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“The right kind of artwork can have a very calming effect on the psyche and a healing effect on the physical body, slowing down the aging process…

Ms. Venier’s abstract paintings arouse a deep emotional & mental response & her unique use of color can evoke a physiologic response with benefits well beyond aesthetic pleasure.

I’ve personally experienced how Ms. Venier’s paintings significantly reduce stress levels simply by staring at them, which can have a healing and anti-aging effect.”

– Dr. Richard D. Hammer, M.D, FABAARM, FASCP, FACP
Anti-aging & Regenerative Medicine Specialist
Director of Hematopathology, University of Missouri, Columbia

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What the NASA RESEARCH says:

Dr. Yvonne Clearwater, senior research psychologist at NASA Ames Research Center has conducted several studies on the healing effects of certain types of artwork.

She offers these guidelines for selecting artwork with the strongest healing effects:

  • Images evoking thoughts of LANDSCAPES or WATER are very healing (colors also have individual healing properties ) and preferred over urban images
  • Views with greater visual depth that draw you into the painting are preferred for healing
  • Scenes with animals, buildings or people are less suited for healing purposes


What Medical Doctors say about the Healing Effects of Venier’s artwork:

“I’ve never been fond of abstract art until I saw Leanne Venier’s work.

Her abstracts often feel like calming landscapes, suggesting views of land and water. The many layers in her paintings give a great sense of depth, expansiveness and openness, creating an effect that draws the viewer into the painting.

I’ve now proudly added yet another of her paintings to my art collection.” 

– Dr. Michael Glasscock, III, M.D., F.A.C.S., Austin, TX


MEDICAL RESEARCH – The Positive Effects of Healing Artwork in Hospitals

Numerous research studies have shown that the RIGHT TYPE of Artwork in Hospitals has measurable healing & stress-reduction effects:

  • The right type of Healing Artwork reduces patient & employee anxiety and dramatically helps with stress reduction;
  • Heart-rate recordings and questionnaires showed that stress levels in a dental clinic were appreciably lower on days when a large mural was hung at the back of a waiting room.
  • In another study, ceiling mounted pictures shown to highly-stressed pre-surgical patients on gurneys, resulted in lower blood pressure and stress-reduction (Ross, 1990).
  • It has become increasingly common to use artwork to distract patients from their pain or stress.
  • Pre-surgical patients on gurneys looking at ceiling-mounted paintings had lower blood pressure & stress;
  • Less stress = faster recovery times & reduced hospital stays;
  • Less stress = reduced pain perception & less need for medication;
  • Healing Art reduces depression associated with chemotherapy, dialysis & other invasive treatments;
  • Healing types of Art reduce mental healthcare treatment times;
  • Healing Art reduces overall cost of patient care & reduces employee turnover.

“Artwork is used to distract patients from their pain or stress. Color is ENERGY, so the use of ORIGINAL artwork is always preferable over prints or posters.”

– Marberry & Zagon ‘The Power of Color: Creating Healthy Interior Spaces


Other Quotes about the Healing Effects of Venier’s Artwork:

‘Oscar ‘Gonzalez’s wife died of cancer when she was 45 and he says his new paintings (by Venier) lift his spirits. He wants the same for others, especially those who suffer from painful or stressful conditions. “Imagine this vivid, mesmerizing art in a chemotherapy clinic,” he said. “Treatments are long, stressful and people need to find a way to relax. My wife would have loved the paintings.” ‘

–  San Antonio Magazine quoting Oscar Gonzalez, Medical Research Coordinator, UTHSC-SA


“I suffered chronic pain for many years. It was always by stepping out into nature that I found myself in a world of magic and the pain forgotten. I find Leanne Venier’s paintings doing the same for me. They capture both the beauty and magic of nature in potion form. A dose of her paintings transports me to that safe, magical place where I may be a carefree child again, unburdened by the ills of age.”

– Joe Lapp, Nature Educator, Physicist & Software Architect, Austin, TX

A Woman in New Zealand Heals her Eyesight by Staring at Leanne’s Healing Colors Screensaver


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