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Leanne Venier is a 2x Medical-award-winning Engineer (& former submarine designer), Eastern Medicine Physician, Inventor, award-winning artist, medical researcher and the world-renowned Pioneering Expert in the the Scientifically proven Healing Effects of Color, Sunlight, Quantum Healing and Light Therapy.

Her REDjuvenator™ healing invention is the most powerful Red Light Therapy and Near Infrared Therapy device available ANYwhere in the world.
She guarantees it!

REDjuvenators™ have been Featured & Recommended in  Forbes, Men's Health & UK Wedding Ideas magazines
REDjuvenator Therapy featured in Forbes

Incredible Testimonials of rapid Healing, anti-aging and muscle boosting for my REDjuvenator™ Biophotonic RED Light Therapy & Quantum Energy devices keep coming in every day!

Below are just a handful of the more than 2,000 testimonials from my customers & medical doctors using them all around the world ...

4 REDjuvenator™ 

#1 - Timeless Youth™ - Red Light Therapy boosted with Quantum Energy Healing Codes™
#2 - Pain-free Power™ - Red Light Therapy with Near Infrared Therapy boosted with Quantum Energy Healing Codes™
#3 - The Universal™ (#1 & #2 combined plus added benefits) - My most popular Formula - preferred by 98% of my customers - Multiple types of Red Light & Near Infrared synergistically & optimally combined with my most powerful catalyzing Quantum Energy Healing Codes™ to treat most issues in adults, children & pets.
#4 - Bacteria Buster™ - Red Light Therapy & Blue Light Therapy, boosted with Quantum Energy Healing Codes™ (see more below)

Leanne's beautiful, lightweight silver body houses her revolutionary custom REDjuvenator™ Red Light Therapy Formulations & Quantum Energy Healing Codes™ - 100% portable and multi-tasking friendly. Don't be fooled by the wanna-be copycats trying to copy the SHAPE of the REDjuvenators due to the ever-growing global popularity of my Custom Healing Formulations. Those others don't have the same CONTENTS inside and nowhere near the same results or proven effectiveness of the REDjuvenators ... Look past the 'container'. You get what you pay for. 🙂

REDjuvenator Therapy is Clinically-proven and Recognized by the Medical Community - Recipient of TWO Prestigious Medical Awards

Leanne is a two-time medical award winning inventor for her REDjuvenator Red Light Therapy & Quantum Healing Invention.
In 2019, she was honored to be awarded the prestigious "Top 100 Healthcare Leaders" award at the International Forum on the Advancements in Healthcare (IFAH) conference.
in 2018, she was honored with the "Excellence in Healthcare, Alternative Medicine" award at the SmartHealth Medical conference in 2018.

Leanne was also an invited speaker at both conferences, sharing with the medical audience about the Science of Light Therapy & Quantum Energy Medicine, with dozens of case studies for her clinically-proven REDjuvenator Therapy invention.


Watch this helpful video from a 70-years YOUNG couple ...
about the Amazing Healing & Antiaging Benefits of the #3 Universal REDjuvenator
and How they Literally REVERSED their aging process!
(#3 is Leanne's Most Popular Formula)

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RED Light Therapy and Beyond

Incredible Healing Benefits that go well beyond Light Therapy alone

REDjuvenator™ Therapy includes RED Light Therapy & Near Infrared Therapy PLUS Powerful Quantum Energy Medicine benefits - Clinically-proven results and recommended by Medical Doctors around the globe.

Formula #1
Timeless Youth™

Red Light Therapy & Quantum Healing Energy for fast & effective anti-aging and muscular pain relief

Reduces wrinkles & Hyperpigmentation

Treats both Skin and Muscles

Learn More
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Formula #2
Pain-free Power™

Red Light Therapy & Near Infrared with powerful Quantum Healing Energy Boosts Muscle Strength, Relieves pain & Heals Joints & Bones

Boosts muscles, reduces DOMS

Treats Muscles & Joints

Learn More
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Formula #3
The Universal™ - MOST POPULAR - preferred by 98% of my customers

ALL the power of Formulas #1 & #2 COMBINED & ENHANCED, without losing any of the effectiveness of the #1 or #2 -- for Rapid Anti-aging, Powerful Pain Relief, Muscle Boosting & Joint & Bone Healing (for adults, children & pets) + PLUS  Boosted Brain Function, Better Sleep & Treats Jetlag

Reduces wrinkles & Hyperpigmentation

Treats Skin, Muscles, Joints & Brain

Learn More
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Formula #4
Bacteria Buster™

Red Light Therapy with Blue Light Therapy & Quantum Healing Energy
Kills Bacteria & Heals Skin

8 weeks of these targeted Blue & Red wavelengths kills acne bacteria & heals skin

The specific wavelengths of Blue Light in the #4 are scientifically proven to kill Acne bacteria, S. Aureus, MRSA & other infectious bacteria. When combined with specific Red Light, research proves the combo is more powerful than Blue Light alone.

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Each of my REDjuvenator™ Biophotonic Red Light Therapy & Quantum Energy Healing Matrix units comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year Warranty against defects.
Your happiness matters to me.
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- Over 2000 incredible healing REDjuvenator Reviews & Healing Testimonials have been shared directly in the REDjuvenator Community since the launch 3 years ago!
These are direct quotes from Leanne's Happy Customers & Doctors
(Updated on 08-27-19 - Many more coming soon!
Comments below were posted directly in the FREE private, members-only REDjuvenator Healing & Support Community, all shared here with enthusiastic permission from generous community members who want to share their REDjuvenator Healing Success Stories to help others heal.
Many more coming soon!)

Many Medical Doctors are using REDjuvenators in their Medical Practices & for Personal use.

Here's what they have to say about Leanne's teachings & REDjuvenator invention


Dr. Richard D. Hammer, M.D.

Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Expert

"Leanne is truly an expert in the study and benefits of therapeutic light and color and how to use them to improve health. And she is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met. Her education in engineering, acupuncture, Shiatsu, and holistic medicine bring the perfect perspective to the topic of using Color, Light, & Flow state for optimal health and business success.

I have heard her speak many times and, as an expert in preventive and regenerative medicine myself, she knows what she is talking about. And unlike many out there preaching their version of health, Leanne backs up her data with published evidence-based medicine and research.

Her knowledge in this area is well beyond that of most physicians in practice.  

As a physician with expertise in preventive health, Leanne shows a breadth of knowledge that very few in this area have.

I personally use her REDjuvenator #3 for muscle boosting and post-workout muscle recovery.

When I use it at night, it's extremely relaxing and reliably promotes deep, restful sleep."

- Dr. Richard D. Hammer, M.D. FABAARM, FASCP, FCAP
Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell & Anti-aging Expert
Associate Clinical Professor of Pathology & Anatomical Sciences
Director of Hematopathology, University of Missouri School of Medicine
FOUR-TIME State Championship GOLD MEDAL WINNER in Power Lifting (all won at 56-57 years of age, thanks to REDjuvenator #3!)

Dr. Karuna Sharma, Emergency Room Physician

April 2, 2019
🙏to all
I have had Hypothyroidism for 6 yrs,  and have been on L thyroxine since then. I've used my #3 REDjuvenator at bedtime on my neck x 20 mins x 6 weeks or so and after 1 week tapered myself off L thyroxine and have not felt the need to go back on it! I have not gotton my TSH rechecked yet but am confident that it should be normal😊
So there you have it - so many positive people giving you encouraging results ❤️

Dr. Mary Vanhoy
Corneal abrasion

Traumatic Brain Injury
Jetlag & Sleep
March 4, 2018
I promised Leanne I'd post my results after treating my right cornea with the #3 REDjuvenator.  I accidentally poked myself in the eye while reading an instruction manual.   Being an optometrist, I knew the cornea regenerates from the inner layer up but it was also prone to infection if I didn't treat it.  So, not having anything to use, I simply applied the REDjuvenator to my open eyes (per Leanne's REDjuvenator Therapy Eye Treatment Protocol). Despite only my right eye being abraded, it was just easier to keep both eyes open.  I began to notice a weird jellyfish like pattern when looking at the LEDs with my right eye but not my left.  I decided that was due to the right cornea being abraded and the surface being irregular.  (The funny thing is my logo for my clinic in both Indianapolis and Seattle (Sensory Learning Program) is a jellyfish!  Long story why but if you are really curious, you can read about it on my webpage, Seattle Sensory Learning.com)
Anyway, my cornea was pretty much healed up by the following day after two applications of approximately 3 - 5 minutes with the REDjuvenator. I did one application the night I injured the eye and another the next morning.   I didn't wear my gas permeable bifocal contact lens in the right eye because the top layer of the cornea is the weakest portion and the contact lens could reinjure it.
Nice to have something so handy as the REDjuvenator for just about anything that comes up! ....
I use another #3 with all of my Traumatic Brain Injury patients, too!
I'm the one who never travels without it because it immediately resets my circadian rhythm (jetlag) with just one treatment to allow me to function across three time zone differences (traveling between both of my clinics in Seattle & Indianapolis) and I hit the ground running each morning full of energy and vitality!

Dr. Philip Schalow, DC

November 18, 2018
Boosted Energy Levels
Recovery from Physically Stressful job

I guess I just want to say how grateful I am to have met you, Leanne Venier, and acquired the REDjuvenator. Since I have been using my #3 REDjuvenator (since September 2017), it has become an integral part of my recovery routine after a day of strenuous NUCCA adjusting, which tears up my shoulders (long head of the triceps, latissimus dorsi) and upper thoracic spine. I have observed that treating the kidney region of the back also helps with something that I might describe as improved courage. I alternate stretching activities with mobilizing activities and resting sessions, and at the right moment, 20 minutes with the REDjuvenator. The net result is I am able to help more people at a higher level of energy. What fun!


Dr. Philip Schalow, DC
December 17, 2017
Rapid Recovery from Back Spasm

Ok, something interesting to share....yesterday, I picked up an object that was way too heavy for me thinking, "I'm good at self-use, I've had plenty of training in Alexander technique..."

Famous last words....It felt like my side broke. I became unable to bend over. I felt a storm of distress signals in my subcortical brain, a strange and interesting phenomenon since I have never experienced that before, yet I tell my patients who hurt themselves that there's a feedback loop from damaged tissue that tells the brain to lock down the spinal segment that's damaged.

After gingerly getting home and walking uneasily to my basement office, I got on my stomach and placed the REDjuvenator #3 on my low back. The right quadratus lumborum was in spasm, there was a very tender region to the right of my first lumbar segment. 20 minutes of REDjuvenator Therapy later, it was feeling respectable. After a nap, the storm of distress signals from my back were gone. By evening, everything was normal. 

Awesome tool you invented, Leanne Venier!



Here are just SOME of the Things REDjuvenators Therapy is PROVEN to Treat in REAL WORLD APPLICATIONS ...
and a Handful of the 1000's of Rave Reviews!

More NEW testimonials ADDED on 08-21-19
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  • Skin Issues

    #1 or #3 Quickly treats Eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis, severe bruising, mild acne, sunburn, inflamed skin, vitiligo & more. #4 Treats severe acne, topical MRSA, skin infections & persistent wounds.

  • Anti-aging

    #1 or #3 Dramatically reduces wrinkles, hyperpigmentation (age spots), scarring, improves skin elasticity, shrinks pores, reduces oily skin.

  • Hair growth

    #1 or #3 Stops hair fallout, stimulates hair regrowth, thickens head hair (on men and women) and thickens facial hair (on men).

  • Muscle Pain & Muscle Boosting

    #2 or #3 Relieves muscular pain due to injury, workouts (DOMS) or inflammation. Boosts muscle performance and increases muscle strength.

  • Migraines, Headaches & Sinus issues

    #3 Quickly relieves headaches, Chronic Migraines, Sinus congestion (due to allergies, flu or colds), restores reduced sense of smell, relieves earaches.

  • Abdominal issues

    #3 Treats chronic and acute abdominal issues including severe cramping, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, food poisoning, parasites (in adults & children) & more.

  • Deep Sleep, Jetlag, Circadian resetting

    #3 Induces Deep Restorative Sleep, boosts melatonin production, quickly treats jetlag and other circadian imbalances.

  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

    #3 Boosts mood & relieves SAD due to lack of sunlight or living in a cloudy climate.

  • Joint Pain, Injury & Inflammation

    #2 or #3 Treats arthritis, bursitis, rotator cuff injuries, torn meniscus, knee pain, damaged tendons, torn ACL and more.

  • Broken bones

    #2 or #3 Dramatically Accelerates bone healing & bone regeneration at any age (even very elderly men, women & pets)

  • Vision

    #3 Improves vision (at any age), reduces bright light sensitivity, heals thinning retinas & AMD, gets rid of floaters & eye flashing, makes vision brighter and clearer.

  • Pets

    #3 is the most popular formulation that hundreds of REDjuvenator™ human users have used for healing their dogs, cats & horses to treat a wide variety of issues (joint injuries, pain, inflammation, food poisoning, torn ACL and more)

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Nerve regeneration
Nerve Pain
Leg Discoloration
(Before & After Photos that were shared in the community are coming soon!)
Monica Benton
May 23, 2019
After suffering significant S1 nerve root damage during a repeat L5 discectomy spine surgery last July, I was left to endure significant sympathetic compromise not knowing if my nerve had potential to regenerate. Symptom complications of leg discoloration, parasthesia, radiculopathy, intermittent nerve pain (as electrical shocks) post-operatively have continued for 10 months without relief from Epidural injections, nerve pain meds, muscle relaxers, Strengthening exercises, etc. Recent neurosurgeon visits diagnosed my condition as CPRS and stated there is no cure only spinal nerve stimulator implants to block the signal of discomfort to my brain.

Being a believer in self-healing and holistic alternative treatments, my dear friend Dr. Karuna Sharma introduced me to the REDjuvenator by Leanne Venier. Karuna allowed me to use her REDjuvenator #3 and encouraged me to research into it and read the reviews. I didn’t know what to expect after one use but I followed my dear friend Karuna’s advice and listened to my inner instincts regarding the science behind it. After a review of the research, I ordered my REDjuvenator #3 within the next week.

I am happy to report that after using the REDjuvenator daily for 10 days now, I do not feel the circumferential pressure around portions of my leg like before, the discoloring is improving, and for the first time in 10 months, I am no longer limping when I walk.

Keeping a positive mind and knowing that I have the enlightened spiritual ability to help heal myself is my contribution for recovery. I am forever grateful for the knowledge, research, and dedication of Leanne Venier for inventing such a wonderful alternative to traditional medicine to assist me on my journey.
🙏🏻💓🌎 Peace and love to you on your personal quest for healing

General Positive Feedback
Rhonda Flurry
May 23, 2019
CPRJ - oh what a wonderful Fast result for you using the REDjuvenator #3 Monica! Yes Leanne has invented a Miracle Tool for us all to use! The words “Thank you” alone just doesn’t seem sufficient to express how I feel especially after hearing all of these healings on this site!! I bet she gets just speechless sometimes!!! You can just feel her love in this devise! You can enter symptoms in the search bar and read many different instances that can help assist you during your recovery! Under the file section are the different protocols if you haven’t found them already! Don’t forget to stay well hydrated doing your detox treatments! Keep us informed on your healing recovery!

General Positive Feedback
Alice Idhe
May 20, 2019
Absolutely! I have jaw dropping moments every day when I read this (the posts in this members only REDjuvenator community)

Whole body
Feeling Balanced
Bik khuu
May 20, 2019
Whilst I am treating certain problematic areas that I focus on I’m looking for a general protocol for well being and balance. I’ve been trying the sleep protocol with great results and have gotten my sceptic husband hooked as well.

Another member posted about using the REDjuvenator on her chakras and I think it sounds like a great idea. Does anyone else do this and if you do can you explain your protocol and what works for you.

Btw I am a new member and this is my first post. Saying hi from Borneo, Malaysia.

Cold Sores
Mollie Rose
May 19, 2019
CPRJ- I think you will discover what my friend has called “magic“ - by using the REDjuvenator on your cold sores. She couldn’t believe how great (and quickly) it worked on her complexion and cold sores just before her wedding.

Eye Floaters
Susan Carlson
May 13, 2019
CPRJ--To Caiphus… A friend of mine used the Redjuvenator attempting to rid herself of her floaters which she said were extremely problematic. She's a western medicine doc and an acupuncturist. At about 6 weeks she just realized they were gone. So keep up the treatments and you may have some similar results!

Eye Floaters
Berdie Valdez
May 13, 2019
Caiphus Palm CPRJ I agree with all the advice above. I have seen a significant reduction in my floaters as well as better night vision. I use to get the flashes if I rubbed my eyes but no longer experience that. It has been such a relief to find something that has no harmful side effects and can do soooo much good for the body! Heal on!!

Chronic Shoulder Pain
Limited range of motion
John Edem Fiadjoe
May 13, 2019
Just got #3 last week. I have been dealing with chronic shoulder pain for the last 6months, waking up at night couldn’t lift my hand above my head, just awful. Mri showed a loose body and severe arthritis no cartilage in the joint. Orthopedic surgeon said there was nothing he could do for me. Found this Redlight stuff online was skeptical and not buying the Chi energy stuff but was in such discomfort was willing to try it. Last week was particularly bad with pain. Started REDjuvenator #3 on Friday and After three daysI have almost no pain, I have my range of motion back and I haven’t felt this good in 6 months. Wow!

General Positive Feedback
Mollie Rose
May 13, 2019
CPRJ- I hope your husband’s shingles clear up as remarkably as noted in the above #3 example, Jill. And, you will probably find many uses for it yourself!
In my experience, you will wonder how you ever managed without your REDjuvenator.
Happy healing!

General Positive Feedback
Maria Morlino
May 13, 2019
I AGREE with Mollie in that the more I use it I find other reasons that I can use it for. Thank you Leanne Venier!

General Positive Feedback
Peggy Shaw (after her post about her eye color returning to its original clear blue color)
May 13, 2019
So informative and positive. Thank you for sharing that informantion. We are so blessed to have Leanne. Through her we have a wonderful community and are able to share such valuable information.

Mental State
Chastity Turing Rodriguez
May 13, 2019
CPRJ: Ditto! The more I use the #3, the more I think of additional ways to use it. The thing is that in addition to the evidence of healing on the physical body, it moves users from a state of frustration to a feeling of hope and then an expectation of healing. As energy beings, we find what we are looking for. We create what we expect at every level.

Brain Tumour
Diane Bauerbach Assenmacher
May 10, 2019
I just received my 3 month follow up mri report on my meningioma brain tumor and not only has it not grown but it’s measuring several mm’smaller!! Thank you Leanne Venier! I use my REDjuvenator religiously!! I was told that this type of tumor would not shrink!
I bought my REDJUVENATOR right before my diagnosis to help with my Lyme. I’m so grateful to have it.

Knee/Skin /Full body
Teresa Marie Baker
May 7, 2019
Leanne Venier Hi! So I am sleeping soundly, which is amazing. As we know sleeping well is paramount in healing. I have been placing it on my bakers cyst which is on the back of my left knee and have notice a decrease in size. It has really gone down. I have had a couple small skin things like a small cut on my thumb that then looked inflamed and red, I treated it just twice and it was gone very fast. I feel like it works well for inflammation in the body. 🌷 More To come.

Heart/Brain/Energy Body/Emotions
Expressing Emotions
Self Confidence
Insomnia/Broken Sleep
Briohny Young
May 6, 2019
CPRJ: Hi David Sundberg, My 9 year old son has always had some difficulty with expressing emotions and quite often the flow from the heart to the brain is under energised. In other words his heart-brain connection is not strong and can leave him feeling overwhelmed, unsettled and distressed along with the inability to fall asleep easily. In the past we have tried kinesiology and deep breathing exercises with affirmations and mindfulness with some success. It was not until I received my #3 6-8 weeks ago that he instinctively layed on his back and placed in over his heart and torso that he has slept almost every night through falling asleep with ease. He has never had a full night sleep ,without it being broken, since he was born , before . He never disturbs anyone but would read all night. Since then his confidence has grown and he feels he can speak his mind . I feel his heart - brain connection is really strong and another thing I've noticed is his hand writing has improved out of sight, along with the ability to get his thoughts onto paper. The Redjuvenator surprises me more every day with it's powerful healing properties. He has been following a protocol of 10 mins directly over the heart and then 10 mins on the kidneys every second night for 5 weeks. I'm not sure if this helps but the power of the #3 is certainly inspiring.

Skin/Immune System/Emotions
Jl Partida
May 6, 2019
I debated whether to buy both the #3 and #4. I was thinking to buy the #3 first to be followed up with the purchase of the #4 later. I decided to bite the bullet and get both. I am so happy I did!!!

I bought the #4 specifically to help my son with moderate to severe acne. He has had a compromised immunity since a child. He has been our guinea pig for remedies for so many years. Now 21 years old, he has resisted any suggested remedies and avoided any supplements.

