All about Healing RED & NEAR INFRARED Biophotonic LIght Therapy (More coming soon! – Under construction)


Key Healing Benefits of Near Infrared LEDs

  • Boosts Mitochondrial function
  • Heals the cells from within
  • Detoxifies the body & skin
  • Calms the mind via the parasympathetic response
  • Powerful Near Infrared rays stimulate your mitochondria to heal your cells
  • Includes deep-penetrating heat for cellular cleansing & detoxifying
  • See below for more details about the Healing Benefits

As the world’s leading authority on the scientifically proven benefits of Light Therapy

One of the most common questions I get asked almost every day is

“What kind of light therapy device should I buy to detoxify my body & help heal my illness?”

And another is “How do I find a great light therapy device & How much should I spend?”

After personally spending tens of thousands of dollars testing & researching countless light therapy devices over the last several years and reading literally thousands of medical research studies on Phototherapy (Light Therapy), I’ve learned many things.

And this includes nowing which type of Light Therapy to choose for your primary need.

I’ve outline the main benefits of each the 2 main types of Light Therapy devices, below (and included another type of therapy that is often mislabeled as Light Therapy or Near Infrared therapy)

An Overview of Light Therapy Devices

There are 2 viable choices when it comes to Light Therapy … and one FALSE choice

  • Laser light therapy (sometimes referred to as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a holdover from old, very outdated research. When the healing effects of light were first accidentally discovered, it was by using a laser. For quite awhile, researchers believed that it was the laser itself, not the specific colors (wavelengths) of light within the laser, that were responsible.
  • It’s now known that LED’s are far better sources of light for healing purposes. Why?
  •  LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) are the most modern, most effective & fastest form of Light Therapy for most applications.
  • All the most up-to-date, cutting-edge research around the globe is being conducted using powerful LED lights. Why?
There’s a lot of confusion about this. To be clear:
Infrared Sauna Therapy is NOT Light therapy no matter what sellers of those devices will try to tell you.

Don’t feel bad … I was fooled for awhile, too … until I started researching the actual SCIENCE to get to the truth behind the false claims.

Infrared Saunas made with Incandescent/Tungsten Heat Lamps emit almost NO visible Healing RED light nor Invisible Healing NEAR Infrared wavelengths. They emit almost all mid- and far-infrared.

RED & NEAR Infrared are the only wavelengths that will heal your cells and boost mitochondrial function (mitochondria are the power houses of the cells).
And the best way for your body to absorb these wavelenghts is from powerful Biophotonic Light Therapy LED lights.

Infrared Saunas emit primarily MID and FAR infrared rays that create heat, and almost no Healing RED or NEAR Infrared (NIR) (NIR creates no heat nor does RED light).

Infrared Heat lamps are covered with a red film to make the low light coming from the filament appear red. But in fact, they emit such a tiny amount of RED & Near Infrared healing rays, that it’s like comparing the tiny amount of healing light in those bulbs to a single drop of orange juice diluted in a 5 gallon jug of water.

Technically, there IS a tiny bit of Red and Near Infrared in Infrared Heat lamp bulbs, but it’s so diluted and weak, it’s not enough to have any healing effect whatsoever.

Again, infrared heat lamp bulbs emit almost ALL Mid Infrared and Far Infrared (these are the wavelengths that create HEAT.)

Near Infrared creates NO HEAT whatsoever but NEAR Infrared DOES have very powerful mitochondrial healing benefits.

Mid & Far infrared have ZERO healing benefits where the mitochondria are concerned, since Mid & Far infrared rays are absorbed completely by the WATER in the body.

RED & NEAR INFRARED healing rays are absorbed by the CELLS & stimulate the mitochondria (power houses) in the cells.

In all cases, powerful Biophotonic Light Therapy LED Healing Matrix devices in the Red & Near Infrared spectrum are the best for fast & convenient treatments to quickly get rid of aches and pains, stimulate muscles, heal your skin & body tissues at a cellular level, and rejuvenate your skin for anti-aging benefits …

So Who am I and why am I qualified to teach you about Biophotonic Light Therapy?

Hi! My name is Leanne Venier.

I’m often interviewed on NBC-TV, national radio and international health magazines as the leading global authority on Light Therapy & Biophotonics as a Healing & Therapeutic modality. I’m regularly invited to share the Science behind the Healing Effects of Color & Light with medical doctors and others at major Medical Centers, leading Brain & Neuroscience conferences, MENSA, SXSW Interactive & international Health Conferences.

As a former engineer, eastern medicine practitioner and international award-winning artist, my mission in life is to spread the healing science of Color & Light to as many people as possible. I believe EVERYONE deserves to be healthy & happy.

Light Therapy doesn’t just make you LOOK & FEEL great, it literally HEALS your body and your cells from within … often with no expensive drugs or surgeries needed!

This is me with one of my Healing Flow paintings

What the Doctors are saying about my Light Therapy teachings

Dr. Richard D. Hammer, M.D.

is a Preventive & Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell & Anti-aging Expert and
Associate Clinical Professor of Pathology & Anatomical Sciences &
Director of Hematopathology at the University of Missouri School of Medicine

“Leanne Venier is truly an expert in the study and benefits of Light and Color and how to use them to improve health. And she is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met.

Her education in engineering, acupuncture, Shiatsu, and holistic medicine bring the perfect perspective to the topic.

Leanne’s knowledge in the area of preventive medicine is well beyond that of most physicians in practice and she shows a breadth of knowledge that very few in the preventive medicine sector have.

And unlike many out those preaching their version of health, Leanne backs up her data with published, evidence-based medicine and research.”

