The Bio-Science & Quantum Physics

Why do We Need or Feel Drawn to Certain Colors More Than Others?

There’s a whole body of biophysics research that has been going on around the globe since the 1970’s. It started in Germany with the research of Dr. Fritz Albert Popp.

This area of research is called Biophotonics and it examines how we humans use color and light in our bodies for cellular communication and for restoring and maintaining optimal health.

Here are a few key points:

  • Biophotons are ‘living light’ emissions. All living things take in, absorb and give off LIGHT.
  • We evolved to live and thrive under sunshine, just like plants do.
  • As living entities, we are made up of atoms & molecules which make up the various organs and systems in our bodies, each with its own chemical composition and corresponding healthy frequency.  (Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp)
  • If certain organ systems get out of balance, they need specific color frequencies to get them back into balance.
  • When there is illness, an organ’s frequency or strength will change. When certain color frequencies are shone on or around the body or absorbed through the eyes, these organs can absorb the energy they need to come back into balance.
  • Different colors of light create measurable and visible cellular responses in the body . For example, red light and near infrared rays stimulate mitochondrial function in the cells which accelerates tissue healing (mitochondria are the power houses found in each cell). (scientific research)
  • Energy flows through our bodies in energy channels called ‘meridians’. These meridians are linked with different organ systems and each meridian is connected to different colors and different emotions. (Japanese Five Elements healing system)
  • Certain colors also affect our different emotional states (scientific research)

We Can now Photograph these ‘living light’ photon emissions with a special Camera developed at Kyoto University in Japan


Biophoton imagery of a young man taken with a new camera at Kyoto University Japan – Humans give off light from their DNA



Biophoton image of cancer cell growth inside a mouse – Biophoton imagery can be used for early cancer diagnosis.

The image on the right is a normal photo of the same mouse. You can see a lump where the tumor is.


Human_biophotonEdamages area of hand is represented by a heightened intensity of biophoton emision at the tip of index finger

Biophoton image of tissue damage on the fingers of a smoker.

The black and white image on the right is a regular photograph. The tissue damage is not visible to the naked eye, but Biophoton imagery can detect it.


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How Color and Light Influence our Biophotons and How Artwork Heals

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