A few days of him avoiding using the #4, and saying I wasted my money, I told him about the 30-day money back guarantee and asked him to try it before the trial period expired; he agreed to test it so we could at least get a refund when it failed.

The first couple of days I had to remind him to spend a few minutes a day; then, an amazing thing happened. I’d look in the direction of his room and would see the glow of the lights at different times of his day
(I work from home and he works split shifts). As he was seeing noticeable improvement, he became very proactive in his use of the #4. The initial improvements were pretty profound.

As Leanne mentioned would happen, the quick improvement would be followed by, what seems to be, a setback as the deeper tissues begin healing. This happened, but the initial improvements were evident enough to convince my son, so he persisted in his treatment process and has seen great results. He’s been using it for around 1 month. His confidence has grown. It has been some time since he’s stayed home to avoid public.
Today, a family friend commented that she’s been wanting to tell him how great his complexion looks but she does not want to embarrass him—It’s a good problem to have. I have no reason to believe your son will not have the same great results!!!

Neck/Endocrine System
Rebecca Pinedo Rollins
May 5, 2019
CPRJ that's wonderful news Juliette Shaw.I too eliminated my thyroid meds with the REDjuvenator!

Jennie Dip
May 2, 2019
Hi Roy King, thank you. I have to talk them into buying one first. We love it and believe it is instrumental in much sounder sleep than before and the bursitis on my heel has almost disappeared! That is amazing because it really stuck out and made it uncomfortable to wear shoes, and I have only put the REDjuvenator on my feet about half a dozen times.

Ava Chan
April 27, 2019
CPRJ: Amy Meyer, I too suffer from migraines. Yes, your REDjuvenator is effective in treating migraines. Before I bought my REDjuvenator #3, I would wake up every morning with severe migraines for many years and there was one year when I got them everyday for the entire day for a month (it was so bad I had to wear sunglasses inside my place because the light increased my migraine symptoms, couldn't go outside, unable to stand any noise and nauseous daily). Since I started using my REDjuvenator #3 by placing it on my head in the area that's throbbing with increased tension and pressure for 20 minutes, my migraines have decreased in intensity and frequency. My REDjuvenator #3 usually gets rid of my migraines 95% of the time on the first treatment. When my #3 doesn't get rid of my migraine after the first treatment, I wait for a bit and repeat the same treatment then my migraine disappears. I don't gravitate towards my migraine prescription meds anymore since I started using my REDjuvenator #3. Please keep us posted on your progress.

General Positive Feedback
Roy King
April 27, 2019
CPRJ Howdy everyone just wanted to give an update to my REDjuvenator HEALING experience. I have had my REDjuvenator for 2.5 years and have used it every week for anything needed. I just got back from a 17 day vacation in Fla. and didn't have room in my carry on to take my panel and thought I might have some issues with my gut, knees and muscles but did not need it at all. We went hiking every day and were very busy all 17 days. To my surprise I didn't need it so the residual from all my use paid off. I am home now and using it as my routine. Bottom of feet and abdomen first thing in the morning. Thank you Leanne Venier for this wonderful healing tool.

General Positive Feedback
Susan Bosch Nyman
April 28, 2019
CPRJA Roy King I’m glad you share that you were a bit worried about not having your light as well as your AMAZING results. It’s so encouraging to hear how your body responded. I miss a day here and there and can’t wait to get back to it. It’s like my body craves it. I feel so much better after I have used my #3.
Can’t wait to share your update with family and friends...l try to share the amazing results with others in the hopes they may be willing to try.

Stomach Issues
Flu Virus
Patty Adam McElroy
April 27, 2019
CPRJ - Amy, here is a testimony about getting rid of their migraines with the REDjuvenator. I hope it helps. Keep using the REDjuvenator and listening to your body.

I love my REDjuvenator #3 so much. The day I opened it (Christmas present to myself 🙂 ) I had both the stomach flu and a migraine. I couldn't even think in clear sentences and I was crawling around my bathroom floor. I plugged it in and literally did not want to turn it off -- I could feel the healing almost instantaneously, my body must have been starved for it. I've learned to be very intuitive (one of the lessons that illness has taught me) and I just kept moving it around to different places where I felt I needed it. But the end of the day both the migraine and the stomach issues were gone. Honestly this may be the best thing I have ever bought. My little dog fights me for it LOL! But I have found a way to use it where we can both share the healing light. 🙂

I was also so impressed that when I reached out to Leanne I got a long thoughtful email back so quickly from the actual inventor! It felt like writing to Apple and getting a note from Steve Jobs. I was shocked at first that she would bother with such things, but then of course it made sense that the creator of such an amazing healing machine would be an amazing healing being herself. I don't see how that kind of output will be sustainable going forward, though, so we should all enjoy the warmth of her personal presence now, while we can.

I'm so grateful for this little healing machine. It feels like a miracle. Thank you, Leanne. ❤

Susan Bosch Nyman
April 26, 2019
CPRJA I have recently made an interesting observation about myself. I don’t usually walk around barefoot because my heels seem to bruise easily. I have been using my #3 on my feet for over 6 months a few times a week. I noticed last week for the first time I was walking around the house barefoot without my heels bothering me. I used to last about 30 minutes before I had to get shoes. I have been walking around for a couple hours without shoes/slippers. That’s a huge difference, especially since I want to walk barefoot now!

Fallen Arches
Numbness/Nerve Damage
Post Surgery Care
Christina Ross
April 28, 2019
CPRJA: Susan Bosch Nyman, Fantastic! I too don't usually walk around barefooted. I wear orthotics to correct flat feet/fallen arches & left foot/lower leg numb from accident/operation. My feet & lower legs feel stronger, more vital, & I'm more solid & in my legs & body since the REDjuvenator, with only two months of usage. I do my feet/lower legs while sitting at the computer; at least 20 minutes, but often 10-15 min for bottoms, tops, inner right/left lower leg & outer right/left lower leg. It could take me up to 1 to 1 1/2 hours, but as you know, time flys when you're on your computer/online! I too look forward to walking barefoot again! Great results for taking good care of yourself!🙂

Skin/Immune System
Briohny Young
April 24, 2019
CPRJ: Hi! My name Is Briohny Young and I'm located 1.5hrs East of Melbourne Australia in a country town called Darnum. I have been working as a natural therapist for 5 years and now run my own clinic . We have several modalities but specialise in kids nutrition and wellness. I originally bought the #3 and #4 REDjuvenators as my 9 year old son had warts and we had tried everything natural to get rid of them. He has a spot on mostly Paleo diet which suits his needs though has always had a weakened immune system which is why I got into this business lol! The warts were the only thing we hadn't managed to eradicate, although they had decreased in size and he was not plagued with anymore the ones that he had just refused to budge

I had read about the redjuvenator light therapy when I was scrolling through articles online reviewing light therapy units. I contacted Leanne and within 10 days had both the #3 and #4 . It took 3 days of 10mins blue #4 and 20mins Red #3 to completely rid his hands of warts.

I could not believe my eyes. We are still working on a plantars wart on his foot but haven't been as consistent though it has turned black within 2 weeks. It is both my children 6, and 9, go to now whenever they are not feeling 100%. I am still totally amazed and in awe. I would love to do this course to learn the full potential of all of the redjuvenators and of course am super excited to hear mores success stories. I am hoping once I have finished the course to bring the therapy into my clinic.

Bones/Muscles/Energy Body
Nervous System/Autonomic System
Structural Alignment
Sandra Siron
April 24, 2019
Wanted to share my extraordinary (for me) news. I have been going to a chiropractor (sometimes as much as 3 times a week) for more than 20 years. I got minimal relief but seldom held an adjustment more than a couple of days.

I have been going to my current Chiro/alternative medicine doctor for more than a year. He always had multiple places to adjust, my energy was always running backwards, and my nervous system was always in fight or flight mode. In February, I started using my REDjuvenator #3 every morning and evening on various parts of my body and doing various protocols. The last few visits he has noted my improvements (of course I've told him all about the REDjuvenator #3 light).

Today I had my first appointment in two weeks....and he found NOTHING wrong with me - nothing to adjust, energy running normal and strong, no fight or flight!! This is unprecedented in my experience! I am totally convinced the light is, indeed, healing me. I am so encouraged to keep using it because I am 100% convinced my weight loss is sure to follow. Leanne, you are a true gift, and your light is an answer to prayer! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Chronic Pain
Tina mccabe
April 19, 2019
Hello Leanne,
Thank you so much, I love my Redjuvinator! I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1993 then macular degeneration last year. I am 52 so I have been dealing with health issues most of my life. I purchased my Redjuvinator about a month ago and within a few days receiving it was able to stop taking Lunesta and a prescription muscle relaxer. I had been using both for many years to be help me sleep. I have also been able to reduce my pain medication. I look forward to being off all medication soon.

Acute Pain
Christina Ross
April 19, 2019
With the REDjuvenator I also eliminated the need for pain meds & antibiotics after my dental work! Thank you Leanne Venier!!

Post Gallbladder Removal
Lynee Posthumus, Registered Nurse
April 19, 2019
(Photo coming!)
"Little man getting his REDjuvenator red light therapy in! He is still showing so much improvement in all things “tummy issue” related and I am so pleased. Haven’t given him his Zantac since his first #redjuvenator light treatment and my hubby and I can’t believe the amazing improvement.
As an RN, seeing something so effective that doesn’t include medication or Dr visits just does my heart good!

I myself am seeing improvement with GI issues that began after I had my gall bladder removed in December. I have been borrowing my parents REDjuvenator #3 consistently since then and have seen so many wonderful things come of it, my husband and I just ordered our own! Thank you @leannevenier for this gift to our health. I plan on healing my husband’s thyroid, and improving our health in so many ways. Can’t wait for our own to come in the mail!!"

Response from Dr. Mary VanHoy:
"He definitely looks pleased 😀. Glad one product can have such a wide range of health benefits for the entire family! Now that’s cost effective and non toxic🤗💕"

Deep Skin Growths
Susan Bosch Nyman
April 18, 2019
CPRJA I have had a few growths under my skin work their way to the surface and go away from using my #3. They got a little itchy, but then resolved. I have one small one left that is almost gone. This process is fascinating!

Legs/Vein/Vascular System
Deep Vein Thrombosis/Blood Clot
Kirk James Smith
April 14, 2019
I convinced my brother to purchase a REDjuvenator to use on my Mother— I posted the amazing results on her deep vein thromboses earlier. My mom lives in an assisted living facility, and my brother sees the need in that facility for a bunch of REDjuvenators! He is considering getting at least one more REDjuvenator and asking for a donation for its use, “depending on how much the person feels it was worth.” At first most people think we are crazy and that it’s too much money for a darn light until they experience it. Then they will realise it’s the best investment they’ve ever made. And it’s a bargain!

Mouth/Gum Tissue
Dental Surgery Healing
Gum Infection
Christina Ross
April 11, 2019
CPRJA I saw my dentist today, four days after she removed the bridge, and lasered my gums to clean up some damaged gum tissue (forgot to mention that above, that's probably why she wanted me on Tylenol and antibiotics). Anyway she asked if I did the warm salt water rinses and gentle flossing and gentle tooth brushing? And I reported yes of course, and that I also gave myself Red Light and Infra Red Light Therapy with the REDjuvenator#3 for 20 minutes twice a day! And that I didn't need any Tylenol because I didn't experience any pain. So she probed around the bridge site with her dental instrument, checking the gums and checking on the temporary bridge. She said there was no swelling, no inflammation, no signs of infection, and actually the bridge site was ready to do the impressions for the new bridge right then! (So no need for 2 weeks of antibiotics!!) Wow, to me, that's miraculous! Thank you Leanne, another healing success story! The REDjuvenator#3 should be in every dental office! ---Not only for eliminating swelling, inflammation and infection, but also eliminating the need for antibiotics that wreak havoc with your natural gut flora, which then take months to get back to normal! Wow, thanks again!🙂

Acne Scarring/Skin Texture
Eye Light Sensitivity
Ann Babson
April 11, 2014
CPRJ Congratulations on your best health investment, Rebecca Chan. I've owned my Redjuvenator since early December, and I'm still using it 3-4 hours a day. My skin has rejuvenated (haha), and the marks left on my face from teenage acne have diminished quite a bit (74 years old now). Skin starts taking on baby bottom softness. I sometimes do the kidney and sleep protocol for 30-40 minutes, based on my activity and need. Took Accutane as a young adult, which reeks havoc with the liver, and want to restore balance and energy to both kidneys and liver. As Leanne has pointed out, these are important for the health of the eyes, and with ARMD, I'm convinced that these and other modalities will lead to a reversal of same. BTW, my eye treatment varies from 3-10 minutes daily, and my light sensitivity has diminished tremendously, leading me to not wear sunglasses unless it's verryyy bright in the middle of the day (live on Maui). Best to you, and trust yourself.

General Positive Feedback
Rebecca Chan
April 14, 2019
Thank you so much Ann Babson for responding to my questions. Great to hear that you have achieved optimal result.
I love the Redjuvenator and have been using it for a couple weeks now. I feel home and comfort when using it I guess this device was composed of love and compassion when Leanna was constructing it and the energy frequency radiates through it.

Skin Lifting/Tightening
Christina Fisher
April 11, 2019
CPRJ Hello Darling, I am encouraging you to take pictures of your face because you will be startled in about 2 -3 months of using the Rejuvenator . The landscape of my face changed dramatically and has lifted my jowls also!

Brain/Prefrontal Cortex/Hippocampus
Short Term Memory
Peggy Shaw
April 11, 2019
Wanted to share an update on my granddaughter with Downs Syndrome. End of school last year the teachers were very concerned because she was having difficulty with her short term memory and not doing well on task. Began using the #3 over the summer with significant improvement. Well...a couple of days ago she got her latest report card and is on the Principals List with a 4.0 in all subjects.

Brain/Endocrine System
Circadian Rhythm
Deep Restorative Sleep
Leigh Harrison Gistinger
April 11, 2019
Update on Sleep as promised. I have used my redjuvenator #3 8 nights in a row- (7 with the actual sleep protocol position) and have slept very well—deep restorative type sleep - and i can definitively say I haven’t had that restorative feeling 8 nights in a row for at least a decade. i will also say that I haven’t always done the full 20 minutes of the Redjuvenator #3. I put it up when I feel its worked and know I’m about to fall asleep. Last night I got sleepy at about 5 minutes—i get this warm cozy feeling in my chest and upper body ( I liken it to how it usually feels for me in the early morning hours when I’ve historically felt like I was in the best sleep and the temp and covers were just right—of course tended to be about the time I had to get up for work) Anyway I’ve stopped the Red at that point -unplugged and gone fast to sleep.
Also to note: I really struggled adjusting to the most recent time change -setting clocks back an hour. The use of Red (that’s what I call her now-hehe) has not only quickly adjusted my cycle to fit the new time—I am waking at 5:15-530 without the alarm and feel alert and well rested and “done” with sleep. I am not naturally a morning person and typically wake or get up about 630-7am. I go to bed around 10-1030 generally.

Anyway—def helps me with sleep!

General Positive Feedback
Patty Somogi
April 8, 2019
Anyone who's once seen Leanne's videos, listened to her teachings and tried the REDJuvinator simply has to see that everything she says is brim-full of integrity and good-will - if only all so called 'health gurus' could be this way. Sadly though, self-loathing, self-doubt and the need to tear down the reputation of other more worthy souls so often go together in the same sorry package.

General Positive Feedback
Pat Ruggieri
April 8,2018
Leanne you're an inspiration and a very special person! I have to pinch myself when thinking of all the healing that has occurred –and is still occurs within my family (including 3 fur babies) in just the 6 months of owning the REDjuvinator ! : ) To me, this product is nothing short of a miracle, and I feel blessed each time I use it! I never expect people to really understand my experiences with this light, but it’s interesting to watch their reactions when I do share my story. If they are at all open to the REDjuvinator, my story usually makes an impact with them.

You are a strong woman to have come this far in your life. My wish for you is that all your supporters, here in this group and around the world -will always be the "Wind Beneath Your Wings" when having to deal with this earthly shit in the future! ♥️

Eye Floaters
Tamara Starr
April 8, 2019
I hadn't thought about it but my floaters are GONE and I'm not using my reading glasses as much as I used to. YAY and after only 6 weeks. I am so very grateful for this technology. Thank you sooo much for developing this.

General Positive Feedback
Sharon Mcinstry Pilling
April 8, 2018
Extremely helpful discussion by all. Funny, I didn't know about Joovv when I bought my REDjuvenator#3. I'd heard Leanne on a podcast and the Bulletproof talk and was hooked. I figured a "Renaissance WOman" like Leanne Venier - who is gifted and talented in so many different fields has a lot to offer and she is offering her product and this group and a great amount of her time to us even when this was not her original desire since she has many other interests that she wants to share with others as well. I'm super thankful and stand amazed EVERY DAY as I reap the benefits from this amazing tool. Thanks all!

Leg Swelling/Pain
Gallbladder Pain
Kirk James Smith
April 7, 2019
CPRJ Very happy to share a healing experience. My mother turned 93 years old in October. Last winter she was diagnosed with thromboses in her lower legs. They were very swollen and painful. Since she could not tolerate warfarin or any other blood thinners, she was sent home and told she might die any day. She has been hanging in there for 15 months, but getting depressed by my estimation. I asked her quite frankly, “Mother, do you want to get better?” “Well, yes,” was the response. So I had my brother, who lives near my parents, order my mom a REDjuvenator. Last week my brother had her put her feet on the REDjuvenator for 20 minutes. I would have stopped with that much or even done less because of my mother’s vulnerable condition, but my brother followed the soles of the feet with the both sides and tops of the feet, but did not shine the light on my mother’s calves.
He went home and came back the next day to see my mom. They both reported to me tonight that her legs had gone back almost to normal size. The soft booties she had purchased because shoes no longer fit fell right off her feet.
She also told me she had severe pain over her gallbladder. I told her to go to the doctor, but meanwhile to shine the REDjuvenator on her gallbladder, which she did for 20 minutes. All pain subsided!
Leanne Venier, you must know about this huge victory. We are so pleased to be able to take advantage of your gift to the world, your ingenious REDjuvenator! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️
If anyone has more advice for my mom, we would be grateful. I have suggested kidney and detox protocol for my brother to help her with. Our main question now is, is it advisable to shine the REDjuvenator directly on the part of the legs that was swollen?
One more complicating factor to be considered: my mom has a pacemaker.
Many thanks to you all. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

General Positive Feedback
Mollie Rose
April 7, 2019
CPRJ Kirk, Your story just reaffirms my enthusiasm for the REDjuvenator - you can use it at home on people of all ages, it's noninvasive, and it eliminated the need for pharmaceuticals! If your mom is still experiencing depression, you may want to try that protocol. Depression is such a common co-condition of any illness.

Elizabeth woods
April 6, 2019
Yesterday, I awoke with pain in my left wrist that is similar to the arthritic pain I have been treated for in my right wrist in the past. This was a shooting pain that occurred when I moved the wrist the "wrong way". I only had 5 minutes before an appointment and decided to use the REDjuvenator #3 to treat the problem. I have learned that whenever I have something going on with my wrist or thumb, it originated in my shoulder. I put the Redjuvenator on my upper arm where it attaches to my shoulder. Immediately the pain lessened by 80 % and today the wrist is back to normal. 😁😁😁

Autonomic Nervous System
Deep Restorative Sleep
Back Pain
Leigh Hartison Gistinger
April 4, 2019
I used my red #3 for first time last evening
I did 20 on mid-lower back, 20 on my stomach and 20 to bottom of my feet. I did not use on the chest at bedtime like the sleep protocol dictates but I’m just posting to say I slept beautifully and felt super well rested when i woke up as if I’d had the most refreshing deep sleep-like I used to get when younger (not typical for me)! And I only got up once to pee (LOL) and fell soundly back to sleep quickly (i usually get up 2 times at least to pee) Plus I’ve Been feeling a bit achy in my back at night when i roll over in bed or get up to sitting position and it dawned on me all that was gone. Sure seems hopeful and thought I’d share 🙂

Endocrine System
Juliette Shaw
April 3, 2019
Hello just wanted to report that I have cut my thyroid medicine in half twice since starting the rejuvenator four months ago. I’m basically hardly taking any thyroid meds at all now! Now onto the gut, adrenals, and eyes that are next in line. (: I didn’t even put the #3 anywhere near my thyroid. So nice to have a real physical evidence of healing. Keep on Truckin everyone!

Neck/Endocrine System
Rebecca Pinedo Rollins
April 3,2019
CPRJ: Juliette Shaw, Congrats I too had success using the Redjuvenator on my thyroid for 20 minutes. I have been free of Armour thyroid since December 2017 when I ran out of my prescription and decided to give the #3 a try. When I went to see my doctor in Feb/Mar she informed me my numbers were good and to keep doing what I was doing and did not prescribe anymore medication.

