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Spend time in HEALING SUNLIGHT for Melatonin and more!

Yes, getting regular Sunshine (without sunscreen) is actually one of the BEST things you can do for your health … and hundreds of medical and scientific research studies from around the globe now prove this.

Why does Sunlight Heal?

Alaska. Denali NP. Alaska Range. Rainbow above Muldrow Glacier.


We Evolved to Live and Thrive under Sunlight, just like Plants

Without sunlight, plants shrivel up and die. The same thing happens with humans when you don’t get enough of the healing rays from sunshine.

Plant growing under sunlight - photosynthesis



When you spend time under natural Sunlight, it gives you a full dose of all the HEALING COLORS

Sunlight contains the color wavelengths, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

Each of these colors acts like nutrients for our bodies, just like Vitamins do.


Color_Energy_sun_spectrum   sun

You can see these individual color rays any time there is a rainbow in the sky.

Sunbathing is an easily accessible, pleasurable and a 100% natural way to get all of the sun’s healing color nutrients.

Plus it’s FREE!

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Blue Light & Melatonin – One of TWO natural ways to Boost Melatonin Levels

Melatonin is a very important HORMONE in our bodies. It’s used for preventing and healing cancer, insomnia, and countless other issues. It also helps us get sleepy at night.

When we see blue light – just like the clear blue sky we see on a summer day – it directly controls how much melatonin our bodies produce.

Among all of its other healing colors, Sunlight also contains this type of beneficial blue light.

When we get exposure to blue light during the day, it helps set our circadian (daily) rhythm.

Blue light shuts off melatonin production in our bodies, just as we were designed to do. You certainly didn’t want to be falling asleep in the middle of the day if you were a caveman. That’s when all the predators could come along and eat you. So, nowadays, when we see blue light, it tells our bodies, it’s the middle of the day – be wide awake!

And when we get regular blue light exposure during the day, then later in the evening, our bodies turn on melatonin production to help us get sleepy and heal our bodies at night.

If we don’t get blue light exposure during the day, we don’t create enough melatonin at night.

By getting regular blue light exposure from sunshine during the day, you’re directly helping your body get sleepy at night and giving it the important support it needs to do its nightly healing and recovery.

Adequate Melatonin levels keep you Young and healthy!

Melatonin is also a very potent ANTIOXIDANT. When our melatonin levels are high enough, our bodies use it for keeping us healthy as well as for healing us from all sorts of illnesses.

Unfortunately, most people are deficient in melatonin due to sunlight avoidance.

But what if you can’t get enough blue light during the day since you’re stuck in an office or you live in a cold, cloudy climate?

Would you like to experience deeper, more restful sleep and BOOST MELATONIN for optimal health … without blue light and without needing to spend time in sunlight?

REDjuvenator#3 is used by thousands of people and medical doctors around the globe for immediately stimulating melatonin production at night and promoting deep, restful, restorative sleep… at ANY age.

REDjuvenator™ Therapy not only helps you sleep better, it helps reverse the aging effects in your brain, and is clinically-proven to promote optimal brain function.

REDjuvenator™ Therapy also quickly treats SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder, a type of seasonal depression stemming from lack of sunlight and lack of natural blue light). Thousands of happy REDjuvenator™ Therapy users no longer suffer from the seasonal depression that they used to during the winter months.

And the REDjuvenator™ Therapy #3 also treats jetlag with one treatment!

And it does all of this by stimulating melatonin production when used at night before bedtime.

Read more about the countless healing, anti-aging melatonin-boosting and sleep benefits of REDjuvenator™ Therapy HERE.

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What are the OTHER benefits of getting a regular dose of SUNSHINE?

Regular sun exposure (aka Chronic sun exposure):

  • reduces your risk of heart disease, diabetes, depression and numerous other illnesses and imbalances
  • can actually heal a number of illnesses by restoring proper vitamin D levels and melatonin levels
  • helps you lose weight
  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • is very safe and a much needed part of any health program … as long as you do not get a sunburn


Couple sunbathing

Avoiding sunlight has actually been harming people far more than helping them

It is now known that all the hype and fear about sunlight exposure for the past 30 years has been grossly exaggerated.

If you get regular sunshine and DO NOT GET A SUNBURN your chances of getting skin cancer are extremely minimal. And since the types of cancer that you are more likely to get if you don’t get regular sunshine are FAR MORE DEADLY than skin cancer (skin cancer has extremely high survival rates), you are actually doing yourself far more harm than good by avoiding the sun.


This has been scientifically proven numerous times. It’s finally time to reverse the misconceptions that people have been led to believe about the sun.

Vitamin D is formed in our skin and bodies when we get natural sunlight exposure with NO SUNSCREEN. (I always recommend wearing an all-natural, mineral based sunscreen on your face and back of your hands since these are the areas most vulnerable to photo-aging and contribute little actual surface area for vitamin D production.


Man and woman sunbathing on beach towels in sand
Healing Sunlight has been scientifically proven in countless studies to prevent cancer and many other illnesses, combat depression and anxiety and even help you lose weight!

Healing UVA, UVB and Near Infrared

By SAFELY exposing our skin to natural sunlight without sunscreen, we also get the BENEFICIAL RAYS OF UVA AND UVB as well as healing Near Infrared rays.

Yes, they really ARE all beneficial!

