Thank you for joining me at the Bulletproof Conference! I had a fabulous time sharing with you!

Here is the page for the Leanne Venier REDjuvenator Biophotonic Light Therapy Healing and Anti-aging devices.

The REDjuvenator is the World’s most popular, most effective, clinically-proven and safest Light Therapy and Quantum Healing device  … preferred by Medical Doctors and lay people all around the world.
Leanne Venier REDjuvenator Biophotonic Light Therapy LED Healing Matrix Lights was launched at the end of 2016 at the Bulletproof conference and within 6 months, had thousands of very happy users all around the globe – all from word of mouth.

See before and after photos & read amazing healing and anti-aging success stories on THIS PAGE

At the bottom of this page, you’ll also find additional learning links where you can learn more about Light Therapy, Color Therapy and Flow State.

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What Leanne’s REDjuvenator Biophotonic Light Therapy Healing Matrix Formulae look like:

Scroll down to the bottom of  THIS PAGE for photos of an amazing and rapid healing response recently during our Private Launch at the Bulletproof Conference.

The lights feature a sturdy, lightweight, attractive design – each light is custom made to Leanne’s specification and is designed to be usable for a wide variety of facial and body treatment areas with multiple formats.

These extra large, very powerful Biophotonic Healing Matrix Lights are over 1 square foot in area, and can be used:

  • handheld – for facial or body treatments (see photo below)
  • on tabletop (inserted into any inexpensive photo stand from Amazon, target, walmart or even the dollar Store) – for hands-free facial treatments (see photo below)
  • laid on body – the lights never get too hot and can be laid directly on the body to treat a large area at one time
  • hung vertically on wall (with included hanging hardware) (see photo below)
  • suspended horizontally (with included hanging hardware) – ideal for hanging over patients on a treatment bed (see photo below)

Panels can be handheld for face or body treatments, or lain directly on the body for large body area treatments. They are built to be sturdy yet lightweight and attractive.

Lights can be handheld for face or body treatments, or laid directly on the body for large body area treatments. They are built to be sturdy yet lightweight and attractive.

Leanne in her booth at the Bulletproof Conference with her Biophotonic Light Therapy panels

Lights can be used on tabletop with any standard photo frame holder (not included -they cost $1 at the Dollar Store 🙂 ). See Photo Frame stand holding Leanne’s Biophotonic Light Therapy Healing Matrix lights on tabletop in this photo.

Panels can be hung horizontally with included hardware for over the body treatments.

Lights can be hung horizontally with included hardware for over the body treatments.

My Customized Biophotonic LED “Light Vitamin” Healing Matrix Formulations are designed personally by me,
Leanne Venier.


I’ve based my proven Proprietary REDjuvenator® Biophotonic Light Therapy Healing Matrix Formulae on …

… literally thousands of medical, scientific and sports medicine research studies … as well as my engineering background, my vast holistic healing experience and my own rigorous research and testing of optimal light wavelengths over the past 6 years.

My REDjuvenator® Biophotonic Light Therapy LED Healing Matrix Formulae provide the fastest and most effective results by combining the most potent wavelengths of Color and Light for targeted applications.

With their synergistic Light combinations, you’ll save time and money

and get the fastest results to slow and reverse your aging process, heal your body & brain, boost your muscles, and maximize your cellular and mitochondrial power.

With every light purchase, you get a FREE Copy of my REDjuvenator® Biophotonic Light Therapy Guide, a $14.95 value

Each of my Biophotonic Light Therapy LED Healing Matrix Lights comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

NOTE: Your custom-made Biophotonic Light Therapy LED Healing Matrix Light will ship in 4-5 weeks via expedited Priority Mail once they have been hand-made with care by our assembly team of engineers.

Each Light is made by hand by my assembly team and rigorously tested for quality control prior to shipment.


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