Medical Doctor Testimonial

Neck/Endocrine System
Dr. Karuna Sharma, Emergency Room Physician
April 2, 2019
🙏to all
CPRJ ... I have had Hypothyroidism x 6 yrs, and been on L thyroxine since then. I've used my #3 REDjuvenator at bedtime on my neck x 20 mins x 6 weeks or so and after 1 week tapered myself off L thyroxine and have not felt the need to go back on it! I have not gotton my TSH rechecked yet but am confident that it should be normal😊
So there you have it - so many positive people giving you encouraging results ❤️

Neck/Endocrine System
Rebecca pinedo Rollins
April 2, 2019
CPRJ : Steph Ariane I have successfully eliminated my 30mg of Armour Thyroid using the REDjuvenator #3 for 20 minutes directly on my thyroid. I had run out of my prescription and decided to try the light since I was scheduled to see the doctor and get tested. When she saw the results of my labs, she said I could continue to use the light as my numbers had normalized and I did not need to be on the medication.

Skin Discoloration
Blood Pressure
April 1, 2019
CPRJ My 80 year old father just had amazing results with the REDjuvenator #3.  He was completely against all of my lights for many years.  We went for a 4 block walk and his left lower leg was extremely swollen, blue, painful and there was quite a difference between his right and left leg blood pressure.  I was worried about a blood clot because the right leg measured 115/63 and his left leg measured 153/92.  He refused to go to the doctor but let me put the REDjuvenator lights on his legs. After 40 minutes below both ankles and above both ankle/shin region, his left leg blood pressure was 130/68 and the swelling went down significantly.

Because of the results, he did the ankle, liver, kidney, hands and feet protocols every day during his visit.  After 7 days, he was able to walk 2 miles without pain or an increase in blood pressure.  I still want him to check with his doctor when he gets home, but he is now going to order two REDjuvenator lights.

Dental Surgery
Tooth/teeth extraction
Rapid Healing
Infection Prevention
Kristina foreman
March 31, 2019
I used the #3 REDjuvenator after having a tooth pulled, I healed much faster and followed the detox protocol as well. My dentist was so impressed she said she’d order a REDjuvenator light for her office! It was a life saver for me!! I did 20 min with moth opened and 20 min on side of face against the jaw area. 2x a day for a week or two until I felt better. 🙌🙌❤️

Hip/SI Joint

Marian Majewski
March 28, 2019
Louie my prize Pomeranian dog loves REDjuvenater ‼️ it’s helped soreness after his hip went out and he couldn’t walk yesterday- my son is a chiropractor & adjusted his S I joint and now he’s walking running & out of pain! Thanks Leanne Venier🐶❤️‼️

Kirk James Smith
March 2019
I have been diagnosed with severe degenerative osteoarthritis of the hip joint. It’s crazy how bad it got this winter. I have always been athletic and have loved long walks in the hills, dancing, and doing and teaching Pilates. While I can still exercise —Pilates uses springs for resistance, which is very helpful, for reasons I won’t geek out on here, as this is a REDjuvenator post, but most exercise and movement has been pain inducing. I have never had to force myself to exercise until now. For the past 5-6 months I have walked with difficulty and a limp.

Using the REDjuvenator has helped me get beyond the pain and stay mobile.

Last week, I fell asleep with the REDjuvenator on my hip joint and woke up 40 minutes later. I not only had no pain, I actually walked so fluidly I could not believe it! I felt like myself again, and a friend corroborated that my gait looked normal.

This development has given me hope. I believe the total hip replacement the consultant has recommended can be avoided with continued use of the REDjuvenator #3. While I believe the anti inflammatory dietary changes and attitude changes I have made have been important, and while the course of ozone injections I am completing may be promoting a positive environment for healing, it’s the REDjuvenator that gives me a quantum push forward. It proves to me it is possible to move as I once did, fluidly and pain free, without surgery. The REDjuvenator is not only the best thing for pain relief I have found, I am so pleased it’s also truly healing. Thank you Leanne Venier!

Cindy Conlan
March 19, 2019
We purchased #3 a few weeks ago. Both daughters and my 4 year old granddaughter had inflammation and areas of redness and swelling in the hands and after one REDjuvenator treatment everyone was markedly improved. 
I also have a scar from breaking my femur 2 years ago. There was a-pocket of edema above the scar for the past 2 years (about the size of my fist).  Treatments with the #3 light has totally resolved it! The doctor said don’t worry but I was concerned,,so glad the #3 took care of It!   Cindy C.

Loose Skin
Collagen Loss
Tamara S., Bouldin, CO
March 19, 2019
Been checking out the search bar (in our private, members only REDjuvenator group) on wrinkles and skin and wanted to leave a comment.

I've had the #3 REDjuvenator for 2 weeks now and am using it morning and night for 3-5 minutes on my face.

I purchased it for arthritic joint pain for my dog, overall health for myself, and because a friend had one and I noticed her face changing almost immediately.

Well, I am happy to report, that while my skin is drier (trusting that the skin cells are turning over and it's temporary), my jawline is TIGHTENING!  I'm turning 54 this weekend and eat healthy, limit alcohol, get outside daily and do yoga regularly so I've lived a healthy life but have started to normally show my age.

This #3 light is amazing.  I cannot believe it's tightening my jaw and no I didn't take before photos, as well as plumping my lips and definitely changing things.

I am worried about fine lines looking worse but like I mentioned, I'm trusting that skin cells are turning over.

I don't have a question but wanted to leave a happy comment as I'm thrilled.

Shay Pausa
March 19, 2019
I use it on my face for 6 min everyday and believe it helps tremendously!

General Positive Feedback
Rhonda flurry
March 18, 2019
I am new to this site and have only had my REDjuvenator not quite two weeks. I would like to express how wonderful I think the site (our REDjuvenator Therapy private members-only ongoing healing and support community) is for helping people and even our pets! The personal interaction is phenomenal!
I even inquired about seizures for my dog. They just started the week I got my REDjuvenator, so naturally after speaking to one of the members that had experienced something similar, I naturally started treating my dog! We will see how she does!

I hope this site continues, my research and everyone’s personal experiences have taught me so much! Thanks for all your hard work Leanne Venier!

Zelka Skadin Sostaric
March 14, 2019
From my daughter: I had a sharp pain at the center of the ball of my foot. I noticed it hurt worse on hard surfaces when I would walk, and it felt better when I had shoes on. I was not able to exercise, and I had to keep shoes on in my apartment so that it would not hurt. I googled the pain and found out it was most likely metatarsalgia which sometimes requires injections or surgery. I put the #3 REDjuvenator light on it only twice and it hasn't hurt since!  🎉🎉

Skin Burn
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Chronic Neck Pain (Injury)
Brain Fog
March 16, 2019
Hi everyone and Leanne, I got my REDjuvenator #3 Monday last week.  I have been so excited and grateful for it.  It took me nearly a year to get round to buying it because it was expensive for me in NZ with the exchange rate, paying customs, shipping and duty but so glad I that I trusted my intuition.

I have had Chronic Fatigue for 25 years, more specifically SIBO (digestion issues), low thyroid, adrenal problems, liver problems, always have a cold, depression and anxiety, very thin hair, insomnia, TMJ, skin issues due to sun damage and a neck problem due to an accident when I was 8.

My first session with my #3 was just 40 minutes because I’m a HSP and was very scared of a detox reaction. Afterwards my depression was gone and hasn’t returned! I was so amazed and still am.  My face felt so clear, like I wasn’t walking around in a fog any more. I feel ‘normal’ now! I’m 60 and don’t remember ever feeling like this before.

After this wonderful result I upped my REDjuvenator treatment times. The next morning my neck felt ‘long’ which was also exciting. That night while doing the detox protocol which takes in my damaged neck, I was lying on my tummy but my neck was sore so I decided that I needed to do that treatment sitting up in future. I didn’t at that stage know about the sleep protocol. When I finished, I lay on my back waiting for sleep. Within a few minutes I felt my head ‘fall back’ into the pillow and it felt so incredibly heavy. I felt something release in my neck.

I now feel like my neck is 80-90% better. I have near normal movement now. There’s been pain on and off which has lessened considerably the past few days. I’d been having cranial sacral treatment fortnightly for the past year which had helped perhaps 10%. The practitioner said that my neck problem would have caused fatigue and hormonal issues. I’ve got another session next week and it might just be the last which means my #3 panel would have paid for itself! Sometimes I’ve cried in gratitude.

A few days ago I burnt my thumb on the stove element. Whilst doing the water treatment it occurred to me that the REDjuvenator might help but wasn’t sure so I searched that. After about 12 minutes of red light the pain began to lessen and hasn’t returned. I did a 20 minute treatment all up. For the next 3/4 hour my thumb felt really weird but not sore. When I woke the next morning the burn mark was invisible and it was totally healed. It was the sort of burn that would have had a small blister. Sorry I tried to get a photo but I live alone and needed another hand.

Now I’m using the REDjuvenator twice a day for about 2 hours both times.  I’m loving lying on my side in bed with the panel on the side of my face for 20 mins both sides; it feels very soothing. It gets my skin, adrenals, neck, TMJ, brain, eyes and upper respiratory tract.

Thanks everyone for a lovely supportive community and hoping I’ll be able to help people in the future.  Wishing everyone good health.

Dawn Matheson
March 15, 2019
Thanks so much great to know. it's a great machine. 3 days now with the REDjuvenator, my back feels so much better already hopefully my knee will as well  thanks again for info

Dry Eye/Gland Dysfunction
Light Sensitivity
Debra Gluesenkamp
March 14, 2019
I have been using the REDjuvenator since December 20th for my eyes. It has helped tremulously. I have had dry eyes for 4 years, recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease pemphigoid, and meibomian gland dysfunction. My eyes were always blood shot and blurry to the point I could no longer read what I am currently typing and .very sensitive to light. They are still dry and improving each day. The light sensitivity is gone. I use the #3 light 3 minutes on the front and sides of my eyes, eyes open. I recently started doing 3 minutes in front with my eyes closed to work on the scared underlids of my eyes.I have also, as Leanne suggested, used it intuitively in other areas of my body. If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know. Thank you Leanne for creating an amazing device!

Leanne, please do use my comments, it is amazing how I see healing effects daily. My husband and I were out in full sun yesterday. We were both amazed that I did not need, what I called my super fly dark glasses , in bright light. I was to do blood work tomorrow and decided to wait until I did the detox protocol. 5 weeks ago I could not even get on this site to read and now am thrilled with all the helpful information. Keep up the great work Leanne!

Immune System
Kristina foreman
March 14, 2019
(before & after photos shared in the group will be added here, hopefully soon!)
Update on the cat I’m caring for! I have used the #3 on the Kitty while she was very sick and she couldn’t move around much. After using the REDjuvenator light on her for many days and hours she felt so much better !! She actually got up and moved around after each treatment !!!

I saw a faster recovery each day ! So much she didn’t want to be under it any more. I also found a holistic vet that was excited to take her case and she is returning to her owner to be under Chinese herbs and holistic treatment. Very exciting !!! I’m sure without the REDjuvenator light therapy she wouldn’t have had such a very important , life saving boost in her immunity to help her. It was amazing to see this happen and a testimony to the benefits of implementing this device to our pets. Thank you all for your comments on my first post and support!! Leanne Venier and many others ❤️❤️💋💋😘😻😻

Autonomic Nervous System
Whole Body
Muscle Soreness/Tension
Paul Ruggieri
March 14, 2019
This is Paul Ruggeri
1st time posting but long time user of the REDjuvenator.  My wife Pat introduced me to hers and I ended up getting my own. I travel frequently throughout the United States in different time zones and cities.  I always take the REDjuvenator with me (never checking my bag).

At home and while traveling do the sleep protocol nightly while laying on my back in bed just before falling asleep.  It helps me sleep soundly all the time.  I never need sleeping pills.  I have a very challenging and stressful job in sales, but I really enjoy my job and what I sell.

I also use the Redjuvenator for many health improvements on myself, and find it helpful at night just before falling asleep when I travel on business and in a different time zone and/ or in a different hotel room.

The REDjuvenator has made me feel more energized and productive in my work.   I also use it on different parts of my body if I have an injury, muscle soreness, or tenseness.  It helps remedy all those issues.   The REDjuvenator 3 is a wonderful invention created by Leanne and I feel fortunate and grateful to have it.

I often refer people to Leanne's website and hope they invest in better health with the REDjuvenator.

Flesh Wounds
Whole Body
Kidney disease
Crippled hips & legs
Muscle pain
Paul Ruggieri
March 13, 2019
Hello Leanne,
I have been using my #3 Redjuvenator to help heal one of our whippets who had a wound from torn skin:  up to three 40 minute sessions per day for 10 days.  The wound is healing with this light therapy.  Much better looking and hopefully will not need a vet visit and stitches.

We have a 13 year old Greyhound, 2 Whippets that are 2 and 7 years of age.  All 3 dogs have benefitted from the use of this.  Healing torn skin, (without stitches and medications), injuries crashing into each other at high speed, kidney issues and crippled legs with the Greyhound, muscle aches, and more.

Thanks ever so much for your kindness.  I will send you a picture of our pack, on the left is Dori, a small female 55 pound Greyhound,, 13 years old.  Sage, a 7 year old whippet is in the middle, and one being treated for a wound from a dog bite.,  and our 2 yr old whippet girl named Mollie.

They have all 3 dogs had REDjuvenator treatments for different body healing issues with great success.

And of course, Pat uses her REDjuvenator daily and it has made a positive impact upon her health.  She is the one who introduced me to this light and I am grateful for her contributions to your followers.

Once again, much gratitude to you. Paul


General Positive Feedback
D'Ann Miller
March 12, 2019
Dear Leeanne:
I am traveling from USA to Israel soon and just want to confirm that I don’t need to do anything special with my REDjuvenator once I get there.  After nearly 10 months of regular use, I still continue to experience healing and am incredibly grateful for you and this amazing healing device!

Loose Skin
Brighter Complexion
Tamara Star
March 12, 2019
I'm so grateful for this comment thread (in our private members only REDjuvenator group).  I've had mine (#3) for a week now, maybe 10 days and have been using it on my face morning and night. Almost immediately I noticed tightening along my jawline and a brighter more alive complexion.

March 12, 2019
Hello Leanne…I just want to give you a quick update on my experience with the REDjuvenator.  As I previously mentioned I experienced my first case of eczema about a month ago…and it has been absolutely miserable, my lower legs, arms and neck covered and the constant itching drove me insane, it was majorly impacting my moods and productivity at work.  It was extremely frustrating since I eat a plant based diet and had literally just gotten off a 21 day cleanse.  My mother has battled eczema all her life, so I know I am predisposed.  Since I only believe in treating conditions holistically I felt pretty confident that I could tackle this myself.   I have been doing several things, infrared sauna treatments, diet…staying away from all possible trigger foods, supplements…

Now to the REDjuvenator…I have been using for 5 days.  In the morning and evening for 3 minutes on each area.  Since the eczema is in so many places it’s about a 20-25 minute session.  I am sitting here typing you, itch free.  My neck is 90% clear and the patches on my legs and arms have started to heal.   I can’t thank you enough for creating such an awesome product.
Tammy Moses
Vice President, Operational Excellence

Muscle/Tendon Pain
Joint Pain
Sheri Deweerd
March 11, 2019
Greetings everyone! Got my Redjuvenator #3 a week ago today. So wonderful to read your stories!

Have noticed many interesting things and look forward to my continued journey with it.

I got the Redjuvenator for my eight-month old right shoulder injury, non-specific muscle and joint aches and pains, and my 61-year old facial skin. Been spending 2-3 hours/day on the shoulder area, related back rib cage, thoracic spine, and liver meridian (cervical spine and feet).

Here's what I notice — any area I treat starts pulsing from the REDjuvenator light. Might be my heartbeat/blood pulsing, but it sure is energetic! I'll also feel sensations of energy in other parts of my body not being treated. In some cases (abdomen, coccyx/sacral, hands) the energy coming in seems to be heading right over to my injured shoulder/arm/hand.

Noticed from the beginning that after a REDjuvenator session my movements, including my breathing, would feel greased, very fluid, for a while afterward and then fade. This past weekend I did some recreational dancing and was amazed at how smooth my movements were — ha! felt young again!

About the shoulder...I'm grateful to have been working with a physical therapist who's taught me techniques with the roller, tennis balls, spiky balls, and the squishy ball and I've worked my hips, psoas, back, and shoulder(s) for months with her help, and a lot of improvement. Just not 100% (maybe 80%?) and still often painful and easily re-injured.

I could feel almost immediately after I began using RedJ (my name for it 🙂 that those areas were starting to soften a bit. Over the course of the week several muscle/tendon areas I'd been told had stopped doing their job started to come alive. Then over the weekend a very talented massage therapist worked whatever goes into and out of those little holes in the shoulder bones and, when she got down to my lower arm/wrist there were three snick snaps (one at the wrist and two at the top of the shoulder) and I knew instantly something had slipped into place.

I think we had a breakthrough! Still early. I'm still feeling pain, but it's moving around and different. It's much different under my PT toys — everything is less lumpy and ropey. Also, I can FEEL the parts of my back that are supposed to do most of the work of reaching and holding. (Hello!!? Where you been?!) So interesting...and a BIG THANK YOU!

General Feedback
Nerve Pain
Will (Denis) Wade
March 6, 2019
Thank you so much for your personal attention, and reply. I am so anxious to learn as much as I can about this REDjuvenator technology, and how to use it.  My wife has developed diabetes, and horrible neuropathy in her hands and feet.  It has been so hard to watch a person that I have known and loved for over 40 years suffer to the point of tears, almost every day, particularly after her insurance just recently stopped paying for a very expensive medication that she must somehow wean herself off of with what little supply she has left.

In looking for an answer, I came across this REDjuvenator technology, and then across you.  Of course, I looked at the Joovv system, and a few others, but through a somewhat tortured decision, decided to go with you.  As impressive as they are with their advertisements, promotions and scientists on their board, the big difference for me is that you seem to understand both the science, and the healing, and the fact that they are not always entirely the same.

It is too early to tell, but I encourage and insist that my wife use your REDjuvenator lights every day.  She has seemed to notice a few improvements, but I think that she has a ways to go.  Either way, your product is beautiful, we believe in it, and I am very proud of you for producing it, and of myself for having the good sense to buy one .

Thanks again, Leanne, and all the very best to you.

Follow up from Denis:
Good morning, Leanne,

How incredibly nice of you to take the time to put all of those articles together for us.  I am not overly familiar with Facebook, so couldn't find a sort feature on Andia's account so that I could do that on my own.  I can assure you that I will read every word, and greatly appreciate your time and kindness.

Of course, I do not mind if you use the comments that I sent to you in any way that will be of help to you. I have watched several of the videos by and about you, and you have a wonderful story that I admire very much.  Anyone who leaves a career in submarines to pursue a passion for art and healing is someone who certainly understands the power of intuition, and paying attention to the little clues that don't always come in oversized boxes, or pretty packages.  In that it has seemingly worked out so well for you confirms for me that yours is a good intuition to pay attention to, and follow.

You are right, my decision to go with you was based upon compiled intuition over rigid logic, but in the end, what I recognized is that whereas there is a "warmth" and "humanity" that seems to flow from your product, marketing and company, there is likewise a "cold" and "impersonal" nature to those of your competitor. (I loved your story about how you politely rejected offer to promote their product by coming out with a superior one of your own.) Of course, they have very bright and powerful lights, the logical appeal of which is that if you will just surrender to standing in front of this machine, it will fix you, the intuitive component that seems to flow from your product is that, for the best healing, you do not "surrender" to it, but rather participate in it.

I have watched as my wife has had to surrender to all kinds of things as diabetes, and its complications, have started to fill her body.  I've noticed that it is a gradual thing where day by day, a little more gets taken away. Energy, vitality, the ability to do little things, all just kind of erode away and float down the river of her life.  As you know, diabetes really ends up being an attack on every cell in the body, so certainly there is an appeal to standing in front of a huge, powerful machine that promises to fix it.

But what I have quietly noticed about your device is that the promise that it makes is a lot more intimate, and proactive. With your device, she is a participant in her recovery, and not just a passive subject as she would be with one of those huge Joovv machines, She can take your lights into her own hands and put them exactly where she hurts, or where she is scared about what is going on within her body. Rather than being overwhelmed with a huge bank of lights, I think I see her starting to gain confidence that she is in control of the machine, and can focus its healing powers exactly where she needs it.  In a wonderfully subtle way, that is very empowering to someone who has gradually lost the sense of control over her health.

When I wrote to you before about there being a difference between understanding the science of light, as opposed to understanding the process of how light can be used to heal, I think that this is more fully what I meant to say. I think it makes a huge difference, and for me, is why it ultimately became an easy decision to go with you and your product.  But, listen to me carry on...

