INDIGO – 3rd Eye/Forehead area, 6th Chakra

Indigo is a combination of Violet & Red & therefore carries attributes of both colors

Bring more Indigo into your life if you would like to be more:

Connected to your unconscious self
Psychic, Intuitive
Wise, a truth seeker

And if you would like to have:

Greater dream activity
Greater intuition
Greater understanding
Greater imagination
The experience of being part of the whole universe
Greater love, extending beyond human & encompassing all life as precious manifestations of God or universal energy


Increase white blood cell production
Stimulate parathyroid glands
Inhibit overactive thyroid gland
Have mild sedative qualities
Be helpful in closed head injuries
Reduce brain swelling
Stimulate the pituitary gland
Relieve pain

How to have more INDIGO energy:

Meditate on color Indigo
Look at Indigo in paintings or an Indigo wall
Wear Indigo clothing
Consume Violet & Blue Foods:  Blueberries, blue plums, grapes, bilberries, Purple grapes & grape juice, plums, purple broccoli, eggplant, Blueberries, blue plums, grapes, bilberries

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