Have a question about REDjuvenator Therapy?

Great news! Most of your questions are already answered in my FAQ below.

Since I get over 100 emails per week and I’m having a hard time keeping up with all of them, I’ve created this easy FAQ which will answer most of the commonly asked questions! 🙂

There are two sections in the FAQ

The first one is for customers who have already placed their order or received their REDjuvenator and

The second section is for brand new customers who haven’t ordered yet.


Have you Already purchased your REDjuvenator and you have questions? That FAQ is here at the top.

(Haven’t ordered yet? Keep scrolling down to the FAQ for New Customers (in RED))


FAQ for Existing Customers:

When will my order ship?

We ship once a week, usually on Friday or Saturday with the cutoff for all orders each week, Wednesday at midnight US central time.

I use USPS 2-3 day priority mail so once your order ships, you will have it very quickly!

You will be sent a tracking notice once your unit ships.  

How do I use my REDjuvenator? 

That’s easy!

1. Follow the easy instructions on the receipt you received right after making your purchase as well as the sheet of paper that came with your REDjuvenator unit

It will tell you how to 

a. Download your free REDjuvenator Therapy Guidebook which will help get you started with all the basics

b. Read the Quick start user guide on the members page  including a section for international customers and how to easily get an inexpensive power cord that will fit in your sockets for your REDjuvenator, how to get a longer power cord if you need one, and lots of other helpful information for new users.

c. Watch the Bonus Training Videos

d. MOST IMPORTANT: Join my free private members only REDjuvenator ongoing healing, antiaging & support community (we use Facebook as a software platform but have no affiliation or association with Facebook. You do NOT have to be an active Facebook user to access our group. You can even create a FB profile with a fake name with no photo just to join our community).

You get a free membership worth $200 a month when you purchase directly from me. And you get free ongoing healing and anti-aging support from me and the rest of the Global REDjuvenator Community to help you get the fastest possible healing and antiaging results.

Your guide book will get you started as well the beginner user tips on that same page in the members area on my membership website. 

Login here now with your email address to read the New Users Page, watch the bonus training vidoos and download your guide book


2. If you have any specific REDjuvenator Therapy application questions where you’d like personalized recommendations, then you’ll definitely want to take advantage of your free membership in my private, members only ongoing healing, anti-aging and support community. 

The link to join is right on the receipt that you received right after making your purchase as well as on the sheet of paper that came with your REDjuvenator. Be sure to log into the membership site to download your guide book and read that thoroughly as well as the entire page with beginner user tips.

Here’s the link to join my private, members only ongoing healing and support community. You get a FREE membership worth $200/month.


We authorize memberships one or two times a week (it’s time-consuming to verify all of the requests) … so please be patient while you’re waiting. 🙂

I highly recommend that you submit your request to join right after making your purchase, so by the time your REDjuvenator arrives, you will already have access. 

Once you’re accepted in the group, all of your application questions will be answered in the group. Use your search bar or post your question and our over 1000 community members will be happy to help you out!

In this group is where all of the customized treatment Protocols are shared along with hundreds of real world  amazing success stories , including the powerful sleep protocol, detox protocol, eye healing protocol, brain optimization protocol and many others.

I also answer questions regularly in the group when I’m not traveling. It’s a very helpful and supportive community!



Do you have questions about REDjuvenator therapy but you haven’t purchased yet? 

Check the FAQ below which will answer most of the commonly asked questions that people email me about prior to purchasing…

And for even more information about:

  • my Design and body shape
  • Custom Proprietary Formulations
  • Specific REDjuvenator Therapy Applications

and MORE… be sure to check out this additional FAQ, especially if your question isn’t answered below:


Will REDjuvenator Therapy help me?

We have thousands of community members using REDjuvenator Therapy all around the globe including 100’s of medical doctors, healing practitioners, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, neurologists, acupuncturists, health coaches and others using REDjuvenator Therapy for themselves and all of their patients and clients.

We have yet to find ANY condition that REDjuvenator Therapy doesn’t help with.

This means that no matter what health issue you’re dealing with, REDjuvenator Therapy WILL be highly likely to help you.  That’s what thousands of real-world reports from people using REDjuvenator Therapy all around the world indicate.

