How to Achieve Flow State whenever You Want with My Eight Simple Steps


Developed from My Personal lifelong experiences of tapping into Flow State

through my classical piano training, my writing, my meditative Flow painting process … and now, while running my International business.

1. Create a Flow Ritual: Schedule in a Clear block of uninterrupted time – minimum 30-60 minutes, 2-3 times/week – for whatever Flow Practice you choose

  • It’s not only OK, the research proves it’s actually GOOD FOR US to schedule in right brain creative time for ourselves. Not only is it necessary for our physical and mental health, it also helps us in all other areas of our lives including with our business endeavors. We all too often avoid scheduling in creative time for ourselves but we have no problem making time to go to the dentist or getting our car repaired (and believe me, doing something creative is a LOT more fun than either of those!)
  • Many of us already have something that we can use to get into Flow State – playing a musical instrument, drawing, writing, walking alone in nature, practicing a high performance sport, etc. As long as you’re already proficient in the practice and you have had multiple experiences of getting into Flow doing that practice, you can start using it to create your regular Flow ritual.
  • [For my Creative Flow Training students: everyone in the training program gets into Flow and gains clarity and insights immediately, from the very first time we do my Color Flow exercise.
    Our Creative Flow Ritual that we practice together during the following few weeks of the training program creates extremely rapid long-term benefits.
    The repetition of the Color Flow Exercise uses the science of neuroplasticity
     to quickly train your brain to be able to easily tap into Flow State effortlessly whenever you’d like. You start experiencing these dramatic improvements almost immediately: reduced stress; increases in creativity & productivity (even while working and doing business tasks); better cognitive function; and improved mental and physical health, among others.]

2. There must be some sense of excitement, a feeling that what you’re doing matters, or a sense of urgency related to the task at hand

  • There could be a Deadline (self-imposed deadlines work great – I use them all the time, even when I don’t have any external deadline)
  • The task needs to present some kind of challenge (it. it has to be challenging enough to make it interesting and exciting to you, but not too difficult that it induces stress or anxiety).  (See #3 and the image below for more about this).

3. You need to have the skill set and resources to be able to accomplish the task

  • You have to have already developed the skill set to be able to accomplish the task at hand (see #2). If you’re still going through a learning curve to become proficient with the tools you’re using, you won’t be able to get into right brain and Flow State since your left brain is still needed too much – it’s still controlling the process since your task isn’t familiar enough to you yet.Think of it as though you’re first learning to play the piano. When you start out, you might get proficient at learning to play chopsticks, but you’re probably not going to become an overnight virtuoso, getting into Flow State while playing Rachmaninoff. You need to first develop a certain level of proficiency on the keyboard (ie, you need to develop the skill set and proficiency with the tools you’ll be using to tap into Flow State (the keyboard in this instance)).  With certain tasks like learning to play a musical instrument, developing the necessary skill set to be able to tap into Flow state reliably, can literally take years. But other Flow tasks take much less time to learn.
  • [For my Creative Flow Training students: In my Flow training program, we’re using tools that everyone is already familiar with so everyone gets into Flow State the very first time they do the exercise. There is literally no learning curve and no anxiety phase so we go right to the Full Flow phase and bypass the Flow blocking phases.]
Visual representation of requirements for Flow State - Anxiety vs Apathy states

To achieve Flow State, the task must be challenging but if it’s beyond your skill level, it causes ANXIETY = NO FLOW. If the task is too easy, there’s BOREDOM = NO FLOW. In Leanne Venier’s Creative Flow training, there is only CONTROL + AROUSAL = FULL FLOW STATE, no anxiety & no boredom. Everyone who learns Leanne’s Creative Flow Process gets into Flow State the very first time they do the Color Exercise & the benefits begin immediately. See for more info.

To achieve Flow State, the task must be challenging but if it’s beyond your skill level, it causes ANXIETY = NO FLOW.

If the task is too easy, there’s BOREDOM = NO FLOW.

In the Creative Flow Process, we combine ABILITY and CONTROL + AROUSAL = FULL FLOW STATE. No anxiety or boredom.

Everyone who learns the Creative Flow Process gets into Flow State the very first time they do the Color Flow Exercise & the benefits begin immediately, according to graduates of the Creative Flow program.

Benefits of tapping into Flow State include greater happiness in life, more energy, creative & innovative thinking & solutions, 500% increased productivity and many more!


4. No TALKING Allowed but Music with no lyrics can be helpful

  • Meditation or new age type music can be helpful, as well as certain types of soothing classical music.
  • Music with lyrics will tend to pull you back into left brain when you’re just learning how to tap into Flow. Talking will also pull you into left brain.
  • That’s why there’s NO Conversation during Flow practice, at least while in the brain training phase. We want to shift into the creative, non-linear right brain and stay there. This is where Flow State will occur.
  • Music can be very helpful if you’re not in nature. But if you’re in nature for your Flow Practice, then tuning in with the sounds of nature is usually better than listening to music. You don’t need external music – nature creates her own.
  • [For my Creative Flow Training students: This right brain activation is particularly helpful during your Creative Flow training period. But after you’ve trained your brain to tap into Flow even when you’re not doing the exercise, you’ll find that you can toggle in and out of Flow State at will, regardless of the type of work you’re doing.
    This means that you can be in full-on Flow State, then get interrupted, and even have a lengthy conversation and afterwards, immediately go right back into Flow State.]

