The Science of How Color, Light, Sunshine & Art can Reverse Aging & Heal You [VIDEO]

How to use Color, Light, Art & Sunshine – for Anti-aging and Healing

by Leanne Venier, BSME, CP AOBTA

In this post and the next one, I’m going to share with you some of the most helpful tips and information so you can immediately start to use color and light therapy to slow down and reverse your aging process. When you do this, you’ll not only look younger, you’ll feel younger and more alive with renewed vigor and vitality.

It’s easy to begin to take control of your physical health so you look good and feel great … and you’ll know that you’re in control of your life in a body that radiates vitality and helps you accomplish your dreams.

You may have heard how my global medical teachings about the Science behind the Healing Effects of Color, Light and Art, all started with one-on-one conversations during my art exhibitions? Viewers of my paintings would often remark to me how they felt inexplicably and magnetically drawn to one or more colors in the works. They often couldn’t stop staring at whatever color was ‘calling’ them.

And I would explain how people are often attracted to certain colors, and why they might be craving that color right now. I’d tell them what their ‘color craving’ might be indicating in terms of what was going on in their life and with their health. In every case, the information I shared resonated so strongly with these viewers that after 3 years of coaxing, I finally started sharing some of this information on my website. And the teachings about all of it have grown exponentially since then!

Your “color cravings” can be a quick and easy indicator for your state of health.


You can also use this knowledge to return to optimal health more quickly.

This all makes perfect sense when you understand how our bodies evolved to use color and light. You’ll start to get why you might be feeling drawn to your favorite blue sweater, or whatever article of clothing or home decor has been calling out to you lately.


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So let’s start with a common example of light therapy that you may have heard about ….

Have you ever heard of a jaundiced baby being treated simply by shining blue light on his skin?

It’s true. Blue Light Therapy for jaundice has been the hospital standard in the US since the 1960’s. Many savvy parents now know that, in mild cases of jaundice, they can accomplish the same thing for free, by simply exposing their baby’s skin to sunlight for short periods.


Baby being treated for Jaundice in hospital with Blue Light Therapy

Baby being treated in for Jaundice in hospital with Blue Light Therapy

Sunlight contains these same Blue Light rays that Heal jaundice


Blue light therapy for neonatal jaundice was discovered accidentally in the UK in the 1950’s. The head nurse knew that jaundiced babies improved when brought out under sunlight but she didn’t know why. This theory was proven one day when the hospital’s lab technician went on a long lunch break. He left a jaundiced baby’s blood sample on the windowsill while he was gone. When he finally tested the blood, it showed far lower levels of bilirubin than expected. Bilirubin is the substance in the baby’s blood that causes the infant to turn yellow.

They were surprised to discover that the sunlight shining on the blood sample had somehow caused this pigment to be chemically changed and broken down to a form easily eliminated in the baby’s waste. Research later confirmed that a specific color/wavelength in the blue light range was most effective for treating jaundice. Dr. Cremer published this research in the Lancet in 1958.

This amazing discovery was promptly implemented in British hospitals for treating babies with jaundice. It was a faster, cheaper and safer solution to doing a dangerous blood transfusion which had been the only other treatment available before blue light therapy. Ten years later, it was finally adopted by US hospitals and is still in use today in hospitals around the world.


Baby being treated for Jaundice at home with a Blue Light Therapy blanket

So how does it work? And how can Sunlight heal us?

Sunlight is made up of Visible (Colored) light (meaning we can SEE it with our eyes) as well as Invisible Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) radiation.


Visible (Colored) Light is a tiny portion of the Electromagnetic Spectrum


Visible light from sunlight contains all of the spectral colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

Each color corresponds to a range of wavelengths, measured in nanometers (nm). Visible light ranges from 400-700 nm.

When all colors of light are combined, they appear as white light which is how we typically perceive sunlight.

You can see these spectral colors split up anytime there is a rainbow in the sky. All of these colors (over 300 different wavelengths), have different healing benefits for our bodies.



The way the colors in sunlight combine to form white light is similar to the model used in all of our LED screens. RGB stands for Red-Green-Blue. When you combine these 3 colors of light, they make white light.