Leanne, I know that you are a very busy and productive person, and that you took the time and made the effort to personally help us, say a lot about you, and means a lot to me.  For a variety of reasons, I have quietly become a great fan of your wonderful story, and wish you continued great success.  My name is actually Denis.  My wife's name is Andia, and Will is our son.  He is a great guy, and he wanted to help in purchasing this for his mom, on his card.  Like you, he is also an artist, and after seeing some of your videos on color and flow, I have encouraged him to really contemplate what you are saying there, particularly with regards to the power of color.  As you undoubtedly know, the life of an artist can be disheartening and frustrating at times, but what I think he could learn from you is the importance of getting to know and fully opening the flow of your artistic expression before concluding that, just because the market has not yet found it, there is not incredible value (even if not monetary) to the pursuit.  Anyway, I hope that you will not mind my taking the indulgence of sending you a couple of his works (please see below). I send them to you only because I am proud of him, and it is nice to share them with someone who might empathize with the care that goes into each artistic stroke.   I need to look at your page a little closer to see if you are still offering your seminars on this subject, but if so, I would love to someday have him attend one of them.

Again, thanks for everything, Leanne, and go get 'em.  Although I don't presume to know you as a person, I do very clearly recognize your spirit, and admire it very much.

All the very best to you,

Denis’ 2nd followup email:
Leanne, Before sharing your note and wonderful advice with my son, I took the liberty of going to your website myself.  Of course, I saw your beautiful paintings, and felt the power and emotion of each one, but for very selfish reasons, my new favorite work of yours is now the smile that was painted on my son's face when he saw the feedback from you.

Your advice was excellent, and the idea of selling prints as you detailed and suggested, opens up a whole new avenue of possibilities for him.  Of course though, the most important advice that you have given is in your encouragement for him to grab the brush, and take positive control over conceptualizing and creating the work of art that he wants to live in.  I have tried to share that message with him, but as you can probably appreciate, it is one thing when that message comes from your dad, but quite another when it comes from someone with your talent and experience.   Your advice came with both a challenge and encouragement, so was very well received on both counts.  We are going to work on setting up a site as you have suggested, and I expect some wonderful things to come from it.  I truly thank you for that, Leanne, and Will has asked me to thank you as well.

But again, I have taken up way too much of your time.  It was completely unexpected when I bought your product that I would be having these exchanges with you, but I am so happy that I did.  You have helped my family in more ways than you know by sharing with them some tools with which they can learn to help themselves.  In so many ways, that is one of the best gifts that you can give someone, so again, I am very grateful to you.  I hope that you won't mind, if from time to time, I update you on some of the progress that comes from the seeds that you have helped to plant, but until then, all the very best to you, Leanne Venier. You are one of the good ones. Long may you run.

Autonomic Nervous System
Deep Sleep
Frequent Night Time Unination/Nocturia
Enlarged Prostate Pain
Frey Speyer
March 5, 2019
I received my Redjuvenator yesterday, needed a good night's sleep at about midnight after reading The Guidebook and related introductory material and woke up at 7.00 AM without having to visit my bathroom at all (which usually happens at least once). I'm quickly impressed.

I'm happy to be with you, retired a widower and want to make the most out of the rest of my life.

Clarifying information from Fred posted after his initial comment (above)
March 5, 2019
It is normal for me to arise during the night at least one time. Last  night I slept so soundly that it wasn't necessary and I felt no more pain from a probable enlarged prostate this AM than I normally do. I'm not looking for an explanation but I want to continue having the same result. So, tonight 20 minutes before retiring I'll cuddle up with my new baby

Resting Twitch
Lora Teuschler
March 4, 2019
I totally forgot to mention that I had developed a resting twitch in my right thumb that seemed to be getting worse. Although my family was encouraging me to go to the doctor I was being a bit stubborn as I am leary of medical diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. The twitch left a month into using my #3 REDjuvenator on my hands and on my head in addition to all the other protocols. I am SO grateful for this technology, it’s been a game changer in my health.

Fibrocystic Tissue
Laurie Cardwell
March  4, 2019
When I got my #3, the first thing I did was the sleep protocol, with it resting high on my chest to help with my thyroid. Within a week, the fibrocystic tissue in my breasts had disappeared. This was a pleasant bonus. So from experience I can say that It did not contribute to the problem but helped tremendously.

General Positive Feedback
Laura Monaco
March 4, 2019
In every article I have read in the past 15 years on light therapy there are no known negative side effects.

I have used red and near for 15 years, Leanne’s REDjuvenator light for 2 years daily for over 1.25 hours minimum a day. There has never been a negative side effect.

Autonomic Nervous System
Chronic Pain
Digestive Issues
Collagen/Skin Plumpness
Near Vision
Lora Teuschler
March 1, 2019
I received my #3 as a Christmas present and have been using it fairly consistantly for two months. So many things have improved some I noticed right away, and some subtle but noticeable nonetheless.

Chronic aches and pains as well as digestion issues have disappeared. I haven’t been able to do an upper body workout for two years without triggering shoulder pain that takes weeks to go away. Thanks to #3, this is no longer an issue...because of the great results I was getting and the amount of time I was spending with my redjuvenator light, I decided to get another one. I can now do the detox protocol and the kidney one all in one session. The price of two #3 panels is still reasonable compared with other systems out there which are not designed to be used on the body.

Although my sunspots are not noticeably lighter, my facial area is super plump and feels wonderful. I have one super stubborn brown spot which may be pre cancerous. I have been researching the benefits of blue and red light combined and ordered a #4 which I am going to start using on my face alternatIng with the #3...

I just noticed yesterday that I all of a sudden I need weaker reading glasses, my near vision has improved. A scar on my abdomen has all but disappeared, my anxiety is gone and I sleep like a baby...

Jennifer Rush
Feb 28, 2019
I saw someone yesterday that I hadn't seen in a year and a half and she asked me what happened because I look so much younger. ❤️ (I’ve been using REDjuvenator #3!)

Skin Lightening
Divine Westerfield
Feb 28, 2019
Yvonne Palmer Kent, I am 60. My face and jowls are very refreshed and firmer. Some lightening of skin spots. Imperfections are healed. I don’t do as consistently as I should but love the results when I do.

Dermis/Subcutaneous Fat
Bacterial Infection
Eli Abela
Feb 27, 2019
A client to whom I lent the #4 Blue/Red treated her brother's cellulitis for 4 weeks, 20 minutes twice a day with success. He was initially a non-believer, but not anymore!

From my client : "Eli, if you did not lend the REDjuvenator light to us, I doubt that my brother's leg will get well this fast. He continues to use the light. Thank you very much!"

General Positive Feedback
Aura Rose Quartz
Feb 22, 2019
Leanne I'm truely thankful for this product, it has impacted me profoundly and I have been able to heal at deeper levels. Thank you.

Morgellons Disease
Crawling/Stinging Sensations
Fibrous Growths from Sores
Feb 21, 2019
Redjuvinator seems to be helping my skin (& Morgellons disease)!!!  love, elana

Small Blood Vessels
Raynaud’s syndrome
Kirk James Smith
Fen 21, 2019
Hi Linda, Hi Leanne,
I have had a positive experience using the REDjuvenator on chilblains. I moved to the UK from Nashville in 2012 and experienced chilblains for the first time, on my fingers and my toes, the toes being much worse.

I got my REDjuvenator in November 2018 and right away tried it on the soles of my feet. Initially it felt strange as I think my toes had gotten quite bad, making me wonder if it was not something more severe, like Renaud’s syndrome. The numbness was getting triggered at higher temperatures, even as high as 10-13 degrees centigrade or 50-55 degrees F. After a month of use 3-5 days a week on the soles of my feet, my feet were significantly improved.

Before moving to the UK I had never even heard about chilblains. I had lived in much colder climates (Austria, Boston, Indiana) but in the UK the lack of fluctuation in temperature was making me feel cold to the bone.

Maybe it’s the lack of light at 53 degrees north? At any rate, the REDjuvenator is making a big positive difference. Thank you, Leanne!

Leanne’s reply to Kirk
That's great, Kirk! Thank you for sharing! Do you mind if I use your comments to share with and help others as well? Thank you for letting me know!

I can tell you that I had Raynaud's syndrome for years and since using the REDjuvenator, within the first few months it completely disappeared, and hasn't come back. It used to be really bad during the winter months on my toes and fingertips were they would turn completely white. Even walking around the house barefoot on a cold floor would trigger it. Right now I'm standing barefoot in my house on my cold floor and no problemo! 🙂 I wasn't ever specifically trying to treat the Raynaud's, but I have done foot treatments in the past. and do them occasionally (but Raynaud‘s is more a systemic issue which the REDjuvenator has healed now). Another thing I used to suffer from all the time was just chronically super tight and sore feet. No problem with any of that anymore either. 🙂 so that's two reports for chilblains, one for Raynaud's syndrome so far!

Small Blood Vessels
Raynaud’s syndrome
Linda Seddon
Feb 18, 2019
Hi, I have had really bad chilblains on my fingers for the last few years .This year they started early (October) before the cold weather in England . I suddenly thought I could try the redjuvenator on them . I have used a selections of hand creams specifically for the purpose with no real success. After a few “goes” with the redjuvenator #3 my hands are completely chilblain free . They had become so bad that one or two were starting to weep ..I call that a success!

Lisa Daniel
Feb 18, 2019
Success with Rosacea.
Hi I recently received the #3 Redjuvinator and began to see an improvement (in my rosacea) the very next day after a single 20 minute treatment.  The redness on my right cheek seemed less red. The typical red raised pimples that are always present in that area also seemed less red and less raised.  They seemed to be going down.  I've continued to use it everyday for 20 minutes 2 x day.  It seems that the redness and pimples just keep going down. The pimples feel flat. I can still see them as red marks, but they are flat and dry.

I am excited to see what will happen as I continue to use it.

I have dryness on my cheeks which I expected.  Not a problem. I use a soap, oil and cream that do not irritate my skin. I use the Redjuvinator with a clean face.

I've had rosacea for many years now on my cheeks.  It had gotten better due to trial and error in looking for the right soaps and lotions that would not irritate my  skin.  However, I still had a large size red patch on my right cheek that always has pimples and a small red patch on my left cheek with no pimples.  These remaining patches have been with me for years.

At one point I went to a dermatologist for my rosacea. She offered me drugs.  I said no.  I opted for laser treatment. I think I had 3 or 4 sessions.  Absolutely no change (with the expensive laser treatments).

So I am very happy with what I'm seeing from my #3.  Can't wait to see what my cheeks will look like in several more weeks.  I believe I received my #3 at end of January (less than 3 weeks ago).

Oil Burn
Lisa Daniel
Feb 18, 2019
Success with Burns from hot oil splatter while cooking
About 3 days ago I had a few small splatters from hot oil on my upper left arm. I applied ice directly over them.  I could still feel the burning pain after applying ice for 30+ mins.  Not major pain. The splatters were small, but still I could feel that the burning was still active in my tissue. Then it occurred to me to use my Redjuvinator #3.  I was curious to see what would happen.

I did a 20 minute #3 treatment on the ones on the lateral side of my arm.  When I finished I noticed that the burning pain had completely stopped.  And they did not look red. Instead they looked brown as though they were not fresh burns.  I thought that was very cool.

I was able to touch and press on them and I felt absolutely no pain.  I did notice that they were slightly raised like welts, but in the exact shape of the burns.  NO blisters just solid welts.  I have never seen this before. Usually I get blisters after these types of burns.

So then I used the #3 for 20 mins. on a very tiny one on the inner side of my arm.  That one, although tiny in size, was still hurting (before I used the REDjuvenator on it).  Plus it was rubbing against the side of my shirt so I was very aware of it.  Same results. After the 20 min. #3 treatment, the pain went away and even when it rubbed against my shirt I felt no pain. 

I was so excited that later on I did another 20 minutes on all the burns.  And I noticed that one of the burns developed a tiny bump at one end.  I'm guessing that it was a blister but with very thick tissue.  To this day, it has not leaked any fluid... or maybe it did leak out and I did not notice,

I have continued to use the #3 on these burns every day since then except for yesterday because I had no time.  It's probably not necessary, but I'm enjoying using my REDjuvinator and seeing what it can do.  I realize that it will take several weeks for new skin to replace these spots but its my new toy.

One more thing.  I never needed to apply any lotion or covers on these burns that I treated with the REDjuvenator. Not even to go to sleep on the night they occurred when preparing dinner. They did not feel or look like fresh burns.  They did not need to be protected.

I actually took some pictures the day after.  I don't know how to get them from my phone to here.  But once I figure it out. I will post the pictures.

Uterine Fibroids
Benign Tumour/Tumor
Painful/Heavy Periods
Ruth Knauss, Naturopathic Doctor, Germany
Feb 25, 2018
fibroids are ... like everything.. a very individual and often complex phenomena. the energy / meridian / cells can be a blocked due to emotional issues, hormonal issues, heavy metals, plastics or like in my case perhaps also a result of getting sterilized 30 years ago. I did feel an immediate progress once I started using the redjuvenator 9 months ago twice a day for 20 minutes on the lower belly / uterus, often also on the kidney area and the bottom of the feet. But since I had the fibroids for 15 years, it is a process with several different approaches, to completely dissolve them.

I estimate it is about 90 % ( !!! ) better, almost no more symtoms and I enjoy the state of utter patience about going on with the #3 light as long as it takes. So ladies.... don`t let yourself be talked into an operation

Uterine Fibroids
Benign Tumour/Tumor
Painful/Heavy Periods
Lilian Perez
Aug 2018
Hi Leanne! My fibroid issue was addressed by #3. I have undergone Trans vaginal ultrasound last saturday, the 4 myomas seen on my last Transv Utz a year ago , the 3 of them is gone . According to my obgyn ,theres no need to remove the remaining 1 coz, it will shrink sooner. Thanks a lot for inventing #3. Its a great help.

Peripheral Flashes
Detached Retina
Leslie Brennan – eye update
Feb 17, 2019
As a follow up I have applied the Redjuvinator 3 twice/day in am/pm for 3 mins for a little over 1 week now. I am experiencing less floaters and peripheral flashes in the right eye. (eye flashing is an early warning sign of a detaching retina). This morning I saw no flashes. I don’t know yet if this is permanent but will follow up again in a week. 💕🤗

Mollie Rose I hope that you have a full recovery!  Best wishes!

Upper Back/Pelvis
Muscle Tightness/Injury
Detached Vitreous
Peripheral Streaks
Leslie Brennan
Feb 12, 2019
I received my Redjuvinator #3 yesterday afternoon. Thank you, Leanne!
Of course I couldn't pass up trying it out last night, right? I laid it over the top of my right upper back pelvis where I've had tightness/soreness for quite some time. It usually works its self out with regular exercise, but I haven't been able to do that consistently while caring for my 90 y.o. mother. Well, my gosh!!! I'm happy to write that I just applied the #3 for ONLY 20 mins and afterwards it was gone. I thought it may be temporary expecting it be tight again this morning - nope! It feels so good now and I can't believe how quickly the REDjuvenator addressed my 24/7 knot of discomfort!

Then I did my eyes for 3 mins. I have a detached vitreous in my right eye where the vitreous humor detaches from the retna. I think I over did some eye exercises last year and aggravated something. It started with peripheral streaks in my right eye along along with floaters. This has lessened a tad bit but has not gone away. I researched the eye posts but didn't see anyone write in about this particular condition so I may be the first one to do so. This morning it's overcast here in NOLA (Who Dat Nation) so I don't know how sensitive I will be to the sun when it's out but I did notice a slight clarity in my vision while driving into work this morning. That was nice!

Lastly, I placed it over the top of my feet where I have some stubborn psoriasis that responds somewhat to limited dairy and carbs, but never ever fully subsides. Well (after one treatment), I do notice that it's a little less pronounced this morning. So I'm encouraged.

Thank you again for my Redjuvinator #3, Leanne! 💕😊

Followup comment & clarification from Leslie
What I mean is if you look at the skeletal system its the area of the back upper pelvic area...just below the kidneys. You can feel the arch along your back - its a hard area to describe. Its along the flat back side of this bone. I'm just basking in and enjoying the relief immensly today...thanks to you! And of course you may share my comments.😊

Many years ago, when I was a teenager, I was climbing a tree to zip line. The tree was abt 15 ft high. I climbed it and grabbed onto the line to glide down into a field. Well the glide mechanism was not working well and it stalled a few feet away from the tree. Below me was 15 feet of ground with a sawed off tree stump. After some time I could no longer hold my weight and I fell in a somewhat sitting/slanted potition on this side on my body. By the grace of God I missed the tree stump and landed on my right side sort of sitting. This side has always been sensitive since then. It knocked the wind out of me and I didn't know it until I tried to get up and walk that I couldnt walk b/c I fractured my right pelvic bone. While I was being worked up in the ER the Doctor said that it was a miracle that I was alive b/c if I had landed sitting straight up my spinal column would have gone into my brain and killed me instantly. Well talk about feeling the hand of God that day! I know I probably have some issues that are connected to this area and it will be interesting to see what is in store as I go along.

It's really amazing. I feel like crying from the relief from using my #3 REDjuvenator. I guess that could be my body letting go of the 24/7 stress of pain. I just feel like I'm getting my life back. I notice today that I'm sitting straighter, naturally, than I normally do! Amazing...I'm just in awe. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Leanne!!!😄

Blurred Vision
Doodie Hank Henagan
Feb 12, 2019
Have a very positive feedback to share..........💚
I bought the #3 REDjuvenator in January especially for my husband who has only one eye......he is 71 yrs old and began having blurred vision in his one eye while driving, particularly billboards.

He wasn’t too keen on using it , being he only has this one eye, what if it got worse........so after a couple weeks, maybe more, I kept telling him about Leanne’s improved eye problems etc....and any other reports I’d searched out......he began doing 1 min. with eyes open, then he increased to 2 min.

He has used the #3 light about 4 times so far and the billboards are not blurry anymore💟💟

I will keep encouraging him to do the light everyday so his eye can become healthy and strong.

At the same time, his blind eye gets a treatment......think the optic nerve is no longer there, due to surgery when he was 7 yrs old.

Thank you Leanne for all of your knowledge and listening to your heart to create such a valuable healing light‼️

Autonomic Nervous Sysem
Circadian Rhythm

Energy/Energetic Balance
Aura Rose Quartz
Feb 8, 2019
I just wanted to share the appreciation I have for my #3 REDjuvenator device! I have been treating various areas for about one month now and I have seen some enhancements, mainly in my ability to detox.

My favorite is the sleep protocol. I look forward to it every day. I lay in bed with my #3 panel while doing my meditation. I am finding that it enhances my meditation experience and relaxes me to the core. I bring in more Qi into my being, but in a gentle non-stimulating way. I sleep like a baby afterwards. And sleep is critical, this is when the body assimilates the day and rebuilds/heals itself. I absolutely love my REDjuvenator device. Thank you Leanne!

Chronic Pain
Renee Boeve
Feb 6, 2019
Success...again!  My husband started limping the other day from an injury on his ankle that he got 10 years ago.  It  bothers him in the extreme cold (below 0.)  The pain started at about 3 p.m. and he could barely walk when he got home at 7.  We put the REDjuvenator on at about 8:30 p.m. and did each side for about 30 minutes.  I wanted to really make sure it penetrated as he needed to work the next day.  He was still limping a little in the morning and by mid-morning it was completely gone.  This thing is starting to pay for itself because he didn't miss out on work.

Leanne Venier, please do share my comments.  I have tried so many different home remedies and supplements for this and that.  This REDjuvenator is a 'one stop shop' for me.  I'll admit that remedies do work from time to time, but after so much trial and error, I start feeling like a lab rat!   While wasting money too.  Like I said before, I'm saving up for another one.  It's become so popular in our house that I need at LEAST two.

Whole Body
Ruth Knauss, Naturopathic Doctor, Germany
Feb 5, 2019
Ive been doing that REDjuvenator protocol daily for nearly 2 years now and would not leave my house for more than a day without this magic box since now I have more energy at 54 than I had in my twenties! ....but you have to be prepared for all these men on the street trying to pick you up because you look so vibrant ! 😉

Scratched Cornea
Gay Lynn Grice
Jan 5, 2019
I wanted to report back. It’s been 36 hours since I scratched my cornea. In addition to following the doctors instructions I treated with redjuvenator 3 for three minutes two times. I feel completely recovered. I’ve not yet tried to wear my contact because the doctor said to wait 5-7 days. I’m tempted but I guess I’ll wait.

Dee Takoushi
Feb 4 2019
as for myself i have had major improvement with my health problems, in fact i now feel as fit as i did more than ten years ago and can go about my daily business with no aches and pains which i know would be there as i 'm pushing 60 next month and had the start of all the usual symptoms of old age creeping in like arthritis in hands and knees which i'm pleased to say does not bother me at all now i'm doing my treatments every night.

So yet again thank god for leanne venier and her ingenious creation! Thank you Leanne.😊😊😊


Skin Tightening
Lee Sinclair
Feb 3, 2019
I just got my #3 and my lower back pain is so so much better and I love the skin tightening as well.

