REDjuvenator Red Light Therapy

Learn about the positive effects of the Color RED and REDjuvenator Biophotonic Red Light Therapy & Quantum Energy Healing Codes for Rapid, Clinically-proven Healing and Antiaging

REDjuvenator Therapy Benefits & Testimonials

About the Color RED

Red has the longest wavelengths and can penetrate tissue the deepest of all colors in the Visible Light Spectrum.
Red has the closest wavelength to near infrared, mid infrared and far infrared.

Simply looking at the color RED has been scientifically shown to stimulate the Sympathetic Nervous System: it excites the nerves and blood, releases adrenalin, activates the circulation of the blood and vitalizes the physical body.
(This is why all warning signs, danger signs, poison signs and STOP signs are Red – Red immediately creates a heightened sense of alertness).

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Red Light Therapy

Shining red light on wounds has been used for centuries to stimulate mitochondrial function and promote faster wound healing, treating arthritis, healing bones and, in recent years, stimulating stem cell growth.
Modern science and NASA have validated this accelerated healing effect in literally thousands of peer-reviewed published research studies.

Before and after photos of a severe bruise and scrape, quickly healed using REDjuvenator Therapy

The second photo was taken 36 hours after the first photo, after only TWO 20 minute treatments of REDjuvenator therapy.

Photos by Al Neumann (ie. the person with the injury)

To see many more before and after photos and read incredible healing testimonials from REDjuvenator Therapy users all around the world, click here

Learn about the science of how and why light therapy works from the world’s leading expert, Leanne Venier – engineer, Eastern medicine physician, artist, medical researcher and the inventor of REDjuvenator therapy:

Red Light Therapy for Anti-aging, Full body Healing, Beautification, hormonal balancing, Sleep induction, insomnia, Jetlag, and Muscle Boosting

leanne venier

Besides healing wounds, the mitochondrial stimulating function of red light also stimulates production of collagen for anti-aging treatments, wrinkle reduction, improved skin elasticity and reduction of hyperpigmenation (age spots or sun spots). 

When you combine red light therapy with Quantum Energy Medicine, the healing and antiaging results are dramatically amplified as thousands of medical practitioners and lay people around the world have discovered with using REDjuvenator Therapy.

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Other Effects of Red

Red evokes survival instincts, raises circulation, gets the heart pumping faster and increases libido and determination. (See SEX RESEARCH below)
Red can help overcome tiredness as well as chronic chills or colds. Too much red can raise blood pressure and increase hyperactivity, especially if you’re already under stress.


Why do all Fast Food Restaurants use RED and YELLOW in their logos? Keep Reading…

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Including Red & Near Infrared

See my page, How to Find affordable and highly effective  Light Therapy Devices for my Light Therapy Expert and Engineer’s insider buying tips and recommendations so you, too, can get the BEST and least expensive Light Therapy Devices on the market today and avoid getting ripped off.

Red Light:

• Accelerates healing of wounds and chronic infections & mouth ulcers – sunlight used in past wars to treat wounds (NASA 2001, 2011 – mouth ulcers in cancer patients)
• Stimulates collagen production for anti-aging & wrinkle reduction (NASA & others)
• Heals back pain and muscle injuries (NASA & others)
• Treats Arthritis – cellular regeneration (NASA)
• Stimulates Muscle regeneration – (University of Sao Paolo, Brazil, 2012) (NASA 2001 – Navy Seals)
• Stimulates Hair regrowth
• Treats Allergic rhinitis (Dept. of Allergy & Asthma, Hasharon Hospital, Israel)
• Kills cancer cells (when paired with a Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) substance like 5-ALA) (numerous research
• Stimulates bone healing (Red or Near Infrared, depending on bone depth)
• Heal burns from X-rays, UV (sunburn), radiation (ie. cold/short-wavelength induced burns)
• Treats AIDS virus & Measles (Baylor University Medical Center)
• Treats Herpes Simplex I (cold sores – RED or NEAR IR) – (Baylor Univ. Medical Center; 2006, UK, Dr. Gordon  Dougal)
• Stimulates Nerve regeneration – paralysis (2009 Sonoma, CA; 2010, Kanazawa University, Japan; 2012 – IR –
University of Cambridge)
• Treats Multiple Sclerosis (in mice) – stimulates immune response (2012 University of Wisconsin)
• Stimulates new brain cell growth to treat and reverse Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia (Near IR – 2013, UK,
Dr. Gordon Dougal)