RGB - all colors make white light

Ultraviolet & Infrared Rays have long been known to have Healing  Effects. So do the Color Rays found in sunlight

There have been hundreds of scientific studies about the healing and cancer-preventing benefits of invisible Ultraviolet and Infrared rays. And yet, we still hear a lot of myths about how Sunlight and UV radiation cause cancer. (I’ll get into a lot more detail about this in my blog post next week).

Rarely, however, do we hear about the Healing Colors contained within sunlight and the importance of getting these visible color rays on a regular basis.

In 2001, NASA first discovered that red light has healing properties. Since then, there have been hundreds of studies about the healing and pain-reducing properties of specific colored wavelengths.

The easiest way to get ALL of these healing color rays is by spending time in sunlight.

Red bikini woman with orange drink blue pool 506 x 256


Why are the Colors found within Sunlight so Healing?

electromagnetic spectrum and Visible Light


Biophysics research and medical research from around the globe have shown that we actually NEED all of these colored rays of light for optimal health, as well as the vital invisible UV and IR rays. Humans evolved to live and thrive under sunlight, so this makes perfect sense.

Watch this Video Below to Learn:

How our Bodies Store and Give off Light

  1. about a new CCD camera at Kyoto University in Japan that can photograph Biophoton emissions (biophotons are paticles (photons) of light emitted from a living being)
  2. how our biophoton emissions are disrupted when we have cellular damage
  3. what a mouse with cancer looks like in biophoton imagery and how this technology will be used for cancer diagnosis in humans in the near future
  4. why sunlight or LED lights are better for healing than laser lights
  5. why organic foods ripened in sunshine are much better for our health
  6. why free range chickens living under sunlight live longer and produce healthier eggs than “cage-free” or caged chickens that are raised indoors
  7. how artificial lighting that is not Full Spectrum can cause aggression and ADHD and why we need sunlight for optimal health
  8. how acupuncture meridians (energy lines) transmit light in our bodies
  9. how our cells use color and light to communicate with each other for all cellular processes
  10. How modern science is finally supporting what ancient healing systems have known about the healing power of color and light for thousands of years
  11. how scientists at Harvard created a biological laser from a human cell
  12. What Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Fritz Albert-Popp, the famous biophysicist, say about how you can control your health and aging process by keeping your light body healthy

How Color in Artwork can Heal You

    1. How Artwork can Heal you simply by looking at it
    2. The Best types of art for Healing Purposes according to NASA and other research
    3. How great works of art with ‘inner light’ are created within Flow State (an elevated state of consciousness)


Just as plants need sunlight to grow and flourish, so do humans.

A lot of the above information makes a lot of sense when you realize that plants use and store the color and light found within sunlight, just like you do.

Plant growing under sunlight - photosynthesis


And, as any horticulturist will tell you, plants need different wavelengths of colored light at different stages of growth since the different colors have different stimulating properties.

Differnet colors of light for plant stages growth

Humans are very similar to plants in this regard.

Think of sunlight as a full spectrum multi-vitamin: the individual color wavelengths are then similar to individual vitamins. Your body needs ALL of the ‘colors vitamins’ to stay healthy.

Do you ever find yourself drawn to or ‘craving’ certain colors in clothing, fabrics or paintings?

Your ‘color cravings’ are very similar to how you might crave fresh oranges if you’re coming down with a cold – your body knows that the Vitamin C in the oranges will help restore your health so it creates a craving for that food.

We crave ‘Color Vitamins’ the same way we crave nutrients in foods.

sun  bowl of colorful fruit  vitamins


Color and Light Therapy – a Simple Way to Understand it all

Energizing & Stimulating Colors

You may find yourself craving and feeling drawn to stimulating colors like RED, ORANGE or YELLOW, when you’re feeling tired, depressed or in need of energy.

Research shows that simply STARING at the color Red in paintings or other items stimulates the sympathetic nervous system which speeds up heart rate and blood flow and gives you a boost of energy, much like caffeine does. Red also stimulates the senses like taste, smell and sight.

A woman in New Zealand recently shared her happy success story with me.

‘Mary’ had been suffering for several months from severe Retinitis Pigmentosa (an eye condition where your vision eventually shrinks to a pinpoint). But she excitedly reported to me that she managed to reverse the condition and heal her failing eyesight simply by staring at one of my energizing Red Screensaver Paintings, “Into the Depths” on her computer screen for 5 minutes twice a day.

