MAGENTA – Crown of Head Area

Magenta is a blend of Red and Violet, the warm and cool ends of the spectrum. It’s considered to be the eighth color of the spectrum, the color with the highest and fastest vibration. It is an emotional equilibrator and the color of ‘letting go’. It aids in moving beyond old emotional patterns and feelings no longer relevant to our current situation. It is lighter and more vibrant than red and a more spiritual color.

Bring more MAGENTA into your life if you would like to be more:

Emotionally balanced
Calmer during emotional upsets
Understanding and wise
Able to let go of ideas & thought patterns that no longer serve you
and to move on


Build and equilibrate the functional activity of:
1. Heart
2. Blood circulatory system
3. Kidneys and adrenals
4. Reproductive system
Moderates blood pressure between the heart and
Control lung hemorrhage also in cases of dry
Reduce malignant tumors of the pituitary gland, lung,
breast, stomach, colon, kidney, uterus, or testicles
when used with its complementary color, green
Reduce breast cysts, Heal detached retinas & Treat
tinnitus (ringing of the ears) when used with its
complementary color, green
Reduce water retention
Emotional equilibrator, and aura builder


MAGENTA in the Home or Other Areas

Use anywhere you would like to create a positive, warm and reassuring atmosphere,
In the home it is better used in smaller quantities or as artwork, or combined with paler softer pinks or its
complementary color, green.
Splashes of magenta bring a special freshness to life and have a spiritual and uplifting quality.

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