Thanks so much to Leanne for her caring personality and attention to helping others. Peace & Love to her and everyone in the group.. no pictures yet to share but I will be sharing the success. I am a retired Nurse and want to go to share it with the Elderly that would benefit.. love it.

Follow up by Lee Sinclair
Feb 5, 2019
I have to say I am working on my lip, well above my lip is a round scar from a blackhead  (I have had it for 16 years) with just a few treatment it is filling in nicelyI am amazed. I have been so self conscious of this for years.

Thanks Leanne Venier.. Have a beautiful day

Impaired Hearing/Hearing Loss
Jim Kitzmiller
Feb 3, 2019
When treating my head/face area, I hold the REDjuvenator up against each ear for about three minutes.

The hope was that it would handle the ringing in my ears. Well, my ears are still ringing, but now I can hear equally in both ears. Previously one of my ears had impaired hearing!

The wonderful surprises continue.

Leanne replied to Jim:
That's wonderful, Jim! Thanks for sharing! Is the ringing in your ears high pitched or is it low pitched? Does it sound like insects buzzing or a high musical note or does it sound more like a foghorn or low frequency sound? Also do you notice that the ringing gets stronger when you are under stress? That will tell me what the origin of the ringing is once you answer this and I can give you some additional information about where to treat in addition to treating locally on the ears to heal at the root of the issue with your REDjuvenator.


Whole body
Down’s Syndrome
Macular Degeneration
Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD)
Cognitive Function/Memory
Poor Vision: Colour Perception/Black Spot
Loose Skin from Weight Loss
Hidrenitis Suppurative/Boils/Infection
Peggy Shaw
Jan 30, 2019
Leanne, so good to hear from you.  I am doing great.  I am almost 74, at one time over 200 lbs overweight...yes 200 lbs overweight and a cancer survivor ( multiple myeloma) one personal note here is I never had chemotherapy or anything like that. That was 1997.

Anyway...the REDJUVENATOR is a God sent.  My energy level is extreamly high.  If I feel like I may start going into a funk...I grab my REDjuvenator and zap it.

I have macular degeneration in my left eye and at one time most of the visual color had disappeared.  Red was yellow...now it is bright red again. The black spot is now a foggy gray. Can actually see images  in the middle. 

Now back to being overweight.  On my journey in the past to go from 320 lbs to 124lbs.  I was able to avoid a lot of hanging skin..I did body wraps and a good diet.  But did have a lot of fat in stomach area and my arms are flabby.  Now for the GOOD NEWS.. the REDjuvenator has flattened my stomach, tightened my decollete,   so exciting... my arms are being stubborn but with time I know that will improve. I do have a lot more muscle tone in my arms and like showing off my muscles.

As for my granddaughter Jaylen (born with Down’s syndrome where last year she was struggling in school and her teachers were  very concerned about her poor memory and poor grades but after a handful of treatments with the #3 REDjuvenator on her head, her cognitive function has improved immensely and), she continues to stay on the honor roll. That is not given to her she actually earned it. Teachers said she could probably be mainstreamed (right now she’s in a special needs school but teachers say she could probably move to a normal school). That is also very exciting.

As I mentioned before, my schedule and her mom's schedule made it difficult for daily or even weekly treatments but even with a few treatments  we can see physical differances. Until she has her next series of test we are not sure of the the scope of the improvement.

Now for an unexpected win...I don't think I mentioned that Jaylen has a skin condition called Hidrenitis suppurative      where there are horrible breakouts, like boils..that cause a tunneling  of puss, etc under the skin...well to our unexpected surprise, the tunneling under her arm pits are disappearing. ..she still has painful breakouts but it is obvious her body is healing.  One big issue is her weight.  Her thighs are enormous and look like water balloons.  The stupid doctors put metal plates in her knees about 4 years ago in an effort to straighten her legs. Was a total flop. Did absolutely nothing but harm her and now they want to take them out. Because of her asthma she cannot go under any kind of surgery. I have such a dislike for the medical profession right now.

Mercury/Amalgam Filling Removal
Nadya S.
Jan 30, 2019
I have another exciting success story.  I had my old mercury fillings replaced 20 years ago before I knew about biological dentistry.  For the past 3 years I strongly suspected that I still had mercury in my mouth, but did not know where to turn.  After watching root cause on Netflix I tracked down a Huggins trained dentist.  He took xrays and they revealed 3 molars still had metal and significant decay around the Mercury.  It was very obvious on the xrays.

Yesterday, I had two removed and one was very deep.  He said that I would have needed a root canal in another year or two.  I placed the REDjuvenator on my stomach during the 2 1/2 hour procedure.  By the time I got home, I felt terrible (from the mercury removal).  Put tons of essential oils on my gums and basically layed around with the REDjuvenator panel for most of the day.  Not only did I use the protocol in the search bar and found to put the panel directly on the outside where the teeth are located, but I spent the day treating the corresponding organs and acupressure points that correlate (to those teeth).

In addition to throbbing pain, I had significant brain fog and memory lapses.  I literally can barely remember driving home.  Eight hours after the procedure I felt 100%.  No pain or  inflammation!  Just another reason to love the REDjuvenator. 

Thanks again, Leanne! 

Kay Fincher
Jan 26, 2019
I  have had some really nasty toxin in my body bc when I first started detoxing about a year ago in my neck area I actually threw up when I used a  PEMF pen.  I had to find just the right time to detox bc I knew I would feel bad.  After reading about people using REDjuvenator on their head I decided to try it.  Supplements don't cross the blood brain barrier typically.  I didn't think much and went to bed.  Sometime during the night I got that familiar feeling  like I was going to throw up.  As much as I had tried to detox I had apparently not gotten this terrible toxin out of my head but the REDjuvenator  detoxed it.  Because I recognized the feeling  I got up and took some activated charcoal to absorb the toxin and allow me to sleep instead of actually throwing it up.  Plan to do it again but earlier so I can take charcoal about 4 hours after and not go through the sick phase.

Even with all the saunas I have done these toxins didn't come out but they did with the REDjuvenator.  Very impressed with its detoxing ability!

So glad to get that out of my head before it became something bad.  My sister died of a brain tumor. (My grandmother walked around us spraying mosquito spray all over us every night when we were young. So maybe...)

Receding gums/Gum pockets
Zelka Sladin Sostaric
Jan 25, 2019
Most measurements of my gum pockets had improved at my last dental visit.  I can’t think of any reason for that other than my REDjuvenator facial treatments of 3 min per side each morning 😃

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

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Coming Soon!

RAVE REVIEWS & TESTIMONIALS by SUBJECT - A Tiny SAmpling See Above - "Testimonials in Reverse Date Order" for MANY many more in each Category

Pain Relief & True Healing at All Levels
Head, Body, Muscle, Joint, etc.


The #1, 2 & 3 Formulas are targeted for rapid pain relief anywhere on the body
After a few treatments, the chronic pain doesn't return ...
because REDJuvenator Therapy heals the physical body as well as the energy body for True Systemic Healing
(all 3 treat muscles & tendons, #2 & #3 also treat joints & bones)

Including Muscle Pain, Back Pain, Tendon & Joint Pain & Injuries, Migraines, Bruises, Blisters, Frozen Shoulder, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Teeth & Gum Pain, Root Canal ... & more


Extreme & Crippling Acute Back pain - healed in 1 hour

Todd Shipman - professional Biohacker featured in Men’s Health Magazine (Sept. 2017) where he shared his top 3 favorite biohacks, including his #3 REDjuvenator

"I tweaked my back earlier today while taking 35lb weights off my barbell. Never experienced such a thing. I felt my back totally spasm, and then I collapsed. I was stuck in the position. Super painful to breath, or move in any direction or angle.

It took me 30 minutes to move from my garage to my couch (20ft, if even that!). I asked my twins to go grab my REDjuvenator #3 and bring it out to me. Just 60 minutes with the REDjuvenator and i can finally breathe normally again, and am back to walking at 75% capacity. I was about to call an ambulance I've never felt such pain and discomfort. My dad has had a tweaked back in the past and i remember he was "out" for days.

I'm continuously being more and more impressed with my REDjuvenator #3 panel. This thing is AMAZING!"

MONDAY UPDATE (3 days later)
"Just updating you about my situation where I threw out my back on Friday. I've been working with a functional neurologist/chiropractor. He informed me that my pelvis was misaligned by 1.5 inches, which caused a disk to slip under strain. Though he is fully aware of the power of light (LLLT) and general biohacking techniques, he is simply amazed, and in shock on how fast my recovery has been using the REDjuvenator. I threw out my back on Friday, and I am 100% back by Monday! He originally told me it would possibly be a few weeks before I'd be back to 100%.

On Friday, I was literally paralyzed by the pain, I couldn't even breath without extreme discomfort, and i was stuck in a "bent over" position. This morning I went out for my normal run, and ran without any issues. I have been using my Redjuvenator and non inflammatory diet as my only sources of recovery. His response to me this morning was, "you are healing much faster than I've ever seen any patient do before".
- Todd Shipman

Alice Ihde These REDjuvenator lights are "magic", Todd! I love mine, as well!

(Comments above & below were posted in the REDjuvenator Members-only Facebook Community, shared here with enthusiastic permission by our generous community members who want to help others discover true healing by sharing their own REDjuvenator healing stories.)


How Does REDjuvenator Therapy compare to those other (heavily-marketed) light therapy devices?

Learn from Happy REDjuvenator customers that tried the others, gave up on them and then ordered a REDjuvenator.

Kim Smith
April 3 at 3:17pm

Hi! I'm from Las Vegas, and I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of our REDjuvenator #3. I'm a certified nutritionist and my husband and I own a health food store (10 years next month). I've been into natural healing modalities for over 30 years and was completely surprised that I never heard of red light therapy and near infrared therapy until recently. We have had an infrared sauna for 11 years, but still never heard anything about the amazing healing of red light therapy.

Earlier this year I saw an ad on Instagram from a local clinic using red light therapy for fat loss and started doing more research to see what else it could do.

Unfortunately I didn't see Leanne's YouTube videos before I saw a podcast by another manufacturer that we ordered from.

It took only one treatment from their machine to know we bought the wrong one. I felt absolutely horrible after the treatment. Completely drained of all my energy. I had felt great before using it. My sleep was great before using it and so bad after using it. I was heartbroken. I was hoping to find the answer for my sluggish thyroid and was afraid it would actually worsen with the machine. Luckily they had a 60 day no hassle return policy.

My husband had injured himself when he had a bad spill on his skateboard and no relief with the bad machine, so he was more than willing to return it.

We returned that other bad machine before the first 30 days and when they received it, we immediately ordered the REDjuvenator.

We both have been bodybuilders for a longtime and this bad machine stopped our working out completely from his injury not healing to my complete lack of energy.

Needless to say we are so looking forward to feeling 100% soon! I'll be taking photos and video as well as keeping a diary on all of our health improvements. We are both long time glasses/contact lens wearers (since we were kids) and I'm looking forward to improving our vision using REDjuvenator Therapy. My Mom has macular degeneration in her left eye and with the studies recorded at the University in Wisconsin of improvement with red light therapy, we're hoping she won't have to get injections in her eye anymore (she has had to every 8 to 10 weeks since Nov. 3, 2016). She lives with us, so she'll be able to use the REDjuvenator everyday. I'm going to keep reading everyone's stories and I can't wait to add ours soon! 😀

Kim Smith
April 10 at 6:12pm

Look what arrived yesterday 😃❤️❤️❤️! Leanne,
I can tell you already what a night and day difference on the REDjuvenator and that other machine we sent back.

I feel so great with the REDjuvenator! ❤️❤️❤️ It’s also so much easier to handle and use!

Kim Smith
April 14 at 1:02am

I am loving ❤️ our REDjuvenator #3!!!
I’m keeping a diary with the times and areas I’m treating, so I can record my progress. This picture is of me resting my feet on the REDjuvenator for 10 minutes. I feel it’s just like when I get a reflexology treatment from a friend of ours that is an incredible reflexologist. I feel as though I had an hour session with her after just 10 minutes on the REDjuvenator! ❤️❤️❤️ It’s heavenly!

5 year Brain Toxicity & Poor Mental Function from Infected Root Canal - healed in just 2 days using REDjuvenator #3 ... after unsuccessfully trying several other Red Light & Near Infrared devices

Joe Pleasant

Jan 21, 2018

After just one day of using my #3 REDjuvenator, the energy in my brain and my cognition have noticeably improved. The effect also lasts all day. 
This is a much more potent procedure with the REDjuvenator versus the cheap hand held red light and other more expensive lights I was using before.  Great Product!
Update, January 22, 2018:
Leanne Venier I've only had the REDjuvenator #3 for 2 full days.  I've already noticed improved mental function.  I noticed it the first time I used it! 
And I've tried the Redlightman mini combo, a cheap grow light and I even have a Vielight which is supposed help with Alzheimers.  None of them are as effective as the REDjuvenator is on my brain!
I am so happy with the results and they seem to keep getting better the more I use the REDjuvenator. I can't begin to tell you the nightmare I've been living over the past 5 years because of the assault on my brain.  I've been struggling at work and socially and with my family life.  I'm an attorney and it's not easy to practice law with a broken brain. I had to do a lot of faking and acting like I was fine when I was anything but fine.
After only 2 days with the REDjuvenator, today I felt sharp!  I haven't felt this way in 5 years!
For me it feels like I'm healing my brain.  I have a crazy health history that involves root canals, cancer and neurological issues.  Cancer is gone.  Root canals  removed.  Still have some issues in my jaw related to infection that spread from my root canals.  My neuro issues are stemming from a permeable blood brain barrier caused by chronic inflammation from my jaw.  So I'm trying to heal the remnants of infection in my jaw, heal my BBB to stop the assault and ultimately heal my brain.  REDjuvenator Therapy seems to be the answer.

Chronic Migraines healed

Hi Leanne!  I just wanted to update you on using REDjuvenator therapy with saline or silicone implants.  My surgeon said it was perfectly safe and would not affect them.  So…..a little update to the issues I have been experiencing that led to my purchasing the REDjuvenator #3.  I began using it 5 days ago.  At first I was using it for 3 minutes on both sides of my face and the front of my face, the tops and backs of my lower legs (where I experience sporadic intense itching, ugh!) and my arms where I have a lot of sun damage from years of sun exposure.

So….after only 5 days, I have already noticed a marked improvement in the intensity and frequency of migraine headaches!!!!!  Leanne, I have woken up, every day,  with a migraine for the past 10 years!  This weekend I slept over 8 hours and awoke without a headache for the first time since I can remember!!!!  They haven’t vanished completely yet but I cannot believe the improvement. 

Warmest regards,
Faith Chandler
KET Enterprises Incorporated


Linda Royer  I use my REDjuvenator #3 almost daily and just love it. It truly has helped me recover and prevent migraines. 

I use it on my neck because I used to get migraines a lot and they'd always start in the back of my neck/base of my skull. Anytime I have an ache/pain or trying to heal an area, , it gets doses of REDjuvenator light therapy. I even use it just to relax. Love it. I want to get an entire bed made of these like a tanning bed. LOL! Full body REDjuvenator red light therapy! Thank you for all you did at the conference, too, Leanne. You talked with me for a while and give me a bit of advice that I've followed.

Chronic Neck Pain & Migraines from Bone Spurs healed

Jeanne Evans
I developed a bone spur from a serious neck fracture in 2004. Intense, annoying pain daily especially after driving, studying, reading, holding my nephews, sleeping, etc. with the routines of icing, ibuprofen, headache medicine (migraines from the intense pain), icey-hot applications, etc., with no resolve for 7 years…...

******HOWEVER**** 20mins of the #3 REDjuvenator unit, and I AM GOOD TO GO!!!!*********

Most amazingly is within the first few minutes of putting the #3 on the area, ****I feel instant relief!!****  20mins is up and I am pain free, mobile and ready to go live life pain free again:)!!!**** Wooooo!!! 😉


Severe Blistering & Burning from possible Jellyfish sting in Cambodia, Healed completely in 40 minutes with #3

November 22, 2017

Todd Shipman (shared in the Leanne Venier REDjuvenator Biophotonic Light Therapy Club)
After 2 weeks in Cambodia, this crazy rash popped up.

"I think from something in the Gulf of Thailand sea water....didn’t feel anything sting me though. It feels like a burn, and has the fluid bubbles like a really bad burn would give you. Just landed (back in the US) and cannot wait to get my REDjuvenator #3 on it and see how it does. I’ll keep you updated...."

(On the way home from the airport, the blistering was rapidly getting worse) 
Todd Shipman: "Here is what it ended up looking like right before using the #3 panel. I was getting nervous!"

(This 2nd photo was taken right before starting treatment with the #3 REDjuvenator.)

Todd Shipman: "Here it is after 40 minutes of my REDjuvenator #3 panel. I know the ability of this #3 panel but that doesn’t stop me from constantly being mind blown by it!"
Todd's leg RIGHT AFTER a single 40 minute treatment with the #3 REDjuvenator.

BEFORE & AFTER: Todd's severe, rapidly worsening blistering & burning wound was healed within 40 minutes with the #3. The blister opened up & drained during the treatment & the skin started healing immediately. Burning stopped.


Severely bruised & scraped leg - healed in 36 hours with two #2 sessions

BEFORE treatment - bad bruise & scrape on leg

36 hours AFTER injury with only 2 treatments

I got a Bad scrape on my thigh from not paying attention while climbing.
1st pic - the Scrape & bruise is about 6" long and 3" wide.
2nd pic was taken 1.5 days after the injury after only TWO 20-minute REDjuvenator #2 sessions. - Al Neumann


Here are Many more Testimonials that have been shared in our Private, Members-only REDjuvenator Facebook Support and Healing Community
(many more coming soon!)

Multiple uses for #3 - Eyes Healed - Retinal damage healed, no more flashing & reduced floaters, Improved skin

Linda Chew
Jan 20, 2018
Hong Kong
Hiya! I have been using the Red daily for nearly 5 weeks now on various locations of my body. My 12 year old twins use it daily, too. I feel the 'quantum physicsy thing that calls me to it'.  Here is what I found:
👣Helps muscle ache 😊
👣Improves my eye health:  I think I was getting retinal damage, seeing some flashing light and floaters. I no longer see the flashing light and have reduced floaters 😅
👣Improves skin and reduces scarring (am hopeful even old scars will completely heal) 💃🏻
I have experienced many other natural  healing modalities, I am so in awe of this REDjuvenator #3!
When I travel next week, I will bring one, so great that I bought two to keep one at home for the twins.
A big thank you Bellen Chang for introducing it to me!❤

Painful, debilitating 4 year recurring Gout Attacks - Healed in 2 days with #3 REDjuvenator!

Darren Carter
March 29, 2018
I had been suffering from general joint pain in my knees and ankles for years (10+), and then the gout flareups started happening in 2014. They began in my ankles and moved to my knees. The pain was white blinding pain, even if a bed sheet fell on it, or I simply moved the joint, or even kept the joint in the same position but just lifted my leg. I tried all sorts of things. Sleeping was near impossible.
I can't imagine the constant agony people suffer through who have this their whole lives! Even trying to drive is near impossible (and dangerous) let alone going to the grocery store. You cannot place any pressure whatsoever on the joint.
So each flare-up would last at minimum 3 days, and it would *only* be that long if I took immediate action to try to help get rid of it. During those 3 days, I was completely immobilized. Some flare-ups lasted a week or more. 
From 2014 until when I got the REDjuvenator #3 last fall ( october 2017), I probably had a dozen flare-ups.
With only 2 days of treatment using Leanne's #3 REDjuvenator protocol was all it took to heal completely. (two treatments a day following Leanne's REDjuvenator knee & joint treatment protocol)
Not just "no gout" but no joint pain whatsoever anymore!
The only time I feel joint pain these days is from intense physical activity, which I then use the #3 to perform rapid recovery from 🙂
I haven't had ANY gout or joint pain since doing those four REDjuvenator treatments over 5 months ago.... ( after suffering from recurring 3 day minimum gout attacks for 4 years!) 