She had received my Free Healing Colors Screensavers when she Subscribed to get my Free Color, Light, Art & Flow State tips on my artworks website which she’d been a fan of for months.  After downloading the Screensaver below, a couple weeks later, she contacted me to excitedly tell me that, after only 2 weeks of staring at this Red painting twice a day, she had reversed her eye damage to the point that she no longer needed to walk around with her white (blind) cane. She had regained her independence and was ecstatic about it!

INTO THE DEPTHS_by Leanne Venier_ScreenSaver
Energizing RED painting by Leanne Venier stimulates your energy level and your senses, including eyesight. – Get this healing painting as a Free Screensaver

Red Light and Near Infrared also have dramatic healing effects when shone on the skin

I’ll get more in-depth on this in my post next week when I talk about Light Therapy and How you can use Red light for treating wrinkles, muscle pain, cellulite, accelerated wound and bone healing, arthritis, cancer, dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and much more.

Calming & Sedating Colors

You may be drawn to BLUE or other cooling, calming colors like INDIGO and VIOLET when you’re feeling stressed or overworked.

Scientific research has shown that STARING at the color Blue in paintings or other items stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which slows down heart rate and lowers blood pressure and quickly calms you down.

Blue Light shone on the skin also has profound healing effects

See more in the Light Therapy section next week to learn how Blue light is used for treating acne, jaundice, Seasonal Affective Disorder, depression, insomnia, fatigue, actinic keratosis (pre-cancerous skin damage) and much more.


STRESS Speeds up Aging

How Looking at Certain Types of Art can Reduce Stress, Relieve Pain & Slow Aging

Chronic Pain is complex & can be directly related to Stress. According to Web MD, “Research over the past 25 years has shown that pain is influenced by emotional and social factors. These need to be addressed along with the physical causes of pain. Chronic stress is one factor that contributes to chronic pain.” The good news is that you can get natural pain relief by making relaxation and getting into Flow State a part of your pain-management plan.

The University of Westminster, UK, Department of Psychology studied the Stress- and Cortisol-reducing effects of Viewing Art.

They found that, after viewing art in a museum, test subjects’ “average levels of cortisol and self-report stress were significantly reduced by the visit”. They concluded that “viewing art during the gallery visit caused rapid recovery from the consequences of high stress.”

According to NASA and many other research studies:

Simply looking at certain types of artwork can have a very calming, stress-reducing and healing effect. NASA psychologist, Dr. Yvonne Clearwater, says the most healing type of artwork resembles landscapes or water, and has a great sense of depth that draws you into the painting.

The effect of feeling ‘drawn into’ these special types of healing art can also have an added benefit: it can help bring about a meditative and healing Flow State, where pain is reduced and the body can heal itself.

This correlates with what viewers of my paintings have been telling me for years about how, by simply looking at my art, they’ve experienced a variety of healing effects. Positive reports have ranged from an immediate calming, meditative and centering effect – to clearing headaches – to healing eyesight – as well as others. My paintings have also been analyzed and written about by medical doctors for the healing effects that they elicit and their anti-aging and stress reducing effects.


IMMORTAL EVANESCENCE_by Leanne Venier_40x60in_Oil on Canvas
“Immortal Evanescence” by Leanne Venier has a calming effect on the body and mind – Get this healing painting as a Free Screensaver

In Part 2 of this Article, next week – Learn more about Light Therapy – How to use Sunlight and Individual colors of Light and why They Heal

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Leanne Venier, BSME, CP AOBTA, is an international award-winning artist, engineer and expert in the science of color & light who regularly lectures at major medical centers, SXSW Interactive, MENSA & elsewhere. Leanne loves geeking out, reading thousands of medical and scientific research studies. She connects the dots between research that’s happening all over the world and then shares her findings to help others. She has a knack for explaining the research in ways that are easy for everyone to understand. She combines her art, mechanical engineering background and acupuncture and holistic healing training, to teach medical doctors and lay people around the globe about the latest scientific research for Optimizing Health, Creativity and Productivity using Color, Light, Art and Flow State.

Leanne has been interviewed on NBC-TV, nationally syndicated radio and in numerous national and international health magazines. She teaches people how to use Color to easily tap into Flow State (the Zone) in her Live and Interactive Color and Creative Flow Online Training Program. She’s available for Speaking Engagements, Flow Workshops & Training Programs and Business & Productivity Coaching using Flow State. More information on her website:

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