5. Add COLOR to your Work & Home Environment: Color Catalyzes (Triggers) Flow State

  • Research has consistently shown that Color works very effectively as a catalyst and accelerator for getting into Flow State. [My students quickly and easily learn to use their Personal Colors to tap into Flow State in my Color and Creative Flow Training Program.]
  • Color is an integral part of my painting process and I use color in my surroundings every day to accelerate and catalyze my ability to tap into Flow State, even when I’m performing tasks on the computer and for my business.
  • Even simple additions of color into your home and work environment can help induce Flow State. The healing effect of the individual colors also help bring you back into balance, both physically and emotionally, especially by using the colors you personally need. (Different wavelengths of Color work just like different Vitamins do in our bodies – they nourish different organ systems and help balance different emotions).
  • It’s easy to integrate color into your environment, For example:
    • Colorful Art Coffee Mugs in your home or office (I have several different coffee mugs in a variety of Healing Colors – I choose my mug color each morning based on how I’m feeling that day).
    • Free Colorful Art Therapy Screensavers on your desktop (thousands of people have downloaded these screensavers I created to give away, and I’m told by many that they stare at them during their work breaks throughout the day to recharge their energy levels),
    • Colorful Healing Art Prints on the walls.
  • Splashes of color in your work and home environment stimulate the creative mind and dramatically help induce Flow State.
  • [For my Creative Flow Training students: Color has proven to be a very effective catalyst for inducing Flow State for every person who has learned the Creative Flow Process. Even for the most analytical person who believes he or she is not naturally creative and who has a very difficult time getting into Flow, it works.
    Not only do we use Color for triggering Flow State, we also do a Personal Color Analysis after the Flow exercise so each of us gets to understand exactly what is going on in our own mind that may be blocking us from making progress – in our work life, our relationships and in our physical health and state of happiness.
    The Personal Color Analysis is an integral part of the program and this is what allows Students to make rapid shifts both during and after the exercise and Analysis.
    They feel a deep sense of stress-free peace, their creativity flows again, their productivity increases, and they feel happier and with greater clarity about their purpose in life. And they begin to attract the opportunities into their lives that will help them continue to make the dramatic shifts with the success and joy they’ve always dreamed of having.]

If you believe that only “certain people” or “artistic people” are creative, that is simply not true – we ALL have natural creativity & creative energy within ourselves – it’s simply a matter of learning how to tap into it! And it’s really very easy to do!

How Does Color Tie in with Triggering Flow States?

Color has been heavily research and is now known to have dramatic beneficial effects on your body and psyche.

When you use your Personal Colors in a particular way, one of the many positive benefits is that they can catapult you into this heightened state of consciousness, Flow State, where healing begins, clarity abounds and your creativity and productivity soars.

6. Get regular Sunshine


  • Sunshine contains all of the color energies, and dramatically reduces stress levels so you can tap into Flow more easily.
  • All the colors of light are found within sunshine, so every time you get sun, you get all the healing colors found within it. These color benefits of sunshine tie in with #5. There are many additional health-related benefits in sunlight

7. Practice, Practice, Practice:
 Create a Flow Ritual and Make it part of your Life – you’re worth it!

  • This is exactly what I did when I first started painting. Simply by painting 2-3 times/week and tapping into Flow State each time, after a couple months, not only was it much easier and faster for me to tap into Flow State, I spontaneously started getting into Flow state even when I wasn’t painting!
    I had trained my brain to be able to readily tap into Flow state so it became much easier to get into Flow no matter what I was doing for work. Suddenly, I found that I was able to get into Flow doing even the most left-brained, analytical work for my business (things like reading hundreds of medical research studies, analyzing all the data, making cross connections between the studies, etc).
    I now get into Flow State working on all areas of my research, and other business projects, and my productivity in all areas is incredible. I can work for hours and hours on end, tirelessly, and get a huge amount of work done.
  • When you’re first starting a Flow practice, you only have to do your Flow Ritual 2-3 times per week, 30-60 minutes in order to train your brain to be able to tap into Flow whenever you’d like.
  • After the first 6-8 weeks, you can follow a maintenance schedule of once per week.
  • You’ll find that you’ll start getting into Flow with everything you do, so the practice then reinforces itself (like a snowball that as it rolls through the snow, continues to grow itself bigger and bigger)
  • Once you’ve trained your brain and you can get into Flow no matter what you’re working on, you’ll only need to schedule in time for your Creative Flow Process whenever you want to gain deeper insights into particular areas of your life where you may still be feeling blocked or stuck.
  • Even now, with all the Flow I have in my life from tapping into it on a daily basis, I still sometimes feel stuck about something that may not be progressing as I’d like it to. In those cases when a roadblock appears in my life, I’ll do my Creative Flow Color exercise and the very important Personal Color analysis that goes with it. Every time I get instant clarity and insights about the issue that my analytical brain had been unsuccessfully trying to figure out. And I then immediately become unstuck begin to attract the needed solutions into my life. And this has been true for everyone who has practiced the Creative Flow Exercise and color analysis.
  • In those cases when we’re feeling stuck, the Creative Flow exercise and color analysis brings instant clarity. Like magic. Our unconscious mind always has the answers – all we have to do is take time to listen to it.

8. The Most Important Step of All: Make the Decision to have more Creative Flow in your Life

  • This sounds obvious, but it’s literally, first and foremost, the most important step on this entire list.
  • The biggest difference between those who succeed and find happiness by getting into Flow State on a regular basis and those who don’t is this:
    The ones who succeed MAKE THE DECISION to make time in their lives to have more Creative Flow.
  • When you make time in your life, your effortless Flow State spills over into all other areas of your life.
  • It doesn’t take much time – just 2-3 hours a week (see #7)
  • And being in Flow on a regular basis gives you the clarity about the direction in life to take that will give you the ultimate happiness that you deserve.
  • It really IS that simple!


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