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Formula #1:
Timeless Youth™
Reduce Wrinkles
Reduce Wrinkles

Red light therapy & quantum healing energy for fast & effective anti-aging. Reduces wrinkles & hyperpigmentation.

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Formula #2:
Pain-Free Power™
Reduce Wrinkles
Reduce Wrinkles

Red light therapy & near infrared with powerful quantum healing energy boosts muscle strength, relieves pain & heals joints & bones.

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Formula #3:
The Universal™
Reduce Wrinkles

(MOST POPULAR) ALL the power of Formulas #1 & #2 combined for rapid anti-aging, powerful pain relief, muscle boosting, joint & bone healing (for adults, children & pets) + PLUS boosted brain function, better sleep & jetlag relief.

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Formula #4:
Bacteria Buster™
Reduce Wrinkles
Reduce Wrinkles

Red light therapy with blue light therapy & quantum healing energy. 8 weeks of these targeted blue & red wavelengths kills acne bacteria & heals skin.

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About The Light Therapy Pioneer

Leanne Venier is a two-time medical award-winning Engineer, Eastern Medicine Physician, international award-winning artist, visionary entrepreneur, medical researcher, inventor & former submarine designer. She's the world's leading expert in the science behind the healing effects of Color, Light, Red Light Therapy, Near Infrared Therapy, Quantum Healing Energies, and Flow states (aka The Zone). For more than 14 years, Leanne has been the Science of Light Therapy pioneer, raising global awareness about the profound healing effects of Color, Light and Sunlight by bridging medical science, evolution, and quantum physics with ancient healing modalities.

Leanne has been praised by Medical Doctors, neuroscientists and others as a visionary innovator in healthcare and the world's #1 authority on the benefits of Photobiomodulation (Biophotonic Light Therapy), Quantum Energy Healing & Flow States for self-healing, anti-aging & optimal brain function. Leanne's lifelong passion has been to help others heal using natural means. Leanne recently launched her own REDjuvenator Biophotonic Light Therapy & Quantum Energy Healing inventions for home and professional use which are already being used by thousands of medical doctors and lay people around the world.
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Doctor Testimonials

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Medical Awards

July 2019
Reduce Wrinkles

Leanne was honored to be awarded the "Top 100 Healthcare Leaders Award" at the IFAH Medical Conference.

April 2018
Reduce Wrinkles

Leanne was awarded the Excellence in Alternative Medicine award at the SmartHealth Medical Technology Innovations Conference.

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One of Leanne Venier's international award-winning Flow State paintings.

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Bulletproof Conference
Bulletproof Conference

How to Use Color & Light to Tap into Flow State

8 Simple Steps to Flow State
How to Find Joy & Purpose in Life
Get Wildly Successful with Flow

The 4 Pillars of Healing: Light, Color, Flow State & Art

Light Therapy Benefits
Sunlight spectrum with all Healing Colors

Color cannot exist without light, and light cannot exist without color. Color and Light are interchangeable terms in many ways.

All visible light has colors within it just as Sunlight contains all of the spectral colors - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo & Violet - which you can see whenever there's a rainbow in the sky.

Different wavelengths of light correspond to different colors, each of which elicits different healing effects in our body & psyche. RED Light Therapy & Near Infrared LED Therapy are the MOST POWERFUL for healing & anti-aging.

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Color Therapy Benefits
Color Wheel with all Healing Colors

Each and every color affects us on multiple levels - physically, emotionally & psychologically.

Research shows that Colors act like nutrients for our bodies, just like Vitamins do. We tend to crave the colors we need to restore balance and create potent healing effects, physically, emotionally, psychologically & spiritually.

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Flow State Benefits
Leanne's Creative Flow Process

Flow State (aka the Zone, the Groove, Runner's High, Deep Mindfulness, etc) is an optimal state of Consciousness where you feel and perform your best.

Numerous research studies show that when we operate in Flow State we are 500% more productive, far more Creative & Innovative, with Lower Stress levels, Better Health & Greater Happiness in Life.

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Art Therapy Benefits
Article about Stress Reducing & Anti-aging effects of Leanne's Art

Art Therapy includes the benefits that you gain simply by gazing at specific types of artwork as well as those from creating your own artwork.

NASA & other medical research studies show that simply looking at certain artworks, like Leanne Venier's paintings, can bring about profound healing effects. Her paintings have been written about by medical doctors for their healing, stress-reducing and anti-aging benefits.

Viewers of Leanne's art also report that simply gazing at her work puts them into a deep meditative Flow State with potent healing effects.

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