(Direct PubMed & NCBI research links will eventually be added to this page)


SEX Research about RED:

• Men perceive women wearing red (compared with other colors) as more sexy & are willing to spend more on a date with them.
(University of Rochester, Dr. Elliot, 2008)

• Women who view men wearing Red perceive them as more sexually attractive, higher in status, more likely to be successful in business and more desirable as a mate.
(University of Rochester, Dr. Elliot, 2010)

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PHYSICAL EFFECTS – RED is Warming & Exciting

Stimulates the sensory nervous system
Stimulate alertness
Used to counteract Cold/Sluggish conditions
Stimulates the liver, helps regenerate liver function
Increases red blood cell production
Encourages movement, fast responses (warning signs)
Stimulates sympathetic nervous system (ie. adrenaline fight or flight response – like Caffeine, cigarettes, cocaine, amphetamines do):
Speeds heart rate
Increases peripheral blood circulation
Stimulates sensory nervous system & energizes the senses (taste, smell, sight, hearing, touch)

Large Amounts of Red are Contraindicated for those with: asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease or epilepsy


RED is stimulating on Physical/Cellular AND Psychological Levels


How to Use Red on an Everyday Basis

Bring more Red into your life if you would like to have more:

Energy, Libido, Vitality, Passion, Excitement,
Courage, self-confidence, determination
Independence, initiative
Will power to break free from the past
Joyfulness & laughter
Abundance in your life

1st Chakra (Red) is about survival, security, procreation, basic needs (money, home, shelter).
Fire Element (Red/Heart) is about Energy & Movement.

Use RED if you’d like to be more:

Spontaneous, extroverted, active
Present in the here and now
Strong-willed, Pioneering
Positive & optimistic
Enthusiastic, passionate
Open, warm & loving in your relationships

Red in the Home or other areas

Use in Activity Areas & Corridors
Use in Meeting Areas, Bars – anywhere you’d like to stimulate conversation and energy
Avoid excess use in Bedrooms, Study areas or High Stress Areas – it’s too stimulating
Large amounts of red make rooms look smaller, but as an accent like artwork or painting a single wall, Red can add energy & vibrancy.

RED is Often used in FAST FOOD OUTLETS
(usually with Yellow which stimulates appetite & digestion)

McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Jack in the Box, Sonic, Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell, etc…


In a Fast Food place, RED will ensure that:

• customers come and go quickly (red stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, just like caffeine and makes people do everything more quickly, including deciding on food, ordering food and eating food
• customers feel positive and upbeat (red is energizing and uplifting) during their visit; the positive feeling will then be associated with the fast food establishment, encouraging return visits
• RED increases the sense of smell and taste, so the fast ‘food’ tastes and smells better – encouraging overeating and greater purchases
• RED stimulates liver function which will help digest all the fat, toxins and chemicals in the fast ‘foods

Learn about the POWERFUL EFFECTS of the Color RED and REDjuvenator™ Biophotonic Red Light Therapy & Quantum Energy Healing Codes™ for Rapid, Clinically-proven Healing, Antiaging, Muscle Boosting, and Sleep & Brain benefits …

REDjuvenator Therapy™ Benefits & Testimonials

The REDjuvenator™ by Leanne Venier — Preferred by medical doctors, healing practitioners, life coaches and laypeople (for home and professional use) …

… for the fastest healing, anti-aging, muscle boosting & sleep and brain benefits.
With Biophotonic Red Light Therapy, Near-infrared therapy and Quantum Energy Healing Codes™. With clinically proven results and over 1000 customer testimonials …

REDjuvenator Red Light Therapy

Click here to learn about REDjuvenator Therapy™, the world’s number one red light therapy device with Quantum Energy Healing Codes™ to dramatically accelerate the healing process, reverse your aging process, improve your sleep and optimize your health. Guaranteed by the inventor, Leanne Venier, the world’s number one Authority and Global Pioneer in the science of light therapy.

REDjuvenator™ Therapy is preferred by medical doctors,  chiropractors, neuro optometrists, optometrists, acupuncturists, and naturopathic doctors all around the world for treating their patients and themselves.


Leanne is honored to have received the “Excellence in Healthcare, Alternative Medicine Award” at the Medical Technology conference, SmartHealth, 2018 for her contributions to Healthcare and her REDjuvenator™ healing and anti-aging invention.



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