See this page for a tiny sampling of the over 1000 incredible healing reports that have been shared directly in my private members only community. (There are several hundred that are not yet on this page, simply due to lack of time on my part, but you’ll get to read them all firsthand once you’re a member in my private members only community)


Why are the REDjuvenator **proprietary formulations** proven to provide such phenomenal healing results across the full spectrum of illness, disease and anti-aging?

(“Proprietary” means – property of the designer – just like the Tesla technology. You don’t need to know how to design a Tesla to appreciate its power and superiority over other ‘cars’ – you just have to take it for a test drive and experience REAL WORLD RESULTS. Just like with REDjuvenator Therapy – all you need to focus on is whether it is proven to work for your desired applications, not a bunch of data.)

Will REDjuvenator therapy work for you?

Based on thousands of thousands of real world reports, the answer is a resounding YES. 

And I have a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee to back this up!

When doing the treatments properly, most people will start to experience noticeable results within the first one to two weeks of daily use so you’ll typically know it’s working for you well before the first 30 days.

Here’s my Guarantee to make sure you’re happy!

And Why do people get such phenomenal results with REDjuvenator Therapy compared to all other light therapy devices on the market?

REDjuvenators heal at the ROOT of illness and disease by healing the energy body (where illness and disease starts) as well as healing the physical body where the pain or disease has actually become more apparent (and sometimes measurable).

The REDjuvenators replenish depleted life force energies, open up blocked energy channels  that circulate that life force energy through the body (aka meridians) AND heal at a local cellular and mitochondrial level — all at the same time.

They’re clinially proven to be effective at treating across the FULL SPECTRUM of illness and disease.

This page will explain better (be sure to watch the video towards the bottom, too!)

REVIEWS: REDjuvenator vs Joovv vs Red Light Man-Red Light Therapy Buyers GuideHow does REDjuvenator Therapy compare to Joovv, Red Light Man, Vielight & other red light therapy devices?  Read unsolicited, real-world customer comparison reviews.CATALYTICCOLOR.COM


How long are treatment times with the REDjuvenator?

This is all covered in your guidebook in detail along with other application information that is specific to REDjuvenator Therapy.

Do not follow YouTube video instructions for other devices. They do not apply to REDjuvenator Therapy at all. REDjuvenator Therapy is much more than a red light therapy device, so those other instructions will not apply.

With a few exceptions, most of the treatment times with REDjuvenator Therapy are as follows:

Skin and antiaging treatments with your REDjuvenator are 3 minutes (or longer if desired) with the REDjuvenator directly against your bare skin

and everything else is 20 minutes (or longer if desired) … again, directly against your bare skin.

Which formula should I choose, #1 Timeless Youth, #2 Painfree Power, #3 Universal or #4 Bacteria Buster?

About 98% of my customers choose the #3 Universal Formulation which provides all of the effectiveness of the #1 combined with all of the effectiveness of the #2 (without losing out on either one) PLUS much more including inducing deep sleep, treating the brain, treating jetlag with a single treatment, and MUCH MORE.

The #3 Universal has a synergistic combination of visible red and invisible near infrared wavelengths plus my powerful additional Quantum Healing Energy Codes which are what set REDjuvenator Therapy apart from all other devices because they heal at the root of illness and disease.

REDjuvenators with their additional quantum healing energies are much more than a red light therapy or near infrared therapy device:

  • literally replenish your depleted life-force energies . . like filling up your body’s gas tank when it’s running on fumes and you feel exhausted or tired all the time, when your body won’t heal and you seem to just be getting worse instead of better, no matter how much you change your diet, how many supplements you take and how much exercise you try to do)
  • they open up blocked energy channels (meridians) and distribute the healing energies throughout your entire body to treat the root of the problem, AND
  • they heal at a local cellular and mitochondrial level
  • (learn more about each formula on the top of the testimonials page below).


Some of my customers who have chronic longstanding disease, like Lyme for example, also integrate the #4 Bacteria Buster (which does much more than just kill bacteria).

I typically recommend that you start with the #3 for full body healing effect. Most of the testimonials on the testimonials page are about the #3 (since that’s the one most people are using! 🙂 ) 

If you have severe acne, MRSA or some other antibiotic resistant topical infection, then definitely start with the #4 ideally in conjunction with the #3.



What about EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies)? Are the REDjuvenators safe to use for me and my children and pets?

EMF can be extremely harmful at high levels and damage your DNA. 