UVB is directly responsible for Vitamin D production in our bodies

Vitamin D is another extremely important hormone needed not only for healthy bones, but for preventing and treating cancer and countless other illnesses.

 097_swiss_sun_treatment Children take sun at a sanatorium in the Swiss Alps, the region in which heliotherapy originated Valley Echo, May 1923 (1)
Heliotherapy (Sun therapy) clinics in Switzerland successfully treated children with Tuberculosis of the Bones, using only Healing Sunlight.


UVA has also now been proven to significantly lower blood pressure in less than 20 minutes of exposure

See below for the latest research on this – January 2014.
Also see below for an excellent article with the best compilation of all of the science and medical based reasons why you really DO need Sunlight.

Sunshine is the Best Medicine with Logo



Why is it Important to Use Non-toxic Sunscreens … but ONLY AFTER you’ve gotten your daily dose of sunshine without sunscreen?

Most sunscreens on the market, contain highly toxic chemicals, many of which become even more toxic when exposed to sunlight. These toxins are absorbed directly into your blood stream through your skin.

You may think you’re helping prevent cancer by slathering these toxic substances on yourself and your children, but research studies have now shown that a high percentage of sunscreens on the market become carcinogenic when exposed to sunlight (meaning that your sunscreens themselves can cause cancer!)

If you have to be in the sun longer than the recommended amount of time needed for Vitamin D production and to support your proper melatonin cycles, then it’s best to cover up with clothing and a hat and/or stay in the shade.

If you must be in full sun for longer, then once you’ve gotten your minimum sun exposure for that day, apply an all-natural sunscreen without any of the toxic chemicals. These natural sunscreens use non-nano particle minerals including Zinc. The minerals create a reflective barrier so the UV rays cannot penetrate.

Here is the latest EWG List of SAFE SUNSCREENS

This is a list curated by the nation’s most effective environmental health, non-profit organization, EWG (Environmental Working Group)

Depending on which country you live in, you will find at least some of these available. is usually a good resource for buying. If you have a Whole Foods Market where you live, they will also have a good selection – cross reference with the above list to seek the lowest scoring sunscreens.

The lower the score on the EWG site, the healthier the sunscreen.

My top 3 personal favorite sunscreens score a 1/10 on the EWG scale

For those of you who are always asking me what brands I personally use, my previous favorites were Mineral Fusion Moisturizing SPF 40 Sunscreen and The Honest Company Waterproof sunscreen …

… and my latest favourite for both face & body is Badger Baby broad spectrum SPF 30 natural mineral sunscreen cream, 98% organic ingredients & non nano zinc oxide, with 100% natural roman chamomile oil & calendula extract which smell fantastic! No stinky artificial or chemical fragrance  (and no, I’m in no way affiliated with any of these companies. 🙂 )

I always apply one of these to my face, neck and decolletage when I’m out and about. The skin on these areas is much more delicate and vulnerable than the rest of your body, and it’s such a small surface area where you’re not going to be making that much Vitamin D by leaving it exposed. So it makes sense to protect it from any possible damage.

But I let the rest of my body get full sunshine as much as possible (without burning at all, of course). When I’ve had enough sun for that day, ie. my skin starts to turn a slight pink, I then apply one of my sunscreens or cover up.

A FREE App to determine the Toxicity of your Current Sunscreen

There is a free app for Android and Iphone which will tell you the danger scale of any of your cosmetics products including most of the big name sunscreen brands and products.
Created by the nation’s most effective environmental health non-profit organization, EWG (Environmental Working Group)

Visit your Android or iPhone app store to download it and then check the toxicity levels of your current sunscreen.

If you have wrinkles or hyperpigmentation sun damage anywhere on your skin from past burns or excess sun exposure, (ie “age spots” on your face or body), then I have GREAT NEWS for you!

You can literally REVERSE those spots, heal your skin, get rid of wrinkles, shrink pores and bring back that luminous glow of youth to your tired skin with clinically-proven safe & effective REDjuvenator Therapy.

Read just a handful of the over 1000 testimonials that have come in about the amazing anti-aging, youth-restoring and healing benefits of REDjuvenator Therapy on my testimonials page here.


The amount of sunlight each individual needs depends entirely on their skin and their ability to tan.

People with fair skin need far less sun exposure than someone with dark skin to produce the same amount of VItamin D (an extremely important hormone for health that our bodies produce naturally when exposed to sunlight).

The most up to date rule of thumb for proper Vitamin D production: stay in the sun with at least 60-70% of your skin exposed. When your skin starts turning a very slight pink, you’re done. This amount of time will vary from 3 minutes for very pale skinned people to over an hour for very dark skinned individuals. REad the article below to understand the reasons for this:

Benefits of Sunlight: A Bright Spot for Human Health

This is the best compilation I’ve come across so far with of all of the REASONS why you SHOULD get sunlight and the BEST WAYS TO DO IT SAFELY:

Benefits of Sunlight: A Bright Spot for Human Health


Here’s a recent study on why UVA is also good for you – it lowers blood pressure and can prevent heart attacks and cardiovascular disease:
Science Daily: Here Comes the Sun to Lower your Blood Pressure
University of Southampton: Here Comes the Sun to Lower your Blood Pressure

Also See my page the Science of the Colors within sunshine

So…Have you had your Color and Sunlight Supplement Today? 🙂

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