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Biophotonic Light Therapy Applications used in Modern Medicine that can also be Used in the Privacy of your Own HOME

(Light Therapy is also known as Phototherapy, LLLT (low level light therapy) or Photobiomodulation) 

There are many more applications than the ones listed below.

To Learn More, Watch the video below and see amazing case studies starting at Minute marker 52:00

Biophotonic RED Light and Near Infrared Therapy can be used in your Own Home to very effectively:

  • reduce pain in the muscles and joints and increase blood circulation
  • stimulate regeneration of skin and blood cells in areas exposed to the red rays.
  • heal wounds more quickly, including mouth sores caused by chemotherapy and radiation treatments.
  • stimulate collagen production for anti-aging & wrinkle reduction
  • accelerate healing in small bones and joints (when Biophotonic RED light is combined with Near Infrared, the synergistic combination can also treat large bones & joints)
  • treat arthritis & reduce inflammation in the joints
  • quickly heal skin conditions like Eczema, Dermatitis & Psoriasis
  • boost the immune response of the cells to naturally fight viruses like cold sores (herpes simplex) & shingles (herpes zoster) and bacteria like acne & MRSA
  • (stimulate the growth of stem cells in research and medical applications)

Leanne’s Custom Healing Matrix Formulations of Biophotonic Red Light Therapy and Near Infrared Therapy are used for healing and anti-aging, collagen stimulation and wrinkle reduction

Learn More about RED & Near Infrared Light Therapy and how to find
the Best, Most Effective & Affordable Red and Near Infrared Light Therapy Devices

Watch this Video to Learn the Science of How & Why Biophotonic Light Therapy Heals Wounds & Pain, Reverses Aging, reduces Wrinkles & Boosts Muscle Performance

BLUE Light Therapy

  • BLUE Light Therapy is regularly used in hospitals to treat newborns with jaundice (by simply shining the blue light on the baby’s skin). There are at-home treatments available using a Biliblanket, or many parents simply bring their baby under sunshine or in the shade. Sunlight contains all of these healing blue light wavelengths.
  • Blue light therapy and natural sunlight are used increase melatonin levels in the body to improve sleep and prevent many types of illness including most types of cancer.
  • Blue Light Therapy devices have now replaced the big, bulky Bright-light therapy full-spectrum light boxes to very effectively treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a form of depression caused by lack of sunlight in winter months or cloudy climates.
  • Blue light therapy and natural sunlight (or true full spectrum artificial lights in your home) increase serotonin levels in the brain to treat depression and anxiety.
  • Blue Light Therapy (formerly Bright-light therapy) has been used to treat certain forms of carbohydrate-craving obesity that affect many people, especially those who put on weight during the light-poor winter months.
  • Blue Light Therapy is used to treat PMS symptoms and an extreme form of PMS (PMDD)
Infant with Neonatal Jaundice being treated with Blue Light Therapy in a hospital

Infant with Neonatal Jaundice being treated with Blue Light Therapy in a hospital

Learn More about BLUE Light Therapy

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Medical Applications of Colored Light Therapy that Require a Physician

  • A photosensitizing agent known as Levulan is commonly used in conjunction with Blue Light Therapy and is effective in healing a type of sun-related skin damage known as actinic keratosis, a precursor to skin cancer.
  • A specific wavelength of Ultraviolet rays, UVA-1 is used to treat diseases such as lupus (SLE) (an autoimmune disease)
Since different cellular structures in the body absorb various colors of light differently, scientists have been able to develop very color-specific lasers for different medical treatment applications. For example:
  • Green-argon lasers are often used for delicate diabetic eye surgery because the green light tends to affect only blood vessels leaving other sensitive portions of the eye undamaged;
  • There are a number of anti-cancer therapies (photodynamic therapy) that use specific frequencies of either coherent red laser light or non coherent red LED light to activate the cancer-killing properties of certain types of drugs;
  • Colored laser light is used in heart revascularization.

Visit these links for more information about the healing effects of color, light and sunlight.

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3 Comments on “Light Therapy & Color Therapy for Home & Hospital Use”

  1. Dear Leanne

    What a breath of fresh air you are! I am an intensive care nurse and nurse educator in Melbourne Australia. I am becoming increasingly interested in bioresonance and light therapy. Our patients in ICU get NO daylight. I am so interested in this area and would love to do research in this field. I truly think our septic and other critically ill patients could benefit from this therapy.

    Do you deliver your devices to Australia? And do you ever plan on coming out to Australia? If only my medical colleagues could open their minds….dreams are free. Many thanks for your information. I plan on sharing this information with my nursing students. We all need to start waking up big time!

    Kind regards
    Kerrie (Nurse Extraordinaire) :):)

    1. Thanks Kerrie! And yes, keeping patients cooped up indoors has been shown to be detrimental to their healing process. They need sunlight and COLOR in their environments to speed the healing process.

      Would love to come “down under” and do a training program for hospital groups down there. Maybe the universe will make that manifest in 2017. 🙂

      This information is so important for hospitals to be aware of and would be so easy to integrate, too. It’s just a matter of educating some key decision-makers. When people understand the science behind why it all works, it becomes apparent that some dramatic changes are needed within the current hospital model in many countries.

      Regarding my REDjuvenator Biophotonic Light Therapy devices, I’m not shipping internationally quite YET, but I plan to in the not too distant future. I have a rapidly growing waiting list from people all over Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I’m getting there!

      Stay tuned for more info, Kerrie!

      Warm and colorful regards,


  2. Very well explained write-up. I have really got to know many things about the chromotherapy light. Color therapy really helps a lot of people in curing illnesses like- pain, and emotional and mental conditions. Such therapies are a boon for humanity to be more aware of their inner triggers and to work on them. I appreciate the good efforts which you have put into this article. Again, thanks and keep sharing.

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