“Into the Depths”, Energizing RED Healing Painting by Leanne Venier (pictured above)

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A Woman in New Zealand Heals her Eyesight

by Gazing at one of Leanne Venier’s RED Screensaver Paintings

One woman in New Zealand has been healing her eyesight by staring at Leanne Venier’s RED “Into the Depths” Screensaver painting.
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Mary had initially contacted Leanne to tell her how much she loved looking at Leanne’s artwork on her computer screen.

She sadly shared with Leanne that her eyesight had been deteriorating rapidly

with a disease called retinitis pigmentosa. In fact, it had deteriorated to the point where she could only see a small circle of vision in one eye and almost  nothing in the other.

But for some reason, whenever Mary would look at Leanne’s artwork on her computer

she could see Leanne’s painting images very clearly WITH BOTH EYES. Then, as soon as she would look away from the screen, her vision would return to its diminished state.

Leanne told Mary if she liked the small versions of her online paintings, then she might love her full-screen, Free High Resolution Healing Colors Screensavers that she gives away to anyone who would like to optimize their mood and mental function. She suggested Mary download her favorites since the artwork obviously made her feel so much better.

The following day, Mary excitedly reported …

… she had checked out Leanne’s Screensavers and AS SOON AS she saw the RED painting at the top of the page, “Into the Depths”, she could immediately feel the blood pumping through her body. Mary also said her eyes felt full of energy and she could suddenly see every detail in the painting with both eyes! Her whole body felt energized and her vision was clearer than ever while staring at “Into the Depths”!

INTO THE DEPTHS_by Leanne Venier_ScreenSaver1920X1280

“Into the Depths” by Leanne Venier, Oil on Canvas






Leanne started thinking about what might be happening to boost Mary’s vision

As an acupuncturist and Zen Shiatsu practitioner who had spent years specializing in the Healing & Psychological Effects of Colors on the energy meridians and organs in the body … Leanne knew that RED is a very good color for stimulating liver function (which controls the eyes in Chinese medicine). Red is also very good for moving blood in the body. Multiple research studies have shown that simply staring at the color red speeds up heart rate, increases blood flow and stimulates the sympathetic nervous system.

As the world’s leading Light Therapy Expert

Leanne also knew that when you shine RED LIGHT onto the body, it elicits profound healing effects in the cells (validated by thousands of medical research studies).

And when you shine red light into the eyes, many research studies, case studies and testimonials have shown that certain wavelengths of red light therapy and near infrared therapy can heal the eyes of problems like macular degeneration, bright light sensitivity and other vision issues.

So Leanne recommended a little experiment if Mary wanted to give it a try.

Mary was game! Leanne suggested she gaze at the full-size RED Screensaver of “Into the Depths” for 5 minutes twice a day over the next several days to see what might happen. Leanne thought that the light coming from Mary’s computer screen through the red painting might be creating a low-level Red Light Therapy healing effect and if Mary stared at it every day, it might have an even stronger effect.

In less than 2 weeks, Leanne heard from Mary again.

This time Mary was ecstatic!

She said she’d been doing the red screensaver color gazing exercises as Leanne had recommended. She excitedly reported that her vision had already improved dramatically.

Now, not only did Mary no longer need her white cane to get around (ie. the type of white cane that visually impaired or blind people use), but she could even see well enough to go to the shopping mall with her husband and venture off on her own without getting lost! Mary was now able to make out images around her clearly enough to know exactly what they were and was no longer at risk of bumping into things.

Mary suddenly had her independence back! And she was overjoyed!

Needless to say, Mary was very happy that something as simple as getting the right RED color nutrients that she had been needing and craving, allowed her to heal so quickly from such a long-standing vision problem that had been robbing her of her joy in life.

Simply staring at Leanne’s Healing COLOR Therapy Optimization Screensavers can help you feel better quickly on an emotional and psychological level – and even provide low levels of Light Therapy benefits.

If you have more serious health issues including ANY kind of vision problems that you’d like to heal quickly or you’d simply like to LOOK & FEEL YOUNGER, then REDjuvneator Quantum RED Light Therapy and Near Infrared Therapy can definitely help you.

If you’d like to experience TRULY FAST Healing and Anti-aging results for any of these issues:

  • rapidly improving your overall health
  • healing your body and brain
  • improving eyesight, reducing bright light sensitivity, healing macular degeneration (all validated by science & supported by many testimonials)
  • quickly relieving pain
  • healing joints, inflammation and arthritis
  • boosting muscle performance & alleviating tension
  • getting a deep, restful sleep every night
  • quickly clearing skin problems like eczema, dermatitis, acne or psoriasis AND
  • getting rid of hyper-pigmentation & age spots
  • stimulating hair regrowth & stopping hair fallout
  • reducing wrinkles, boosting collagen, tightening your skin & shrinking pores …
  • and much more …

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4 Comments on “Eyesight Healed with Quantum Red Light Therapy”

  1. I think its a very vibrant piece as are all your art pictures. I am going to try it for my eyesight, as its not as it should be. But brilliant for that Lady! Thanks for all your info that you post. Carole

    1. Thanks Carole! Let me know how it goes with your eyes. What problem are you having with them? Are you strongly drawn to that red color in that painting that helped the woman in New Zealand? That’s the main trick – to pick the screensaver in the color that you’re most strongly drawn to and then use that as a daily healing tool.
      That’s what the woman in New Zealand did – when she first looked at that red “Into the Depths” screensaver painting, she could immediately feel all the energy flowing into her eyes and through her body. So I simply suggested a regular treatment plan with her staring at that same vibrant red screensaver twice a day (for 5 minutes each time) to allow her to experience that rush and flow of blood and energy to her eyes which helped them heal very quickly in less than 2 weeks. The color Red directly helps stimulate the liver (for cleansing and detoxification as well as strengthening) and as a result, it also helps strengthen and heal the eyes (which are controlled by the liver energy). Red also gets the blood flowing and any time you increase blood flow to an area, it stimulates faster healing. So the combination of these two benefits made the healing process happen very quickly with that woman’s eyes. If you tell me a bit more about what’s going on with your eyes and which of the screensaver paintings is your favorite (which one you’re most drawn to staring at), I might be able to give you some additional guidance for a daily treatment protocol. 🙂

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