#3 for Healing Goiter, Passing kidney Stones & Healing 4 year old Daughter & Dog 

Cathie Easley
March 14, 2018
I’ve been obsessed with using the #3  for our well being since January.
I’ve been taking pics of my children’s injuries also; skinned knees scabbing over in 2 sessions, and  they are asking for it whenever they fall! My four year old asks for it a few times a week. After a long day at Disneyland, she propped herself on the couch and said, “I need the light on my legs and feet!”
My dog is always coming up to up me exposing her belly, face, and eyes to the light/ she does this for about 5 minutes and runs back to bed. The kids and dog just intuitively know it’s healing! 
I have pics of my thyroid goiter before I started treating with my #3 and six weeks later and my goiter is gone!
It’s so improved that I had to quit taking thyroid meds until it levels off. The interesting thing about my thyroid is that I was being diligent about treating kidneys, which just has generally helped me (I’m recovering from lupus). I was checking to see if my lupus rash was going away even though I rarely treat my chest.
That’s when I noticed my goiter gone! I have been treating liver and gall bladder meridians (per Leanne's suggestions in our REDjuvenator group) and someone told me I was glowing, that my face skin looked so bright. That isn’t something I’ve heard since before my vaccine injury.
One last thing, at my last doctor’s appointment he informed I was passing kidney stones: I’m sure this is my REDjuvenator light helping my kidney to function.
I’m very thankful to Leanne Venier for her help and Astrid Coustier for talking to me about this product at the BP conference 💚💚

Severe Ankle Sprain healed in 24 hours

Cathie Easley
March 14, 2018
And one other thing ... I recently fell super hard and twisted my ankle; I expected to be on crutches. I  put on the #3 for 20 mins, a few times, and it healed within one day 👌🏼

Lyme & Mold Detox Effects, Calming Effects & Craving REDjuvenator Treatments

Janet Tan
March 6, 2018
Great interview Leanne. I was listening to it while driving on my long commute. One thing you said that stood out to me is that, from the day I received the REDjuvenator, I have been using it daily. I shine it everywhere on my body and it really calms me down and relaxes me.  I described it as my “security blanket”. I haven’t stopped using my REDjuvenator since I got it in November of last year.
My body definitely craves it and I had no idea it would detox the body of Lyme and mold and I had recently found out that there is mold in my home and maybe that’s why I couldn’t get enough of the red light. I loaned it to a friend once for her bronchitis and I couldn’t wait to get it back the next day.
I am thinking 🤔 about getting another one!

5 year Brain Toxicity & Poor Mental Function from Infected Root Canal - healed in just 2 days using REDjuvenator #3 ... after unsuccessfully trying several other Red Light & Near Infrared devices

Joe Pleasant

Jan 21, 2018

After just one day of using my #3 REDjuvenator, the energy in my brain and my cognition have noticeably improved. The effect also lasts all day. 
This is a much more potent procedure with the REDjuvenator versus the cheap hand held red light and other more expensive lights I was using before.  Great Product!
Update, January 22, 2018:
Leanne Venier I've only had the REDjuvenator #3 for 2 full days.  I've already noticed improved mental function.  I noticed it the first time I used it! 
And I've tried the Redlightman mini combo, a cheap grow light and I even have a Vielight which is supposed help with Alzheimers.  None of them are as effective as the REDjuvenator is on my brain!
I am so happy with the results and they seem to keep getting better the more I use the REDjuvenator. I can't begin to tell you the nightmare I've been living over the past 5 years because of the assault on my brain.  I've been struggling at work and socially and with my family life.  I'm an attorney and it's not easy to practice law with a broken brain. I had to do a lot of faking and acting like I was fine when I was anything but fine.
After only 2 days with the REDjuvenator, today I felt sharp!  I haven't felt this way in 5 years!
For me it feels like I'm healing my brain.  I have a crazy health history that involves root canals, cancer and neurological issues.  Cancer is gone.  Root canals  removed.  Still have some issues in my jaw related to infection that spread from my root canals.  My neuro issues are stemming from a permeable blood brain barrier caused by chronic inflammation from my jaw.  So I'm trying to heal the remnants of infection in my jaw, heal my BBB to stop the assault and ultimately heal my brain.  REDjuvenator Therapy seems to be the answer.

Reduced Anxiety & Depression & Improved Cognitive Function using #3 to Treat the Brain

Laura Monaco
Jan. 2018
I treat my whole body at least once a day including the frontal area of my brain. I have noticed a decline in systemic anxiety I was not even aware I had. 
I have greater sense of ease and happiness. 
I notice faster problem solving capability. 
When Hawaii was threatened with a missile alert the other day (turned out to be a false alarm), I quickly made a nuclear bomb nest for some guests and felt no anxiety about the possibility of these were the last few moments of my life doing what I needed to do, (help others) not what I wanted to do (go to the beach).
My brain works more creatively.

I understand new concepts more quickly. Like crypto currency.

Lung Cancer reversed in 2 months with REDjuvenator #3

Todd Shipman
Professional Biohacker
Feb 2, 2018
I've made some pretty extreme testimonials about my experiences with my REDjuvenator.  But this one....well, this just blows them all out of the water for me, in regards to health and importance.  I won't make this long, with specific details.  My mom got tests done in November, showing numerous tumors and lesions all over her body. The same evening we got the news, I drove out and gave her one of my REDjuvenator #3 panels to use.  I told her to put it on her hip (where she had a large bone mass) and on her chest (where she had a large mass in her lungs).
Leanne was gracious enough to spend hours on the phone with us, suggesting overall wellness protocols, books to read, food to focus on, etc.  This past week, my Mom had a biopsy procedure and more scans.  2 months after the initial tests, the biopsy now showed everything was NON-CANCEROUS, and the masses had significantly shrunk (specifically the one in the lungs that were the biggest concern).  So in the past 2 months, REDjuvenator light and diet change are the two things my mom has changed.
Her doctor has no idea what her tumors shrinking & healing could be from....but we know 🙂

Rapid post-workout Muscle Recovery & Reduced DOMS using #3

Darren Carter
Computer Tech Guru
Nov 11, 2017
Happy Saturday everyone! Just did a fun mini experiment on myself this week that some might find useful. It's nothing new but just an added "me too" to muscle recovery benefits.
I just recently started working out again after several years. For anyone that's done this, you know the first week back is brutal; the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) is significant, especially if you're like me and did exercises to failure.
Given I knew I would feel a ton of soreness, I took the opportunity to test my #3's muscle recovery capabilities. So I used it for 20 minutes, twice only (one the day of the exercise, the other the following day), on only one of the muscle groups exercised.  The others were left to fend for themselves 🙂
The 2nd day following the workout, my other muscle groups felt like they were stabbed they hurt so much but the one which received the #3 sessions had significantly less soreness, if any at all. 
Leanne's REDjuvenator light continues to amaze me in every aspect. Words cannot express my gratitude for what you've provided us all, Leanne.👏

Competitive Athlete - Reduced DOMS, Rapid Muscle Recovery and Healed fibula bone fracture in less than 1 week (fracture that wouldn't heal for 12 weeks)

Brian Johnson
Competitive Triathlete and IronMan competitor
Sept 3, 2017
I race both on and off-road triathlons. Which is somewhat of a challenge because Im always switching from mountain bikes to time trial aero bikes. Mountain bike racing you're using more Quadricep muscles and aero bikes your using also hamstring muscles. Depending what type of training I would do that muscle group would be sore from lack of dominant use.
Using the Redjuvenator #3 I noticed a dramatic decrease of muscle soreness to almost no soreness the next day to none all at all two days later.
Also same with road running versus trail running HIIT workouts. Calves, gluten, hamstrings and quads would be sore depending on style of training and racing. Using the Redjuvenator #3 also dramatically decreased DOMS. Ive been using the REDjuvenator light within 1-3 hrs after training for min 20 min sessions.
Ive also noticed subtle changes in my warm ups. It seems like my muscles become activated quicker into my training.
Last but not least I developed a stress fracture in my fibula 12 weeks ago right in the middle of race season. I had no choice but to work through the pain.
The pain level running before Redjuvenator #3 was about 60% reduced. Yes the injury is trying to heal on its own but in just the last 10 days using the Redjuvenator #3, the pain level is 95% reduced. I ran 8 miles yesterday and even though It felt slightly irritated I was able to run for next weeks IronMan Worlds race. As soon as I got home used light and woke up today with virtually no pain.

Post- Stroke healing of Dark, Bruised Skin

Lea Burke
Essentrics Teacher & Functional Medicine
March 6, 2018
Thought to share, my father recently had a stroke and hospital stay for 5 days. He was poked all over. He has always had very thin, sensitive skin as well as susceptibility to bruising; partly due to being on a high-dose aspirin. He was administered TPA to add to further bleeding. Gratefully, he is on the mend. Of course, I had to get the REDjuvenator light to him.
We treated his huge, dark and deep bruising over the past few days and his arms are clearer than they have ever been in the last 15 yrs.
Also, he received a large open wound on his elbow from his skin catching when they rolled him onto his side. I gave him 1-2 treatments with the REDjuvenator light and it appeared as if it had undergone 3-4 days of healing. Wound has dried and closed.
My mom, dad and oldest sister cannot get enough of the REDjuvenator at this point. Every time I stop by to pick it up they are still using it! I think I will be ordering them their own shortly! Love this light...every time I unplug it, I always joke that the world has just gone gray for a moment. I am very grateful to Sharon McKinstry Pilling for sharing this device with me as well as to Leanne for creating it. Thank you!

Doctor Healing Patient's Swollen Hand with #3

Dr. Philip Schalow
March 6, 2018 (in response to Lea Burke's comments above)
Yes, those blotchy regions on the skin are apparently a result of an allergic reaction to the blood thinners, yet they are ignored.
I'm thinking that the REDjuvenator light is bringing strength back into the compromised system so it can heal on even that level!
I just returned from a patient's home where I used the REDjuvenator #3 light on her swollen hand, which seemed to be a strange side effect of anxiety about pain, and stress-caused subluxation of the thoracic spine (in the western system the origin of nerves that run the blood vessels to the hand).
In one treatment, I could feel the swelling diminish as the light did its work.

Misses her REDjuvenator when she's lending it to her clients

Lea Burke
Essentrics Teacher & Functional Medicine
March 7, 2018
Hi Leanne Venier. Of course, use any of my comments! And I will keep you posted, they should be receiving their light this week sometime.
I love sharing your light, but man I miss it if it is out of the house! It is difficult to keep my mouth shut about your light.
There should be at least 1 REDjuvenator in every household.
I even took it to my ESSENTRICS class to share with my clients. We actually plugged it in during the floor work and I noticed the clients lingered longer with their eyes shut breathing deeply. I have shared it with the staff of the functional medicine clinic I work for and I was wondering, is it ok to post a short video about your light on our closed group FB page?
All clients of EPIC FMC would then know about it, as opposed to me sending out individual emails with links to clients. Also, thank you so much for the info you provided above, I will be sure to share this with my father.

No more Bright Light Sensitivity!

Brian Johnson
March 27, 2018
Since I stated using my number 3 for eyes a year ago I haven’t worn sunglasses since. I don’t have sensitivity to light anymore!

NeuroOptometrist Heals her Damaged cornea in 24 hours using the #3 REDjuvenator & also Treats her Jetlag with her #3 every week (from going back and forth between time zones each week)

Dr. Mary Vanhoy
March 4, 2018
Promised Leanne I'd post my results after treating my right cornea with the #3 REDjuvenator.  I accidentally poked myself in the eye while reading an instruction manual.   Being an optometrist, I knew the cornea regenerates from the inner layer up but it was also prone to infection if I didn't treat it.  So, not having anything to use, I simply applied the REDjuvenator to my open eyes (per Leanne's REDjuvenator Therapy Eye Treatment Protocol). Despite only my right eye being abraded, it was just easier to keep both eyes open.  I began to notice a weird jellyfish like pattern when looking at the LEDs with my right eye but not my left.  I decided that was due to the right cornea being abraded and the surface being irregular.  (The funny thing is my logo for my clinic in both Indianapolis and Seattle (Sensory Learning Program) is a jellyfish!  Long story why but if you are really curious, you can read about it on my webpage, Seattle Sensory Learning.com )
Anyway, my cornea was pretty much healed up by the following day after two applications of approximately 3 - 5 minutes with the REDjuvenator. I did one application the night I injured the eye and another the next morning.   I didn't wear my gas permeable bifocal contact lens in the right eye because the top layer of the cornea is the weakest portion and the contact lens could reinjure it.
Nice to have something so handy as the REDjuvenator for just about anything that comes up! I also use the #3 for treating all of my Traumatic Brain Injury patients, too!
I'm the one who never travels without it because it resets my circadian rhythm to allow me to function across three time zone differences (bouncing back and forth between my two clinics in Seattle & Indianapolis) and hit the ground running each morning full of energy and vitality!

Eye Floaters Healed using #3 after 2 earlier surgeries for Detached Retinas & Cataracts

Al Neumann
March 4, 2018
 I do my eyes, my nose is in one of the led holes. Both eyes wide open. When looking directly into the light,  I see squiggly segmented cell like snakes with my right eye, and perfectly clear in my left. I attribute this to gel in my that us in my right eye, as I had 2 detached retinas in my left eye, and that one has just saline solution in it. I love looking directly into the light.
I also should add that I had cataract surgeries in both eyes prior.
Since using the REDjuvenator Therapy, I very seldom see any floaters in my right eye, but I used to have them quite often.

REDjuvenator #3 feels Amazing - friends & family don't want to stop using it!

Paul Watling, Sydney AU
March 20, 2018
First night update: on the first night of usage 8 people had a turn on the RedJuvenator, most of whom were reluctant to hand it back. I was the eighth user and OMG, how lovely does it feel? I now know why they didn’t want to give it back. I’m typing this the following morning with the RedJuvenator on my stomach getting closer and closer to being late for work because I don’t want it to stop 😀

Age Spots on Hands Disappearing

Bellen Chang
Hong Kong
March 17, 2018
Age Spots on Hands Disappearing
My dad has been a religious user of the REDjuvenator since Nov 2017. He told me yesterday that he recently noticed the darker age spots on the back of his hands have lightened significantly while the lighter ones are gone. He says he has been applying the light for about 15 min each day while watching his favorite Asian TV dramas. My original instructions was to treat the wrist and palms which he has mistakenly thought was the back of his hands. He now treats both sides. Unfortunately no before & after photos as he was not intending to get rid of the age spots.

Spider Veins Before and After #3 Treatments

Mollie Rose
March 9, 2018
I wanted to share my spider veins before and after pics. I’ve been treating the spleen as Leanne suggested.
Those ugly veins are MUCH less noticeable now!
Before & after photos coming soon!

Grade 4 Brain 'Terminal' Tumor healing using REDjuvenator Therapy - Doctors are Mystified

Brenda Jo
March 13
Just so you know my daughter's grade 4 brain tumor has exceeded life expectancy by 2 weeks and she is not only a survivor but thriving we see REDjuvenator light therapy with essential oils and to remove headaches immediately
This has been proven to us over and over..its also been apparent that with REDjuvenator light, movement away from light within is obvious..the tumor doesn't like light ..  doctor bet his license my daughter wouldn't see march.
6 months ago she couldn't even read now she's planing her future.
There's more to this REDjuvenator therapy, so with God's grace we are thankful ... this is a recent picture (coming soon). There's been no doctor intervention as they gave no hope.

Improved Dementia in less than one Month

Rebecca Doe
March 2018
Leanne Venier I'm already treating my mother's head for dementia. But she's also had a couple of Hemorrhagic strokes, the last one about 3 months ago (before I got the REDjuvenator). 
My Mom has now been getting the REDjuvenator light treatment for less than a month, so it hasn't been long enough to judge. My goal is three months, then I'll be able to say. Having said that, near infrared light has been shown to have benefits for dementia and Alzheimer's patients. Leanne has spoken about this. So, I would encourage your friend to embrace REDjuvenator Therapy as a very good option.
But I'll say this, after only one month, my mom's doing very well so far. She was dubious at first at this different kind of treatment, but now seems to look forward to it, and even asks me if it's time to do it. 😊
Janet Tan
March 6, 2018
Great interview Leanne. I was listening to it while driving on my long commute. One thing you said that stood out to me is that, from the day I received the REDjuvenator, I have been using it daily. I shine it everywhere on my body and it really calms me down and relaxes me.  I described it as my “security blanket”. I haven’t stop using it since I got it in November of last year. My body definitely craves it and I had no idea it would detox the body of Lyme and mold and I had recently found out that there is mold in my home and maybe that’s why I couldn’t get enough of the red light. I loaned it to a friend once for her bronchitis and I couldn’t wait to get it back the next day.
I am thinking 🤔 about getting another one.

PTSD Recovery, Rapid Muscle Gain, Hair & Skin improvements using #3 REDjuvenator

John Taylor
Military Vet, served in Iraq
Jan. 28, 2018
I have been using the #3 for about a month now. Most days I treat the abdomen and kidneys at least once for about 20 minutes. Some days I get in a second treatment and/or apply the light on other areas.
I have to say I am blown away by the results so far! All of the issues I had with certain foods have gone away, I am in less pain, skin and hair have improved, and I have gained muscle.
In 2004 I did a combat tour in Iraq and since then I have been struggling with a variety of things that were slowly, but progressively getting worse. I have tried all sorts of crazy things to feel better, but this REDjuvenator light seems to be the best thing I have found so far.

Breast Fibroids Shriking and Healing Breast & Low Back Pain ... PLUS Advice for Aussies shipping the #3 to Australia

Gabi Bruce, Australia
Feb 2, 2018
Hi guys, I got the Redjuvenator #3 for a couple of reasons - lower back pain and fybrocystic breasts. I’ve been using it for about 6 weeks with 20 min sessions and I SWEAR TO GOD my boobs are way less fibrous, swollen and sore.
I also feel like my back is holding its own (I’ve been able to drop from weekly massages to monthly and I’m not crippled).
This is seriously the best money I have spent (getting the Redjuvenator to Sydney Australia was not the cheapest thing I’ve ever done in my life 😳).
If anyone is in Aussie and wondering if it’s worth the expense and kerfuffle - IT IS!!!
I’m also really interested to read all your experiences and I’m grateful to you all for sharing, and to Leanne for setting up this group so we can have a common space to share!
It’s seriously improving my quality of life so much!
Also in case it’s useful, I used Borderlinx for parcel forwarding (it was one of the suggestions you listed for shipping out of the US) to ship my #3 to Aussie and they were great. I was unsure about how it would all work but it worked out super painless and easy, so Aussies shouldn’t have any fear about the whole process from start to finish!

Healing Breast Fibroids and Low Back Pain

Sharon McInstry Pilling
Feb 2, 2018
I too have experienced considerable improvement in low back pain and my fybrocystic breasts feel are more supple. I haven't had a lot of ache or fullness in recent yrs. being menopausal but the lack of tenderness is wonderful.

Chiropractor has less shoulder pain, greater mobility & better able to help patients

Dr Philip Schalow, DC
July 31, 2017
In exploring the effects of the REDjuvenator, I am seeing that my shoulders are feeling easier to move. I am an upper cervical (NUCCA) chiropractor and generate the adjusting force in my shoulders so the patient doesn't feel anything.
I have had lots of problems with my right shoulder and wrist for over a year, and using my #3 REDJuvenator, the shoulder issue is vanishing.
As Leanne confirmed, it has to do with the gall bladder meridian, and let me tell you about my resistance to learning anything about the meridians. They are real, but it's a system I would like other people to be good at. I don't think I can be good at it!! S
So I am today seeing about half of my patients showing up holding their correction, yet displaying signs of gall bladder meridian problems. So I tell them about the Leanne Venier REDjuvenator and hope they look into it so I don't have to try to "fix" something outside of my scope.
My energy seems to be going up and I am better able to handle office system failures.

Mother's Tumors Shrinking with Leanne's REDjuvenator #3 & Cancer Healing Suggestions

Professional Biohacker
Feb 3, 2018
LONGer POST: As most probably haven't noticed...I haven't been as active/focused for the past months, as my mom has had some extreme health issues, tumors, lesions, procedures that took priority.  I'm here with some eye tear'ing up news(for me).  Her initial scans and tests showed numerous lesions and tumors all over her body, bone mass in her hip, and mass in her lungs.
Leanne spent hours on the phone with us. The first thing I did back in late November when we got the news was I drove her over one of my Redjuvenator #3 light panels.  I told her anytime she wasn't doing anything, to have it on her hip and her chest.
Leanne gave us great ideas... and specifically about diet, "If you can't go pick it out of a garden right now, dont eat it".  Mom changed her diet immediately, and used the #3 panel probably an hour a day. She recently went in for some more biopsy procedures, and new scans, and the results have come back that all the masses have shrunk, and are non-cancerous. 
I am beyond words... grateful for people in my circle who reached out to me, to help. Leanne Venier and Peter Bauman have been there for anything I need.
The doctors are stuck on why they have shrunk, and are considering re testing everything.  I dont care about why specifics, I just care about the end results.
Leanne is much more than just a "light specialist", its just what we have mostly known her for.  She worked with cancer victims, does acupuncture, and focuses with eastern medicine.  When shit hits the fan, who do we go to for advice? Who do we allow to give us advice? Who do we believe? Who do we trust? There were many people involved with helping me, no doubt - emotional support(Linda Royer) and I am very grateful for this group.  Thank you for the support from everyone that was involved. I am grateful that my loved ones trust me enough to let my friends into their life and to listen to them, when their life is possibly on the line.  This group is gold, and I wish more people knew about it.
You have been incredibly priceless in my life Leanne, I am extremely grateful for you.

