Flow State Benefits

Leanne's Creative Flow Process

Flow State (aka the Zone, the Groove, Runner’s High, Deep Mindfulness, etc) is an optimal state of Consciousness where you feel and perform your best.

Numerous research studies show that when we operate in Flow State we are 500% more productive, far more Creative & Innovative, with Lower Stress levels, Better Health & Greater Happiness in Life.

Leanne has experienced peak Flow states throughout her life beginning as a classically trained pianist as a child, and culminating in her work as an international award-winning artist creating vibrant & colorful healing Flow paintings, which began to appear in her very first months as a painter simply by channeling this Flow energy.

Leanne has used her engineering skills to ‘reverse-engineer’ her Creative Flow Process and figure out the best and most reliable catalysts for triggering Flow State, including Color. And as hundreds of her past students can attest, her process works reliably for everyone for optimizing health, healing, creativity & productivity.

In her Creative Flow Training program, Leanne guides you into Flow the very first time you use her sure-fire techniques. She not only teaches you how to access this often-elusive peak state, she trains you, using her highly effective tools, to gain crystal clarity about any areas in your life where you may be feeling stuck (career, health, relationships, etc.).

You immediately begin getting unstuck to rediscover your Optimal Self, find True Happiness and become Wildly Successful in all areas of your life.

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Color Therapy Benefits

Color Wheel with all Healing Colors

Each and every color affects us on multiple levels – physically, emotionally & psychologically.

Whether we’re looking at a painting on our wall or a brightly colored coffee mug on our desk, we are constantly influenced and aided by the colors all around us.

Colors act like nutrients for our bodies, just like Vitamins do & we tend to crave the colors we need to restore balance.

Leanne discovered, through decades of study, analysis and practice, that by paying attention to and understanding these ‘color cravings’, you can learn to quickly restore balance in your body and emotional state.

Thousands of scientific research studies from around the globe now support this.

The more pure colors you have in your environment, the healthier, happier, more creative and more productive you will be.

Bringing more color into your environment can help restore balance and create a potent healing effect, physically, emotionally, psychologically & spiritually.

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Light Therapy Benefits

Sunlight spectrum with all Healing Colors

Color cannot exist without light, and light cannot exist without color. Color and Light are interchangeable terms in many ways.

All visible light has colors within it just as Sunlight contains all of the spectral colors – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo & Violet – which you can see whenever there’s a rainbow in the sky.

The same is true for every electric light bulb each of which contains one or more colors within the light it emits. (ex. warm incandescents, cool fluorescents, etc.)

Different wavelengths of light correspond to different colors, each of which elicits different healing effects in our bodies.

When you spend time in sunlight, you get the benefits of ALL the healing spectral colors.

And when you are exposed to individual wavelengths of colored light, they each elicit different healing effects in our bodies, brains and individual cells.

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Art Therapy Benefits

Article about Stress Reducing & Anti-aging effects of Leanne's Art

Art Therapy includes the therapeutic benefits that you gain simply by gazing at specific types of artwork.

NASA & other research has determined that the most healing types of artwork resemble landscapes or water and have a great sense of depth that draws you in to the work.
Medical research studies have shown that certain artworks can elicit potent healing effects and specific healing colors in artwork will amplify these healing effects.

Visual Art Therapy encompasses the many benefits of Color Therapy & Light Therapy as you absorb the color and light reflected by the painting into your eyes. This is in addition to the healing benefits found within the painting itself.

Staring at specific types of art like Leanne’s healing paintings can even induce Flow State (aka The Zone). This has been confirmed by hundreds of viewers of Leanne’s art who report that simply gazing at her work puts them into a deep meditative state with profound healing effects.

Leanne Venier’s paintings have been analyzed and written about by medical doctors for the healing, stress-reducing and anti-aging benefits that they elicit in viewers.

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