Many light therapy devices on the market emit dangerously high levels of EMF. That’s why many of them tell you to stand at least 6-12 inches away from their device while doing your treatments. If you get any closer, you’re being blasted with harmful EMF.

This is why many people actually feel worse, using those other light therapy devices.

I personally designed the REDjuvenators to be 100% safe for adults, children & pets and I guarantee this. So you are able to use the REDjuvenator DIRECTLY against the bare skin, while you’re multitasking. 

As a highly experienced Engineer (I used to design submarines for Lockheed) and as a medical award-winning healing practitioner and Eastern Medicine Physician with decades of experience, and as the Science of Light Therapy Pioneer who validated Light Therapy by explaining the science in simple terms to the masses and the medical community starting over 13 years ago (when nobody was paying any attention to light therapy)…

I personally made sure that my invention would have the LOWEST POSSIBLE EMF output and be 100% safe for adults, children, infants and pets.

The actual EMF readings of my REDjuvenators while TOUCHING the surface of the panel using a TRUE PROFESSIONAL EMF READER (not an amateur one like most non-experts use) are

0.03-0.05 microtesla (which is the same as 0.3-0.5 milligauss). 

These numbers are not only extremely safe, they are lower than what most people have throughout their entire home.

The REDjuvenators are SO safe, you can use them to treat infants, children and pets 

For proof of this, see my intstagram for photos of many of my happy customers using them on themselves and their children: 

Leanne Venier-#1 LIGHT THERAPY (@leannevenier) • Instagram photos and videos1,425 Followers, 410 Following, 637 Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Leanne Venier-#1 LIGHT THERAPY (@leannevenier)INSTAGRAM.COM

Most other light therapy devices on the market emit dangerously high levels of EMF – that’s why they will tell you to do your treatments 6 or even 12 inches away from their device 

The high EMF levels they emit are due to poorly chosen, inexpensive components as well as due to integrating fans and motors needed to cool the low quality LED’s (you can tell a device has fans and motors inside if it has vents on the sides and/or back).

Because of their dangerous EMF levels, those device sellers will often recommend that you stay at least 6 to 12 inches away from the unit during your treatments. 

REDjuvenators emit almost zero EMF and are completely safe to use directly against your bare skin, whether you’re treating yourself, or you’re treating your children, infants or pets.


What about ELF? 

ELF is Electric Fields (very different from EMF) which can disrupt sleep and make you feel jittery. 

ELF will vary wildly from household to household. ELF comes from the wiring and power cords.

ELF will vary depending on:

  • the kind of wiring you have in your home (whether or not it’s shielded)
  • which electrical socket you’re using
  • whether you’re plugging into outlet converters or adapters
  • the type of power cord you’re using.
  • ELF will also vary dramatically depending on any other electronic devices or electrical wiring you have anywhere in the vicinity.

Since it’s impossible to control ELF from home to home (and since a very high percentage of my customers are international and purchase their own power cord to fit in their country’s sockets, while other customers choose to get a longer power cord to replace the 6-foot one that comes with their unit so with about 80% of my customers, I can’t even control the power cord that they are using or any extension cords that they may be using)

…  knowing this, I chose to add additional powerful Quantum Energy Healing Codesâ„¢ that actually mitigate and protect against harmful EMF, ELF and RF.

With continued use, your REDjuvenator is proven to actually STRENGTHEN your energy body and make you more protected from and resistant to harmful EMF, ELF and RF.

And not only that, the REDjuvenators are PHENOMENAL for restoring deep, restorative sleep and are the favorite sleep hack of thousands of REDjuvenator users around the globe! (whereas harmful ELF emitting devices will actually DISRUPT your sleep)

Watch the video at the bottom of this page

to learn how REDjuvenators PROTECT you against harmful EMF, ELF and RF:

REVIEWS: REDjuvenator vs Joovv vs Red Light Man-Red Light Therapy Buyers GuideHow does REDjuvenator Therapy compare to Joovv, Red Light Man, Vielight & other red light therapy devices?  Read unsolicited, real-world customer comparison reviews.CATALYTICCOLOR.COM



Will REDjuvenators work in my country?

I designed the REDjuvenators to work ANYWHERE in the world.

Voltage range is 85-264 Volts so you can use them anywhere and TRAVEL with your REDjuvenator effortlessly.