Elite Triathlete uses his #3 in the middle of 24 hour Competition to Increase Endurance & After Race to Speed Post-competition Recovery

Brian Johnson
Feb 23, 2018
Hi group, I don’t have time to post much these days on Facebook but I wanted to share yet another great story of using light Redjuvenator #3.
I raced a 24 hr XC race in Arizona last week and finished with the top teams.
For 24 hrs I pushed my body. Of course there are consequences to doing that. The two pains in my body were my left knee and my butt from riding on a little seat haha...
About 3 am in the morning I was desperate to find relief on my butt so I plugged in my REDjuvenator for 30 minutes between my laps. It didn’t take the pain away completely but it allowed me to finish the race with being in pain.
On the 7 hr travel home I used the REDjuvenator on my left knee and by the time I got home my left knee pain went away and never returned!
Amazing recovery tool!!

Deep Sleep with the #3 REDjuveantor

Sharon Pilling
Feb 1, 2018
 I treat my face first in bed and then go into sleep protocol - I begin to get drowsy when treating my face too. I do Leanne's facial protocol, eye protocol and sleep protocol, and include my thyroid most nights. I often fall asleep for 30-40 min. then I have to get up to go pee but then go right back to sleep most nights.
As for depression - I have dealt with mild but persistent depression that didn't change much in 4 months of general use of the #3. But then Leanne shared with me a specific REDjuvenator Therapy Depression and Anxiety treatment protocol and when I started following that protocol, I immediately began waking each morning without the hovering discouragement.

Best Health Investment Ever - REDjuvenator #3

Janet Tan
Jan 13, 2018
Leanne Venier. I have to thank you for inventing this light. It is the best $675 I’ve ever invested. And it is my security blanket.  I use it daily... for everything.
I also feel so much stronger at the gym now. I use it for all symptoms.
Sometimes I use it just because it is extremely soothing. Like a baby blanket.

Elite Triathlete uses #3 for Rapid Recovery & Stress Fracture Bone Healing

Brian Johnson
I know you're asking Leanne Venier  but I also wanted to help. I’m an elite triathlon and race mounting bikes at a pro level. I use Leanne’s #3 light for pre warm up and post recovery with almost manic like results! But what was more insane during the middle of my IronMan race season this year I had a stress fracture along the tibia and could hardly run. After 8 weeks it never healed.
That is when I purchased light out of desperation haha.. after two weeks the stress fracture was healed right before my last IronMan World World championship race. I forgot I even had a stress fracture! I used the #3 light directly on the fractures 30 min in the morning and 30 min in the evening. It just slowly went away over a two week treatment. It was weird because each day I felt less and less pain then just stated running again like nothing was ever wrong

Torn Meniscus 2.5 year old injury - Healed in a just 5 weeks using the #3 REDjuvenator

David: Moorefield
February 2, 2018

I had just had my 2nd MRI just before Christmas break (2017)  after 2.5 years since I tore my meniscus and the MRI showed that the tear had gotten a little bigger.

I had heard partial tears would heal back after about 2 years and I had been using heating wrap on the knee for a while, which didn't seem to fix it. Unfortunately instead of a partial tear my latest MRI showed that I may have now had the meniscus separated.

I took about a month off exercising and started just using the REDjuvenator #3 light over Christmas. 

Things are definitely much better now (after less than 5 weeks of #3 treatment following Leanne's REDjuvenator knee treatment protocol), and my knee is almost totally pain free.

Had an odd pain on the other side of the knee so I'm also using the #3 light all around the knee now. I will likely take another MRI if necessary and may hit the amount where it doesn't cost a lot via insurance. It seems because of the cost of MRIs there hasn't been a lot of research on this?"

Deep  Sleep using #3

Cynthia Armstrong
I put it on my body and it works. It works actually when I put it just about anywhere and I start getting sleepy. If I wake up in the middle of the night and can't fall asleep quickly then I turn on the REDjuvenator lights for a bit and ...zzz

Pets love the REDjuvenator - Kitten heals injured paw (many more miraculous pet healing stories coming soon!

Nikki HarrisAdams
Using my #3 light. My kitten had jumped and was holding his right front paw off the ground and was hobbling along. I set up the REDjuvenator and interestingly, I just placed my kitten on my lap hoping he would not fight me on sitting still a moment (he is a kitten after all).  This position he took (in the photo - coming soon!) all on his own and lasted 15 minutes.  He then said he was done.....
He loved the REDjuvenator light treatment and within an hour he was back to full power.  Amazing and thank you so much Leanne Venier for all you do!

Pinched Nerve in Neck healed in 2 Treatments with #3

Janet Tan
Jan 10, 2017
Yesssss Roy.  I had pinch nerve on my neck and #3 fixed it in 2 treatments


Bruised, painful finger

Carole Davis, UK - May 19 at 4:39pm

I know this is just a small thing, but Wednesday I noticed a bad bruise on my middle finger at the end that was painful and dark. Anyway, as I was doing my face I placed my finger onto one of the lights. Yesterday (Thursday) I treated it again even tho it wasn't as uncomfortable. Today its gone. Clear. As I state, it's just a small thing but proves that bruises can be treated with the light. I use the No. 3.


Chronic Pain from Broken Toes healed in one 10 minute #3 session

November 26 at 3:16pm, Posted by REDjuvenator Community Member

As this Thanksgiving holiday comes to a close, I’d like to Thank Leanne for following her passions and creating the REDjuvenator. I had a significant fall 2 months ago that affected the majority of my musculoskeletal system. I also want to thank my friend who shared her REDjuvenator #3. In one 10-minute session the pain from broken toes was gone. I ordered my own REDjuvenator. The results have been tremendous. This week I have been able to walk 3 miles again. The members-only facebook group has given me many more ways to use the investment of the light, and I’ve shared the info with my friends and family. 
Here’s to more health in the year to come. Cheers!

Rapidly Accelerated Full-body Healing using the #3
(after Plateauing with several other healing modalities)

  Sharon McKinstry Pilling

I have had multiple health issues for 12 yrs. After regular chiropractic for the first 6-7 yrs. or so I kept plateauing. But the past 4-5 yrs. I have gained steadily in my health with a great team including acupuncture, applied kinesiology chiropractic and an amazing PT who gives me myofascial release, cranio sacral work, etc. and massage thearpy as well as by implementing dietary changes.

BUT after having the REDjuvenator#3 for only 2 1/2 months all four of my practitioners have said that I am not the same person I was 3 months ago. They say my body is responding so much easier to treatments and they are excited for me. Some of them are saving up for their own REDjuvenator #3 panels.
I am sure that I will be able to decrease my time in their offices in the coming months which will certainly justify the expense of REDjuvenator and then some!

Leanne Venier, you said you never set out to create a product until friends and others who heard your teaching urged you to do so. I'm thankful to those folks who had your ear and thankful to you for going forward into this aspect of healing. Forever grateful and healing!

  Sharon McKinstry Pilling:
"Leanne, I have taken my panel and shown it to several people (who have been treating me for my many medical issues for many years).
My acupuncturist picked it up after I plugged it in and said - "I can feel the energy in it, I want one".

My Essentrics exercise teacher - I plugged it in and handed it to her and she held it to her chest and kept exclaiming about it and wouldn't give it up until 5 min. had passed and it was time for class to begin - she has Rheumatoid Arthritis. She is saving up for one.

My massage therapist who also has 500 hrs. of applied kinesiology and is studying Jin Shin Do - I plugged it in and just kept staring at it and saying how she wanted one and was going to see if she could convince both sides of her family to give her cash toward one this yr. rather than a gift.

Today I mentioned it for the first time to my PT who gives me MFR and Cranio Sacral work, etc. I keep spreading the word! I think it really helps to take my device so they can see it and feel it. There is nothing like it."  Love

Foot Neuropathy, Foot Arthritis, Plantar Fascitis, Knee Bursitis - Healed with #3 REDjuvenator

Dr. Maureen Lees, Ontario, Canada
November 20 at 5:08pm

Peripheral Neuropathy-
I used the #3 on a client with chemo induced peripheral neuropathy of both feet. She had intense burning pains in soles of feet & stabbing, shooting pains on top of her toes. Most of her pain occurred during the night & it constantly kept her awake. After one session of 30 minutes to the soles of her feet & 15 min to the tops with my #3 REDjuvenator, she felt 50% better. After 2nd treatment of same protocol, she was 80% better. After 3rd treatment she was 99% improved.


Hello Leanne.
One of our daughters, Annette Rolfe in Robertson Australia, purchased one of your REDjuvenator #3 devices a couple of months back. She has been impressed with results from it and, very generously, sent it overseas to New Zealand, to her Mum and me to try for a couple of weeks.

I have had Plantar Fasciitus for about the last 4 months, limping after tennis, hobbling on arising from bed and taking 2 or 3 days before being able to walk without limping.
I used your light the first day and next day was able to arise with a significant lessening of pain. By the third day of use I was no longer hobbling, no longer limping, even after tennis so stopped using it. Now 3 weeks later (the light I have shipped back to Annette) I really do not have any symptoms and have to physically press hard in to my Heel to find any tender spot.

My wife Pamela has significant bursa problems in one Knee, for which she has been hospitalised. She is waiting for Orthopedic work. After her exercise classes she used your light and there has been a noticeable reduction in pain each time.

Thank you for your expertise and endeavor.
John Calkin, New Zealand


Roy King
I use on my feet and got rid of arthritis in my left foot. Been using it for a year now.


Granddaughter's Debilitating Intracranial Hypertension (mimics brain tumor) - Healed in one week with #3 REDjuvenator

Intracranial Hypertension BEFORE Symptoms

Hi Leanne

thanks again for that super informative phone call.

I've just literally gotten off the phone with you and seen this post from my step sister in nz about her daughter who has swelling around the brain and is really suffering.

any help you can provide would be appreciated, I feel as though I've already taken up so much of your time and feel a bit guilty for asking for more.

I've pasted the post below, it's not very medically specific though.  as you'll see in the post she has had a voluntary mastectomy (she's about 25 I think) due to  having the braca gene and being told by a doctor that she was a walking time bomb.  no stress there:(

best wishes
Annette, Australia

Letter from Annette's step sister about Grace's suffering:

"As some of you already know 7 weeks ago we had a diagnosis, that our precious Grace has developed a serious Brain Disease. The medical diagnosis reveals the cause is unknown as is a cure. It's medical name is......."Idiopathic INTERCRAINAL HYPERTENSION."

This awful condition mimics a brain Tumour. 
Her life has been turned upside down. Constant pain in her head. Fluid building up in her brain. Pressure behind her eyes in the optic nerves. Terrible fatigue.. Wrestles days and nights with not being comfortable. Unbalanced on her feet. Sound sensitive. A myriad of emotions as to be expected. Not to mention not being able to live a normal life. No teaching no driving no interaction. 
The medication the Neurosurgeon and specialists are trying isn't working and the side effects are horrendous..... 
Having brain surgery is far from a cure....It would simply be temporary relief by using stents. Not even near an option for her as this isn't without its own complications !! 

She has already been through so much in the past 3 years since Braca diagnosis and subsequent Bilateral Mastectomy only 12 months ago. 
This week we start a Holistic approach through every avenue that we can find of any help. 
Grace had been in this awful pain for 3 months now and the days are becoming more challenging to say the least. 
Desperate to get her into remission in the most natural way as possible! 
Determined to prevent more sinister outcomes with this condition."

Feedback from Annette about her family's healing successes after 1 week of treatment lending them her #3 REDjuveantor:

Hi Leanne

I sent my #3 REDjuvenator light to my family in NZ as you suggested and they are getting very good results.

My niece with the intercranial hypertension is able to sleep without painkillers after weeks of pain filled nights.  she's been using the light for about a week now I think.

From what my dad says she is also experiencing an uplift in energy and is able to function better during the day too.  

my mum's knee,  instead of having to lift her leg into the car using her arms, she noticed after a couple of days use that she was able to put her leg in the car without arm assistance so she is very happy.    My dad is a tennis player and has some recurring heel injury that he has been treating with the light and really noticing a remarkable (in his words) difference with that.   he is very happy.

as they are sharing the light between locations it's difficult for them to get multiple treatments in per day but I imagine that would speed things along very considerably. 

anyway, they are all very impressed and happy with their results and I will ask them to write you a testimonial. 

anyway,  got to sew some corsets now.  I'd love to make you one if you are ever interested,  as a gift for all your help.  if you ever feel ready to take that step, just let me know and I'll send you pics and descriptions.   I do a range of corsets designed for comfortable movement, designed for dancers and performers as well as more constrictive styles.  All are designed to be worn as outer garments rather than underwear.



Intracranial Hypertension Grandfather's feedback AFTER 1 week of REDjuvenator #3 treatment

Hello Leanne.
One of our daughters, Annette Rolfe in Robertson Australia, purchased one of your REDjuvenator #3 devices a couple of months back. She has been impressed with results from it and, very generously, sent it overseas to New Zealand, to her Mum and me to try for a couple of weeks.

One of our Grand daughters is 24 and has IIH (Ideopathic Intracranial Hypertension) or fluid on the Brain.

She started using your light before bed and, (after months of non-stop pain and sleepless nights) this has resulted in her sleeping through the nights or if she does awake, no longer needing to take pain killers.

Pretty remarkable results (using the #3) in the face of so much else both medical and alternative, being of little help.

Just Thought you might like to know.
Thank you for your expertise and endeavor.
John Calkin, New Zealand
(see more of the family's healing results in Plantar Fasciitis & Bursitis post above)


Frozen Shoulder - multiple women helped

Ruth Knauss, Naturopathic Doctor, Munich Germany

I have wonderful results with your REDjuvenator #3 on frozen shoulder syndromes and shoulder calcifications. 2 women in my gym have frozen shoulder, and were on endless physio, painkillers etc. I thought I’d show off a bit and brought your REDjuveantor baby to the gym... magic show! They got 50 % better after only 20 minutes...now they want it daily! 🙂
Much love from Munich, Ruth

Strained Muscle - healed with Two #3 treatments

Nikki Harris Adams I strained my Piriformis muscle last year. Took several pain-filled weeks, several chiropractor visits and lots of stretching exercises to get better. Tweaked that pesky Piriformis again last month but only 2 days of 20 minute REDjuvenator #3 light therapy and the pain is gone!....

Back Pain & Knee Injury - healed

Hi  Leanne,  I purchased the #3 REDjuvenator panel from you last fall after hearing your presentation at the Bulletproof Conference in Pasadena.  I live in Ottawa Canada and have been using the panel for the past 8 months to speed up healing of various issues and promote rejuvenation.

I love the panel and cannot describe the full impact it has had on my husband Val, and me - we use it every day.  News of the panel has spread to our family and friends and subsequently my sister bought one.  3 of my friends are very interested in purchasing a panel and are using my panel.

For example, a friend of mine is a competitive ball room dancer, he injured his knee so I offered the use of the #3 panel to speed up his knee injury so he could perform at a competition. He now wants to buy one as it has had a remarkable effect on healing his knee.

Is there any way I can help you to support and promote your product in Canada?  I am a health professional and an avid fan of your work and others particularly those that I have been introduced to through Dave Asprey's work.  Let me know if there is anything I can do.   I would love to see this form of healing more accessible to people.  Any ideas/suggestions? Wondering what your future plans are.

– Marlene Nose, Health Professional, Ottawa Canada

Knee Pain, Inflammation, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis & Sleep - #1 Biohacking tool

Todd Shipman (Professional Biohacker & Coach): My wife comes home and immediately puts it on her knees, then her face, chest, helps her go to sleep also.

I have all the really fun biohacking toys available, and without a doubt this is the most useful piece of equipment I have. I use it, my wife uses it for her painful knees, and my mom uses it for her pain and inflammation from fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. And she was using it for cold sores too. It helps with things people haven't even thought of yet....so it's worth trying for almost any ailment or issue.

Linda Royer: I agree, Todd. When something comes up, I go to my REDjuvenator light matrix first. It has worked for so many things.

Root Canal, Canker Sores, Swollen Gums

Cherryl Chow - May 24 at 11:13pm

Leanne, I used my #3 light after my root canal which had resulted in canker sores and swollen gums. I used the REDjuvenator 3 nights in a row, 20 min each session. I forgot to use it last night. Went to the dentist today. She said my gums look beautiful! It's been 8 days since the procedure, but she said it looks like it's been 2 weeks.

Low Back Pain, Knees, Liver, Dog's ear growth - multi-use tool for entire family

Holly Meyers I have a #3. I use it most nights on my chest as Leanne recommends. I also use it on my lower and mid-back. Actually, wherever it hurts I put it on while I am watching TV at night. I end up using it for a couple of hours in different spots. Knees, liver, stomach, you name it. My dog had some kind of weird growth on her ear. I used it on her and now it is barely there. I cannot do without mine.

More PAIN Relief, PARASITES, Anti-aging SKIN, HAIR Growth, MUSCLE Boosting, ABDOMINAL issues & MORE

#3 Treats all of these

Lifelong Neck Pain healed in 3 sessions with #3

"I want to report that I've had amazing -- and unexpected -- relief from neck pain! Ever since I was a child I'd regularly get a stiff neck. I do neck rolls, stretches, multiple massage sessions but I guess I tend to be tense or something (and do a lot of computer work) so my neck almost always hurts. But after a few sessions of shining the light on my neck, it feels wonderfully light! And the pain is almost all gone!!!"

- Cherryl Chow


REDjuvenator Highlights

  • Quickly heals Neck pain
  • Feels very relaxing
  • Relieves tension

Osteoarthritis Quickly Healed


Cherryl Chow

REDjuvenator™ Applications

  • Heals osteoarthritis in joints
  • Improves vision
  • Calming & soothing full-body effect
  • Pleasurable to use daily

“Dear Leanne, 

I was recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left and right shoulders. The right one was especially painful. The pain was more or less constant. I could feel the heaviness sometimes when I was asleep. I started using the lights on my right shoulder for 20 min daily for about 2 1/2 weeks. Did not bother using it on my left side. The result is that the pain on the left shoulder is completely gone and a 90% decrease in the right one. And, it only hurts when I stretch or do yoga. Yay! I'm continuing to do the light therapy daily and hope that the shoulder will be 100% well by June so I can go zip lining.

My vision really is also getting very clear!

I love the light -- very soothing. I'm generally very non-compliant about everything so it's a minor miracle that I'm able to use the lights so consistently! I think just because I like it. I was supposed to do physical therapy for my shoulders -- and icing -- but I did the exercises exactly three times. They're boring and I just can't remember to do them.

Thank you for developing this therapy!
- Cherryl"

Update - June 2017:

Hi Leanne, I’d like to report that I was able to go zip lining in June after all! There was a possibility that I would not because of shoulder and arm pain that my doctor said was osteoarthritis but my physical therapist disagreed, so who knows what it was, but whatever the cause, it was painful enough that I could not raise my arms completely. I used my REDJuvenator #3 to treat it (for a couple of months total) but the pain in my left arm is completely gone now!

Beard growth Stimulated with #3

“Another life changing advantage from the #3 panel. I'm 34, and have never been able to really grow a beard.
The top photo (BEFORE using my REDjuvenator) is from right before Halloween this year. You can see the holes/thin/patchy spots. The bottom photos were taken last week (after 7 weeks of REDjuvenator #3 daily 3-minute treatments).”

- Todd Shipman, Vallejo, CA

REDjuvenator Highlights

  • Stimulates hair follicles
  • Slows and reverses hair loss
  • Thickens hair growth


Boosted Strength & Muscle Building


Dr. Richard D. Hammer


  • Boosts muscle strength (as proven by science)
  • Builds muscle more quickly
  • Heals joint injuries
  • Speeds muscle recovery (DOMS)

Dr. Hammer, brand new to power lifting, beat the 20 yr State record in Deadlift by 65 lbs and also beat the Bench Press State record by 15 pounds the same day... after using Leanne's #2 light intermittently for 6 months then 3/week for the final 6 weeks (after injuring his shoulder 6 weeks before the competition).


BEFORE (above) - June 2015
AFTER (below) - November 2016

ABDOMINAL ISSUES Pain, Cramping, Uterine Fibroids, Parasites, other

Severe Chronic Abdominal Cramping & Hemorrhoids  - healed

I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis in 2003, which is paralysis of the stomach with no cure.  Through this condition I developed internal hemorrhoids and finally a lovely external one.

I read into all the procedures to rid it, and none of them are worth the painful surgeries or the one extremely painful non-surgical procedure involved. So it’s been literally a part of me for 3-4 years now.

I was curious about using my #3 REDjuvenator, so after researching exactly the hows and whys behind hemorrhoids I thought, "why not?”.

***Sure enough (20mins, 2x/day for 4 days,) I began to notice a size difference!!!!


I began to continue (20mins 2xs a day) for the next 2 weeks and it continued shrinking! 3 weeks from the start date and my hemorrhoid is almost completely gone!!!

2nd Testimony - Debilitating cramping gone!

