Research has shown, and Google Corporation well knows, that surrounding yourself with COLOR increases your Creativity and your ability to tap into Flow State.
Adding Color to your Home and Work environment dramatically increases:
  • Productivity
  • Innovative & Creative Thinking
  • Physical & Psychological Health

After countess requests, Leanne has now made her international award winning artwork with proven healing effects available for everyday use. 

Visit the Leanne Venier Gallery Online Store for Unique & Beautiful Color Therapy Healing Art Gifts, Many UNDER $25!

Give the Gift of Healing Colors and make a Friend’s day.

Leanne Venier’s Flow-Enhancing Healing Colors Designer Gifts – Now Available in Every Country

Healing Color Therapy Art Mugs (many more in the STORE)

Mug_-_Teal_-_Evolution_of_Consciousness Spectral Depths Mug   Teal travel mug Red mug
Mug - earth tones Mug_-_teal  Mug, travel, stainless - REDMug - Teal - Beyond Awareness

All items are Top Quality and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Here are a few examples of Beautiful Healing Colors Gifts. Click on any item to take you to the Online Store.

….Many more choices in all categories at the Leanne Venier Gallery Online Store

iPhone & Android Phone cases (many more in the STORE)

Iphone_case_-_Immortal_Evanescence_BlueIpad_case_-_redorangeyellowgreen-vertical_landscapePhone case, Android - RED - Pulsating Luminosity

Pad, iPad Air & Android & Other Tablet – Hard Cases or Padded (many more in the STORE)

Ipad_case_-_Teal_vertical_white_stripeIpad_Case_-_Spectral_DepthsImmortal Ev ipad air caseIpad_case_-_Opening_-_blue_red_whiteComputer_padded_case_-_2_sided_-_RED_BLUE_-_Immortal_Evanescence_and_Traveling_in_Time

Creativity & Flow-Enhancing Healing Colors & Art Therapy Gifts

Give the Gift of Creative Flow with Healing Colors Functional Artwork.

All Products are Available Internationally

Visit Leanne’s Online International Store (products are available in every country & are created & shipped within each country)
LEANNE VENIER  Healing Colors Artworks – Signature Series Designer Originals

Custom Healing Colors 2-Sided Designer Pillows (many more in the STORE)

HEALING COLORS Functional Art -2 Different Sides Pillows
 Click this pillow to see the Other Side



Mouse Pads


Check back often for New Designs & Products!
Send us a request if there’s a specific painting by Leanne you’d like to see on one of these products. Is there another product you’d like to see? Just let us know!

Color Therapy Journals, Notebooks & Guestbooks

Fine Art Canvas Giclee Wall Art in all custom sizes (many more in the STORE & coming soon!)

LuminousTranquilityGicleeTriptych  Print_-_Blue_-_Immortal_Evanescence_with_Signature

….Many more choices in all categories –
Please Visit the Leanne Venier Gallery Online Store

Each of these authentic Leanne Venier Deluxe Signature Series Products gives you multiple benefits every time you use them including:

The BEST HEALING COLORS FOR YOU are the ones you’re naturally drawn to.
By using the products that you’re naturally drawn to, they’ll help you get back into balance every time you look at or use them.

And their vibrant Healing Colors enhance the look of any home or office … so do something special for yourself today & give yourself the gift of Healing Colors! You deserve it! :)

Learn how to Choose your Optimal Color Therapy Colors



All items are Top Quality and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Beautiful Healing Colors Gifts – perfect for any friend – or yourself! Visit the Online Store to Purchase.

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