video.

I gave this talk for 2500 people (and even got a standing ovation at the end! 🙂 )

There’s also loads of Free information on this website including:

  • many articles I’ve written for my blog and for medical magazines
  • my nationally syndicated radio interviews
  • podcast interviews
  • YouTube videos and videos from my lectures at various conferences

But to give you a great understanding of how Light Therapy including Red Light Therapy, Blue Light Therapy and Infrared Therapy works, start with the Bulletproof video.

Also, be sure to SUBSCRIBE for my Free Color therapy, Light Therapy and Flow State tips … and you’ll get my Free Healing Colors Optimization Screensavers as a bonus gift.


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