Water Element (Kidney/Bladder) & Throat area, 5th Chakra

BLUE has opposite effects to RED.  While red expands and stimulates, blue contracts and restricts.  It slows things down so that it can combat infectious diseases where there is a rise in temperature and has strong anti-bacterial properties.  Blue is antiseptic, cooling and astringent.  Psychologically, blue can bring peace of mind, particularly after excessive mental stress. Too much blue, however, can be very sedating and even give you ‘the blues’ in extreme cases, in which case it needs to be balanced with some more stimulating red, orange or yellow. Blue can be helpful with treating acne, soothing throat troubles, fevers and children’s ailments (such as mumps and measles), inflammation, spasms, stings, itching and headaches.  Also use it for shock and insomnia.

Why are so many Uniforms BLUE? (military, airline, police, hospital scrubs?) Read on to find out…

Bring more Blue into your life if you would like to be more:

Calm, Reserved
Trustful, Loyal
Observant, Tactful
Able to express yourself & your inner truth & use your words more effectively
Affectionate, Caring
Inspiring, Inventive, Creative
Organized, able to plan effectively
Decisive, Cautious

And if you would like to have:

Greater wisdom & clarity
Better communication & speech
The Will power to follow your destiny & true path in life
Less fear through creative self expression

BLUE May Help:

Calm & cool the body
Have a pacifying effect on the nervous system
Lower blood pressure
Bring relaxation, help us sleep, relieve insomnia
Help calm hyperactive children
Reduce fevers, Treat burns, Relieve itching
Treat fear, palpitations, tension
Treats laryngitis, sore throats
Relieve jaundice (Intense Blue light has been used for years in mainstream medicine for newborn infants who are jaundiced)

BLUE is used in so many Uniforms (military, police, airline, hospital scrubs) because this color:
– is associated with steadfastness, dependability and loyalty
– has a calming effect on those around it as well as the person wearing it

How to have more BLUE energy:

Meditate on color Blue
Look at Blue paintings or a Blue wall
Wear Blue clothing
Consume Blue Foods:  Blueberries, blue plums, grapes, blackberries, bilberries

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