Bouncing off the 1st testimony, Gastreoparesis process for me leads to debilatating-intense stomach pains, severe nausea which usually leads to intense vomiting and then sleeping erect for the rest of the night, with zero movement or it all repeats.

***HOWEVER with the #3 unit**** as soon as I feel the pain coming on...I put the light over my lower abdomen and within 20 minutes ***I am SAVED and good to go!!!!!!

(This is HUGE Leanne!!! Nothing for 12 years has prevented this horrific cycle, except the #3 unit !!!!!!)*****

- Name withheld by customer request 


Uterine Fibroids - shrinking after 3 sessions

Ruth Knauss -Naturopathic Doctor, Munich, Germany

Holy moses... I can feel my uterus fibroid melting away after only 3 sessions 20 minutes each...I am really impressed! I had this rather large fibroid for 10 years, no problems with it due to uncomplicated position in the uterus and I kept the size under control with my own therapies. 4 weeks ago, it suddenly dropped down into the vagina...which is a very rare phenomena. But the REDJuvneator #3 has already helped after only 3 sessions!
Much love from munich, Ruth

Skin Issues & Anti-aging

#1, #3 & #4 are targeted to heal any Skin issues. #1 & #3 also reverse aging, wrinkles, age spots and more.

Quickly healed Shingles, 35-year Bursitis & Chronic Knee Pain with Formula #3


Lois McGee, 76 years young!

Lois' shingles BEFORE her REDjuvenator™ treatments. She'd had these excruciating, deep, open shingles sores and non-stop stabbing nerve pain for over 2 months.

AFTER only 6 REDjuvenator™ 20-minute treatments! Pain reduced immediately & shingles healed rapidly. (Lois reported that the shingles completely healed a couple weeks later but I don't have a photo since she was off enjoying her life once again!)

"My main purpose for using Leanne's REDjuvenator Light Therapy tool was to heal the still open shingles sores on my body.  After only 3 days of treatment with Leanne's light, the sores are showing advanced healing and there is less nerve pain! ...

... BUT the BIG BONUS has been the complete relief of bursitis pain in my right shoulder.  The very first treatment of the shingles on my back, the light overlapped to the shoulder and it completely eliminated shoulder pain that I have experienced for about 35 years - after only one 20-minute treatment!

I have also been struggling with leg pains this past year, hobbling around, sometimes using a cane, so obviously, I treated the legs also.  After all, it only takes about 20 minutes per treatment.  Well, surprise, surprise, leg pain is gone and I am getting ready to start some walking on the treadmill!  This is a serious move as I have not been able to do this for about 18 months!"

REDjuvenator™ Applications

  • Quickly heals Shingles
  • Treats Chronic Bursitis
  • Heals Chronic Knee Pain & Leg Weakness

Rapidly healed Rosacea with Formula #3


AFTER: Before starting treatments with her #3 REDjuvenator™, Crystal Deiwert had worsening rosacea for 2 years

REDjuvenator™ Applications

  • Calms inflamed skin
  • Reduces bumpy skin texture
  • Smoothes & renews skin

BEFORE REDjuvenator™ - angry, inflamed redness all over Crystal's cheeks for 2 years.


AFTER only 15 REDjuvenator™ 3-minute treatments over 5 weeks - rosacea is almost gone in this photo

Infected Contact Dermatitis healed in 2 minutes with #4


Bobbie has suffered from recurring contact dermatitis and had a very bad patch of it on her wrist that was infected & wouldn't heal for months


  • #4 Kills bacteria quickly
  • Promotes rapid skin healing
  • Fast acting relief
  • Also works great for killing acne bacteria & healing skin

This photo was taken 24 hours after a single 2-minute treatment using #4. This little scabbed area had been a badly infected patch of contact dermatitis that had not healed in many months. Immediately after her 2 minute treatment at the bulletproof conference, Bobbie felt a tingling sensation and the next morning, her open wound had scabbed over and healed by 75%!


This photo was taken 72 hours after 1 2-minute treatment using #4. The patch is almost completely healed!


Bobbie posing to show how she treated her now-healed wrist the day before

ANTI-AGING - Wrinkles, Hyperpigmentation, Scars

The #1 & #3 formulas are targeted for rapid anti-aging & restored youthful appearance

Rapid Anti-aging with Formula #1

I'm back to NOT wearing makeup!

(see before & after pics below)

"I never used to wear makeup. I liked the natural look and didn't want chemical-laden products on my face. But, in my 50's, I started to get brown age spots, deep wrinkles, and the small scars on my face wouldn't go away. I had to find something to hide those ugly marks of aging. So I began to - yikes! - use cosmetics to give me an even skin tone.

Then, I discovered the Redjuvenator #1. In just two weeks of daily use, one of my bothersome scar scabbed up and became much less noticeable. In 6 weeks, my wrinkles improved. In 12 weeks, my brown spots have lightened. My skin looks so much better that -- I'm back -- not wearing makeup!

And feeling more confident than ever. Now, I get compliments like:

• "You look great."
• "Your skin is so soft."
• "You look 10 years younger!"

Thank you, Leanne!

Rapid Anti-aging with Formula #1

Mollie's before and after photos - dramatically reduced wrinkles, hyperpigmentation & scar


Mollie Rose

REDjuvenator™ Applications

  • Tightens skin & reduces wrinkles
  • Reduces age spots & hyperpigmentation
  • Heals scars, even old ones

Rapid Anti-aging with Formula #3

“Dear Leanne,

I just had to write to thank you for developing your REDjuvenator Lights.

For a couple of years now I have been reading about, and listening to podcasts about the healing benefits of red light (Led, infrared etc) I would listen and read but never could quite wrap my head around exactly how i could take advantage of this light . There were so many different sites on the internet selling different red light devices, but none gave me any confidence in their knowledge, ability or safety.

And then, I watched your seminar at the Bulletproof Conference. Eureka!!! There it was! All the information wrapped up in such a concise and informative way. And not only that, but you had developed and manufactured a light for home use. Couldn’t believe it!!

I immediately ordered the #3 light. It was amazing…after only one week I could see a noticeable reduction in the size of my pores! This has been an issue for me since i was in high school. So needless to say I am ecstatic. If this is happening already, imagine the effects of long term use!

Then I listened to your videos for each light. Hmm, “don’t forget the hands”, well that was an eye opener. Started doing my hands, and again within a week I could see a difference. Brown spots were getting lighter and veins were less visible…a miracle for sure! Just can’t find the words to express my excitement with this light!

So anyway, just want to thank you again!! and let you know that I am now ordering lights for all 4 of my children and a #2 for the big guy's knees and ankles!

Paula Heard
Ontario, Canada”


Paula Heard, Ontario Canada

REDjuvenator™ Applications

  • Quickly reduces pore size
  • Reduces age spots & hyperpigmentation
  • Reduces visible veins on hands
  • Quickly relieves back pain

"On another note, my husband had a stiffness in his back for a couple days, made it hard for him to turn from side to side. He is an ironworker. So while he was watching TV, he put the light on his back. Propped it up on a cushion and another for his head. He did that for 20 minutes and then laid it on his chest for 20 minutes. Then, dada, pain was gone! He didn’t know what to think…lol..amazing!"

Clears & brightens skin, stops breakouts, reduces oiliness

"It is been a couple of months since I use the "#3 Universal REDJuvenator" at least once a day and I can truly say my skin tone improved, becoming less oily and brighter.
Furthermore I noticed it relaxes me as well, so I tend to use it in the evening. I saw the first results within the first week.
I am French and live in the U.K., so it helps me as well facing grey and cloudy weather, as it gives me the light I do not get from the English weather, without the harmful UV.
I really advice this device to anybody who has oily skin and wrinkles. Your skin will definitely become brighter, clearer and youthful and you will feel more relaxed 🙂

Thank you Leanne!

xxx - Anna (UK, originally from France)

More Skin-related Testimonials

Scrape & Bruise Rapid Healing

I got a Bad scrape on my thigh from not paying attention while climbing.
1st pic - the Scrape & bruise is about 6" long and 3" wide.
2nd pic was taken 1.5 days after the injury after only TWO 20-minute REDjuvenator #2 sessions.

Al Neumann



Nikki Harris Adams
 I made my physician husband use my REDJuvenator #3 for his psoriasis! He was amazed with the results. He has found when he has a flare due to poor dietary choices, the #3 light heals it amazingly well. He is a Family Medicine Boarded Physician, works as a Hospitalist and ER physician and is a believer. Thank you Leanne Venier. Also, after he treated his flare ups a few times, he hasn’t had any recurrence in about 2 months. Fascinating!

Cold Sores

Shannon Reis
I'm quite happy so far with my results. I've been able to manage my cold sores with my REDjuvenator #3 ... only one outbreak (when I forgot to treat for a few days) was over in record time (< 3 days).


Astrid Coustier (Posted in REDjuvenator Facebook Club): "After getting a very painful sunburn which caused symptoms of the flu. I used my #3 on the area for about 10 minutes. As I was traveling out of state the next day, I did not get to use my light again. Typically this burn would have blistered, and peeled. But there was NO peeling, and the intense pain was reduced by the 2nd day, both which really surprised me. Thank you Leanne for creating such a wonderful tool!

Katarina Lunner , Sweden - I've used my REDJuvenator #3 on sunburn at the face and shoulders. It wasn't a severe sunburn but I was red and worried it would hurt and become itchy. The skin seemed to heal faster and as you experienced, Astrid, no peeling!

Severe chronic skin reaction for 5 months from Anesthesia & Antibiotics on Face & Hands - cleared in 24 hours with one #3 Treatment

BEFORE One 5-minute facial treatment - redness & swelling on cheeks & eye area

24 hours AFTER One 5-minute treatment on face with REDjuvenator #3 - redness & swelling (that she'd had for 5 months) is completely gone.

BEFORE - Hands were painful, burning, itching & swollen with one finger that was almost completely black (reaction to anesthesia & antibiotics 5 months earlier)

24 hours AFTER ONE 3 minute treatment on hands with REDjuvenator #3. Blackness has almost completely cleared, skin is healing rapidly.

These are Photos of a conference attendee at the ILA conference in Florida - Before and 24 hours after a single treatment with the #3 REDjuvenator.

She had had surgery & anesthesia in January 2017 and a severe allergic reaction to the anesthesia manifesting as ongoing facial redness & swelling and a sort of 'rash' on her hands. She was given antibiotics by her doctor to try to treat the issue, which only made the redness and swelling on her face and hands even worse. This redness, burning & swelling on her face & black discoloration, itching, flaking, cracking and burning on her hands had been going on for 5 months when she came to the conference. She had tried countless things to get rid of the redness and swelling but nothing worked until the single #3 treatment which cleared the problem within 24 hours (the healing continued the following day without needing a follow up treatment)
These photos were taken before and after a single 5 minute treatment on each side of her face and neck and 3 more minutes on her hands.


Promotes Deep Restorative Sleep, Treats Jetlag, Resets Circadian Rhythm

Quickly restores Healthy Sleep & Proper sleep cycles for a Healthy Brain

Immediately Promotes Deep Restorative Sleep as measured by Fitbit, Resets Circadian Rhythm

"Thank you very much for our phone conversation and the suggestion that I try the Sleep treatment protocol prior to falling asleep. I tried that last night for the first time - and I registered the longest period of deep sleep on my Fitbit that I have ever had. It registered an hour and 47 minutes of deep sleep and the most I've had before was about an hour. Many times less than that.

Thank you again for your time and for inventing this innovative, helpful device. "

Alfred B Southhall

Deep Relaxation & Restful Sleep

"Definitely the BEST night I have had was when I put my feet on my REDjuvenator #1 light, then had REDjuvenator #3 shining on my bare chest--for heart/lungs, since I had bronchitis. It was right before I went to bed, and I slept like a baby for the first time in many, many months! They are great--so maybe a little systemic from the feet on up! Thank you so much, Leanne! I appreciate all your input!"

- Alice Ihde

Side Note: We've had SEVERAL reports from customers stating the same thing: placing the #3 on their chest promotes a very noticeable and very fast full body deep relaxation response and deep sleep when used right before bed.


REDjuvenator Highlights

  • Full-body relaxation & promotes deep sleep
  • Relieves chest congestion
  • Induces sleepiness even when wide awake

And MUCH More! More Testimonials will be Added here Soon!

About rapid healing of: Eczema, reduced bright light hypersensitivity, many cases of Vision improvement, acute neck pain, chronic wrist pain & injury healing, colds and flu, pet arthritis, post-workout rapid muscle recovery ... and more!

WOW! All that from one Red Light Therapy Device?

Want to Learn How Biophotonic Light Therapy can work for YOU?

Last year, Leanne spoke to 2500 people at the Bulletproof conference in California about the "The Power of Biohotonic Light Therapy for a Bulletproof Body and Brain" and received a standing ovation at the end.

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... because REDjuvenators™ provide MUCH MORE than light therapy alone.

Leanne created her REDjuvenator healing invention by combining decades of her own expertise and research in the Medical Sciences, Engineering Sciences and Ancient Healing Arts with proven medical research from thousands of published, peer-reviewed scientific research studies.

Clinically-proven REDjuvenator 
Red Light Therapy Healing devices are recommended to patients around the world by Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Veterinarians, Naturopathic Doctors, Neuro-optometrists and Brain Specialists.


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    Leanne has been awarded the "Top 100 Healthcare Leaders" Award
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    Title of Leanne's lecture:
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  • HMRI Neuroscience Research, Hired Speaker

    Huntington Medical Research Institute

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    "The Effects of REDjuvenator Photobiomodulation & Meridian Effects on Mitochondria and the Brain for Alzheimer's, Migraines & TBI"
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    October, 2017

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    Leanne was an Invited Speaker to share her research & techniques about the Science of tapping into Flow State
    "How to use Flow State to Optimize your Business, Increase your Creativity & Productivity and Boost your Income"
    July 2015
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    Leanne & her guest panel members discuss Leanne's research & the Science of using Color and Light for Tapping into Flow State for optimal Creativity, Productivity and Health in the Workplace
    Other guest speakers at the SXSW Interactive conference in 2014 included:
    - Malcolm Gladwell
    - Dan Rather
    - Former US Vice President Al Gore
    - Tim Ferris
    - Chelsea Clinton
    - Astro Teller, CEO of GoogleX

    Title of Leanne's panel presentation & discussion
    "Catalytic Color: Flow and the Balanced Brain Benefit"
    March 7-11, 2014
    Austin, TX


    Leanne is an invited speaker to share her research and discoveries about the Scientific basis for the Medical Applications of Photobiomodulation (Light Therapy) for Medical Doctors opening Medical Tourism facilities in other countries
    "The Science of Color, Light & Art as Medical Therapies"
    June 2013
    San Antonio, TX

  • MENSA CONFERENCE, Invited Speaker

    Leanne is an invited speaker to share her research and discoveries about the Scientific basis for the Healing Effects of Color, Light Therapy, Flow State and Art
    "From Photons to Biophotons: The Science of Art, Color & Light Therapy for Health & Healing"
    March 2013
    Fort Worth, TX


    Leanne was an invited speaker to share her research and discoveries about the Scientific basis for the Healing & Consciousness Raising Effects of Color, Light Therapy, Flow State and Art
    "Color, Consciousness & Healing: The Healing Effects of Color, Light Frequencies & Art"
    January 2012
    Austin, TX


    UT Southwestern Mecical Center - Dallas (10,000 staff, researchers & students)
    After word of her UTHSC-SA exhibition, Leanne was invited to bring her exhibition north to Dallas to teach the medical doctors and medical students about her research in the science behind the healing effects of Color, Light Frequencies and Art. She gave a live lecture and power point presentation and set up an even larger ongoing interactive exhibition that the faculty and medical students could engage & interact with for 3 months.

    For this exhibition, Leanne created a fully interactive experiential display exhibiting her healing artwork along with multiple science and learning panels explaining the science behind the healing effects of Color, Light and Art.
    Leanne also gave a 2 hour lecture for the medical doctors, staff and medical students about her research in Photobiomodulation (Light Therapy)
    "Effective Color: Using Color & Light Frequencies in Medicine"
    August-November 2011
    Dallas, TX


    UT Health Sciences Medical Center - San Antonio
    Leanne was invited to teach the medical doctors and medical students about her research in the science behind the healing effects of Color, Light Frequencies and Art. She gave a live lecture and power point presentation as well as set up an ongoing interactive exhibition that the faculty and medical students could engage with for 3 months.

    For this exhibition, Leanne created a fully interactive experiential display exhibiting her healing artwork along with multiple science and learning panels explaining the science behind the healing effects of Color, Light and Art.
    Leanne also gave a 1.5 hour lecture for the medical doctors, staff and medical students about her research in Photobiomodulation (Light Therapy)
    "The Color Effect: The Art & Science of Color, Light & Healing"
    March-June, 2011
    San Antonio, TX

CURRENT MEDICAL RESEARCH Studies utilizing Leanne's REDjuvenator Biophotonic Light Therapy Devices

  • Muscle Performance Study - Ongoing

    Photobiomodulation Research Study on Muscle performance & Recovery using REDjuvenator #3
    In partnership with Medical Doctors from the University of Missouri Medical School

  • Blue Light for Killing MRSA - Ongoing

    Research study at the University of Missouri School of Medicine using Leanne's invention, REDjuvenator #4 for treating MRSA

  • USC - Keck Medical Center, Non-invasive Treatment Protocol Study for TBI &
    Stroke - Preparation phase

    Research study at University of Southern California, Keck Medical Center, using the REDjuvenator #3 & other non-invasive treatment protocols for treating Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Stroke. Leanne was invited to have her REDjuvenator invention used in the study


  • Textbook Co-author "Nanotecnology, Nanomedicine and AI: Toward the Dream of Global Healthcare Equivalency"

    Leanne has been invited to co-author and contribute a chapter to this groundbreaking medical innovations textbook. Her chapter will be focused on "The Future of Photobiomodulation & Quantum Healing in Nanomedicine - Wearable Light Therapy". Publication date, January 2019.

    Lead author, Frank Boehm, author of the University Textbook "Nanomedical Device and Systems Design: Challenges, Possibilities, Visions" -- CRC Press

  • Texas MD Magazine - Invited Author

    Leanne's article "Beat Back the Winter Blues" - Published February/March 2015

  • Texas MD Magazine - Invited Author

    Leanne's article "Secrets for Successful Sleep" - Published April/May 2015

  • Texas MD Magazine - Invited Author

    Leanne's article "The Science of Healing Sunshine and the Myths that are Killing Us" - Published November/December 2014 catalyticcolor.com/leannes-texas-md-magazine-articles/

Leanne's Interviews as Light Therapy Expert & Flow State Expert - on Global Podcasts, Radio & Health Summits

  • Create Don't Wait Summit

    "How to Use Color and Light for Triggering Flow State for Maximum Creativity & Productivity"
    Recorded Feb 2018 - Coming Soon

  • Lyme Ninja Radio

    "The Benefits of Flow State for Healing Disease in the Body and how to use REDjuvenator Light Therapy & Sunshine for Treating Lyme Disease & Detoxing the Body"
    Recorded Feb 2018 - Release Date: Soon

  • Fit for the Kingdom Radio

    "How to use Color, Light & Quantum Physics to tap into Flow State for Optimizing Health & Brain Function"
    January 2018

  • Ancestral Health Radio

    "The Ancestral Importance of Sunlight, Red Light, Near Infrared & Quantum Subtle Energies for Healing the Body & Brain"
    Coming Soon!

  • Success 101 Podcast

    "How to Tap into Flow State for Maximum Creativity & Productivity and the Science of Using Light for Optimizing Sleep & Brain Function"
    Coming Soon!

  • HealthCast Now Podcast

    "The Truth about Red Light Therapy"
    December 2017

  • Harness your Creative Power Summit

    "The Power of Color and Light for Stimulating Creativity and Flow States"
    June 2017

  • Worldwide Transformation Summit

    "The Importance of Sunlight, Red Light & Near Infrared Therapy for Healing the Body & Brain"
    June 2017

  • Extreme Health Radio

    "Debunking the Myths about Red Light Therapy and Infrared Saunas" February 3, 2017

  • Gaiam TV, Paid Speaker

    Leanne was hired to be interviewed on Gaiam TV for their Internet-based Subscription TV programming with the world's leading experts in alternative medicine. She spoke about the scientifically validated healing benefits of Flow State and how to access Flow at will, using Color and Light.
    February, 2016
    Boulder, Colorado

  • Bulletproof Radio

    "Supersenses & the Power of Biophotonic Light Therapy"

  • The Depression Summit

    "How to use Red Light & Near Infrared Therapy for treating Depression & Anxiety"

  • Christine Upchurch Show

    Nationally Syndicated Radio Show bridging Science, Healing & Spirituality
    "The Importance of Healthy Sunbathing & Mitochondrial Health for Preventing & Healing Cancer"

  • NBC-TV

    NBC-TV San Antonio
    "The Science behind the Therapeutic Effects of Color, Light and Art for Healing & Creativity"