Leanne Venier & her Panel Speak at SXSW Interactive 2015

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Leanne Venier & her guest panelists are honored to have been selected from over 3300 submissions to present at SXSW Interactive 2015:

Catalytic Color: Flow & The Balanced Brain Benefit

"Into the Depths" by Leanne Venier, Oil on Canvas

Saturday, March 14, 2015
12:30 – 1:30 pm

The New JW Marriott
Austin, TX

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Leanne’s Panel Will Discuss:

* Why it’s important to utilize both brain hemispheres to run a Successful Business, including Left Brain (analytical & task-oriented) & Right Brain (Creative & Intuitive, where Innovation & Insights occur, often during Flow state).

* The benefits of Flow, an optimal, Right-Brain integrated state of consciousness where people feel & perform their best & Innovation occurs. Most cutting-edge scientific & Technological Breakthroughs occur in Flow as do major athletic & art achievements. A Recent McKinsey 10-year study showed Top Executives are 5 times more effective when operating in Flow & if we increase the amount we’re in Flow by a mere 20%, Workplace Productivity would double.

* How to optimize Color & Indoor Lighting in work environments to enhance Flow, promote Teamwork, maximize Productivity & Peak Performance & dramatically improve Employee Health & Job Satisfaction.

* How to quickly & easily Train our Brains (neuroplasticity) to access Flow whenever desired using Right-Brain exercises.


Benefits of Flow & Why You’ll Want to Attend this Panel – from an Entrepreneur & Engineer

“I had some concerns about Leanne Venier’s Color & Creative Flow course being rather woo-woo in nature, taught by someone so caught up in enlightenment that their feet floated off the ground. The truth is, Leanne’s course was a reflection of her own groundedness in the reality of everyday life. She is that rare breed of human as teacher who combines the best of an engineer’s mind with that of an artist’s mind, all with a desire to help others find their greatest talents themselves. I felt right at home with the way she led the course.

There are specific reasons for everything Leanne does. During the course I began to realize the finesse of her delivery of these ideas. The use of colors as tools for finding your creative flow is ingenious, and you get why that is so as you listen to her talk and allow yourself to experience what she has on offer.

So after I had the initial ‘ah-has’ around some personal issues that emerged, I just let go more fully on the second exercise and noticed a kind of giddy excitement. That was huge. I was beginning to sense the ‘feeling’ of being in my creative flow. This is what I wanted to learn, and this is what I want to bring to other media creators.

As we continue into this 21st century, I expect we’ll see more and more businesses of all types focusing on these kinds of exercises because in the end the machines will be doing the dreary work. It’s the humans who will be required to do the creative work. You cannot manufacture creative work nor can creative work always be done 8-5.

I can imagine Leanne’s insights of light and colors and how they impact our lives being shared as a secret weapon for architectural teams, ad firms, design firms, even sales teams wanting to truly gain the competitive edge.

Creativity is the higher currency of this new economy. Go to this course and see for yourself.”

by Tom Parish, Film Colorist, BSEE

Read Tom’s full review:
Exploring Color Awareness & Pushing New Boundaries


Panel Leader: Leanne Venier


Leanne Venier Consulting
Artist, Engineer & Expert in the Science of Color & Light for Flow, Peak Productivity & Optimal Health 
Austin, TX

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Leanne Venier, B.S.M.E, C.P. AOBTA, (“Catalytic Color: Flow & The Balanced Brain Benefit” Panel Leader), is an international award-winning artist, engineer, and expert in the science of color and light who regularly lectures about the healing and Flow-state-inducing effects of color, light and art at business organizations, major medical centers, MENSA and elsewhere. (www.leannevenier.com)

She combines her art, color psychology, medical & scientific research and her design experience with her past careers – as a mechanical engineer designing submarines for Lockheed, then acupuncturist and eastern medicine practitioner – to teach business executives, medical practitioners and lay people about the latest scientific research using color, light and art for achieving Flow state, peak productivity, optimal health and overall life satisfaction.

Venier has been interviewed numerous times on nationally syndicated radio, NBC-TV and international podcasts and she is a regular contributor to Texas MD Magazine.

Her artwork has been featured in many national & international magazines & has won several awards including “Grand Prize of the Jury” in Vico del Gargano, Italy, “Best of Texas” in Dallas, and Finalist in the prestigious Hunting Art Prize. Venier’s evocative abstract oil paintings, according to viewers, medical doctors & NASA research, have noticeable healing effects & they’ve been sought out for private, medical, and corporate collections around the world.

Venier regularly lectures about Creativity & Flow State & also teaches executives and others to use the science & psychology of color to tap into their own right brain creativity, Flow state, peak productivity and optimal health in her “Color, Creativity & Flow Workshops”.

Venier is available for Speaking Engagements, Corporate or Private Workshops and Interior Color, Light & Wellness Design consultations.

More information on her website: www.CatalyticColor.com.

Leanne’s Panel Guests:

Tom Parish


Tom Parish Inc
Austin, TX



His principle passion is color correction and color grading and that’s his primary focus these days. However Tom enjoys the richness of working on a variety of entertainment and social media projects to help a business be successful on the Internet. It’s all about the interaction with others and finding that resonance where creativity flows.
Tom is also a proven thought leader in the realm of social media, he has an innate ability to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Tom has an exceptional capacity to extract his clients’ fundamental philosophies and apply them in a practical and profitable way.
Tom graduated from Texas A&M BSEE and went on to work for a ground breaking spin off of MIT, Symbolics, the first company to have an official domain name on the Internet. Tom contributed to creative marketing programs to sell artificial intelligence development workstations and has produce over 1300 podcast shows on Enterprise Leadership, people and technology innovation.
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Austin, TX


For more than thirty years Margaret Keys has helped others find their voice. She has coached clients in business, education, politics and law.
Widely recognized as a creative force and innovator in her field of communication, she pioneered changes in video coaching methodology and created signature communication models to demystify the communication process in the rapidly changing global world of advancing technologies and evolving audiences.
Based in Austin, Texas, she has traveled the globe as a consultant, executive coach and communication strategist.
She has continuously sought answers to questions about authenticity and authority, fear in certain speaking contexts and the impact of power dynamics on presenters and decision making and influence.
Her professional life and her personal investigations have led her to a greater understanding of establishing presence and flow in high stakes encounters and the desire to liberate creative potential in all settings.
She considers herself a communication “anthropologist”.
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Brad Richardson


Director of Strategic Sales
Austin, TX


Brad is experienced with flow states in diverse arenas of: social entrepreneurship, business, sports and meditation. Sports has provided a solid foundation in “The Zone” through his 20’s, that he later applied to his career and personal life. Flow states have supported creativity and vision in his social entrepreneur work as a Chairman of the Board of Knowbility where he works empathetically to make I.T. accessible to the disabled. His 20 year career in strategic sales and marketing gives him a wide perspective on networking and I.T. evolutionary strategy, where he currently focuses on the Network Functionality Virtualization and Software Defined Networking transformation underway in Telecom.
Brad has published articles about technology evolution in both prestigious scientific as well as consciousness oriented journals. Brad has an Electrical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech which technologically grounds his lifelong passion to consciously guide technology evolution towards increasingly accessible, usable, sustainable and evolvable ecosystems.
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