I made the power cord removable so you can swap it out with a standard computer power cord (readily available in every country in any electronics store, or on Amazon)

Most of my international customers simply purchase a standard computer Power cord with a socket end that fits in their country’s sockets. They typically cost $5, 5 Euros, 5 GB pounds, etc. Very cheap and easy to find. You can even get them in lengths up to 25 feet long!

All of this information is right in the members login area once you purchase your unit, along with helpful links.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, I have thousands of customers all around the world. 

The way I ship to you when you live outside the US is you can either ship to a friend in the US who will forward your package to you or you can sign up for a free US shipping address using a reliable parcel forwarding company like Stackry, or others.

More information about how place your order using your free US shipping address can be found on all my order form pages, like this one for the #3 Universal:

#3 UNIVERSAL REDjuvenatorâ„¢ (+ S/H) | Leanne Venier’s Premium Members ClubGet a FREE US Shipping Address using one of these reliable parcel forwarding services.MEMBERS.CATALYTICCOLOR.COM


What is the size of the package for international shipping purposes?

The REDjuvenators are securely packed, one per box, in a secure package, ready for international forwarding from your US address.

The outer dimensions are

17 inches by 15 by 3 in, and 

The weight is approximately 3.5 lb


Do you have coupon codes, sale prices, practitioner discounts or multi purchase discounts?

I give a flat discount of $250 off the full retail price off each REDjuvenator Formulation when you purchase directly from me on my website. This discount remains the same every day of the year.

I don’t artificially inflate my pricing most of the year to be able to offer the illusion of holiday discounts, coupon codes, sale prices or multi-purchase discounts.

I never want you to feel like you have to wait for a special promo if you need REDjuvenator Therapy TODAY.

And I don’t ever want you to feel like you’re pressured to make a buying decision due to a time sensitive sale or coupon code.

So, my prices remain the same every single day of the year.

When people come back and order 5, 10, or 50 more units, to gift to friends and family members (which a very high percentage of my customers do)… they pay the same low everyday price, no matter how many units they purchase.

And practitioners receive the same low price as home users. 

I don’t believe in hiking up the price for a “professional model’ to offer the illusion of a professional discount.

All of my REDjuvenator units are suitable for use at both the professional level as well as for home-use.

And we have hundreds of medical and healing professionals all around the world – medical doctors, neurologist, neurooptometrists, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists, integrative medicine specialists, health coaches, massage therapists, eastheticians, etc — all of whom use REDjuvenator Therapy in their medical, healing or antiaging practices with all of their patients and clients AND for treating themselves.

REDjuvenator Testimonials


Do you have an affiliate program?

No. I never pay anyone to sell my REDjuvenator formulations.

… We’re having a hard enough time keeping up with all the global demand as it is! A good problem to have. 🙂 

I don’t pay for advertising, I don’t pay affiliates and I never pay for endorsements.

Almost all our sales are from word-of-mouth because my 1000’s of very happy customers all around the world do a fabulous job of spreading the word about the amazing healing benefits of the REDjuvenators!  They go out of their way to spread the word, simply because they they want to help others stop their suffering, heal their pain and illnesses and reverse their aging process …. the same way they have.

So they spread the word so others can experience the same amazing REDjuvenator benefits they have because they love helping others. And they are doing so without being paid by me or anyone else. They simply care about helping others, so they spread the word far and wide.

More about why I don’t have an affiliate program on this page:

REVIEWS: REDjuvenator vs Joovv vs Red Light Man-Red Light Therapy Buyers GuideHow does REDjuvenator Therapy compare to Joovv, Red Light Man, Vielight & other red light therapy devices?  Read unsolicited, real-world customer comparison reviews.CATALYTICCOLOR.COM



If your question wasn’t answered above …

Please send an email to LeanneVenierColorExpert@gmail.com and in the subject line, write:


and I will personally respond to all emails with that phrase in the subject line

NOTE: if you already sent an email and didn’t see this FAQ on my contact page prior to sending your email the first time, and you still have questions, then simply resend your email and to change the subject line to


If you don’t resend your email with the new subject line, I will assume that your questions have already been answered here in this FAQ. Thank you!


And remember, we ship once a week, (whether I’m traveling or not) from my Austin warehouse!


To your health and a happy and prosperous year!


Warm and colorful regards,

Leanne Venier
Medical Award-winning Science of Light Therapy Pioneer
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