Dr. Richard D. Hammer, M.D. FABAARM, FASCP, FCAP

More Coming soon!


More coming Soon!

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Lyme disease, a bacterial infection transmitted by tick bites,
causes debilitating pain & fatigue and can result in other serious
complications like compromised immunity. Traditional treatment
uses antibiotics, often leaving the victim weaker and more toxic. The
antibiotics do not always kill all of the bacteria. Additionally, as the microbes die, they release a heavy toxin load into the body.
RED & Near IR Combats Lyme by stimulating the Immune response of the cells

Yep, these are my legs and boots! 🙂
I LOVE cafe mochas on occasion – not exactly a ‘health food’!

LED Red Lights for Cellulite & Weight Loss

  • helps reduce visible cellulite
  • promotes rejuvenation of skin.
  • improves circulation & provides optimal detoxification
  • Near infrared sauna therapy combined with a healthy diet & safe exercise program goes a long way towards solving the cellulite problem

LED Near Infrared Lights for Lyme disease or other systemic illnesses

  • improves circulation & maximizes detoxification crucial to treating Lyme disease.
  • deep penetrating NIR allows gentle raising of body temperature fromwithin, producing all the benefits of heat therapy.
  • promotes tissue healing & protection.

Animals have an innate sense for what will help them heal. My cat Bianca, loves Light Therapy & I use it on her often to keep her super healthy. While I’m using my Biophotonic LED lights, she’ll sometimes meow wanting some light therapy for herself! She’ll stay under the lights for about 15 minutes and then leave when she’s ‘done’.


Traditional medical therapies for cancer focus on surgery, radiation therapy & chemotherapy. Surgery can be an effective and quick tool at times, but chemotherapy & radiation therapy leave the patient weak & toxic.
Cancer likes low oxygen, low temperatures & high sugar environments. Cancer thrives in people who are nutritionally depleted, have depressed immune systems, and those suffering from opportunistic infections such as yeast & fungus.
How LED RED & Near IR Therapy Works

  • Mitochondrial Stimulation & Cellular Healing
  • Detoxification & Cellular Immune boosting
  • Tissue Healing
  • Pain Reduction
  • Enzyme Activity
  • Oxygenation
  • pH Balancing
  • Eliminate Secondary Infections
  • Stress Relief & Relaxation
  • Parasympathetic Dominance
  • Color Therapy

Biophotonic Light Therapy LED’s fit ANY budget

I realize that not everyone has a lot of disposable income lying around, but when it comes to my health, I had to learn the hard way that by spending my hard-earned dollars now on things that will keep me healthy, I can save a TON of money down the road in medical bills.

I invest in myself and in my health every day by choosing the healthiest foods I can find and the best Light Therapy products. And I literally never get sick (In fact, I haven’t used any kind of western medicine in over 20 years nor have I been to a western doctor in that time). I use my extensive training in mind-body medicine as an acupuncturist and Zen Shiatsu practitioner, Eastern Medicine Nutritionist, and Light Therapy expert to stay healthy & happy.

But when you’re already sick, what can you do? Well, fortunately … a lot! 🙂

Would you invest a few pennies a day in something that will not only help you and your family heal RIGHT NOW, but will last you for decades & keep you healthy for many years to come? Does that sound like a wise investment?

I so often see people throw away thousands of dollars on medical doctor visits, pricey insurance co-pays, expensive over-the-counter or prescription drugs, and all sorts of expensive supplements that promise to make you feel better and end your pain and suffering.

Unfortunately, most of those don’t actually heal. They just suppress symptoms. When your cells and your body are sick, you need to to help them heal by bringing in some of the tools that mother nature intended. We evolved to live and thrive under sunlight, and most of us aren’t getting enough sunlight these days. More on that topic HERE.

Biophotonic LED Light Therapy in specific wavelengths of RED and NEAR INFRARED is one of  THE best investments you can possibly make in your health and the health of your loved ones.

If you’re tired of being sick and tired all the time, and you’re ready to feel happy and energized again, you may want to consider this wise investment in your Health.
Your body & family will thank you for it … for decades to come!

4 Biophotonic Light Therapy Panels to meet any Health or Anti-aging need


Timeless Youth


Pain-free Power




Bacteria Buster

More about RED and Near Infrared Benefits vs Far Infrared

This section includes links to many of the scientific research studies about NIR

Frequently Asked Questions

What the Surgeons are saying about my Light Therapy teachings

Dr. Michael Glasscock III, M.D., F.A.C.S

is an internationally recognized clinician, surgeon, and educator who has developed his own patented hearing aid implant.
He’s founder of the Glasscock Hearing Implant Center in Houston and the past president of the American Otologic Society and is the recipient of that society’s distinguished Award of Merit.
Glasscock Hearing Implant Center

“Ms. Venier,

I was fortunate to hear your lecture on color and light frequencies used as medical therapy last month at the UT Health Sciences Center Medical Library in San Antonio. This is a fascinating topic that I had no knowledge of until I heard you speak.

I was impressed with the documented data you presented.

As a typical traditional surgeon, I know little about alternative treatments of any kind. I actually did not know that newborns with jaundice are treated (in hospitals) with blue light. It seems ironic that such a simple procedure could have such dramatic results.

If physicians will accept that treatment, why won’t they be open to managing other problems with light? But that is a recurring problem with many physicians. They simply do not keep an open mind to new or different ideas. As an innovator, I’ve found it difficult to bring certain new products to market. There is a steep learning curve for most physicians.

I congratulate you for your efforts to enlighten the medical profession. You’ve certainly enlightened me.”

– Dr. Michael E. Glasscock III, M.D., F.A.C.S