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Multi-Medical-award-winning, whole-body Healing
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– Permanently Relieve Pain
– Heal at the ROOT
– Boost Immune System
– Relieve Stress & Anxiety
– Reverse wrinkles & Aging
– Sleep Great

Created by the Science of Light Therapy Pioneer

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Hi, I’m Leanne Venier !
Engineer, 2x Medical-award-winning Inventor,
Eastern Medicine Physician, Artist and Pioneering Expert in the Science of
Light Therapy & Quantum Energy Medicine

I’d love to help you discover restored health, happiness and healing while regaining your youthful energy, strength and beauty

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About the Light Therapy Pioneer

Leanne Venier is a 2x-medical-award-winning inventor, Engineer (former submarine designer), Eastern Medicine Physician, visionary entrepreneur & international award-winning artist. She’s known globally as the world’s leading expert in the Science behind the healing effects of Red Light Therapy, Quantum Energy Medicine, Light Therapy, Color and Flow states. For almost 2 decades, Leanne’s been recognized by the medical community as the Science of Light Therapy Pioneer. Her global teachings have raised awareness about the profound healing effects of Light Therapy, Quantum Healing, Energy Medicine, Color and Sunlight by bridging medical science with quantum physics, evolution and ancient healing modalities.

Leanne has been praised by Medical Doctors, neuroscientists and countless others as a visionary innovator in healthcare and the world’s #1 authority on the benefits of Biophotonic Light Therapy  (Photobiomodulation), Quantum Energy Medicine and Flow States for self-healing, anti-aging & optimal brain function.
Leanne’s lifelong passion has been to help others truly heal at the ROOT of illness and disease using natural means.
Leanne’s REDjuvenator Quantum Light Therapy full-body healing inventions are used by tens of thousands of medical doctors and lay people around the world. All from word-of-mouth.
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Featured as the Authority on Light Therapy Science & Flow State: 


Leanne’s Medical Conference Keynote:

What is Quantum Energy Medicine and WHY Does REDjuvenator Therapy heal at the ROOT of illness & disease? MORE REDjuvenator Case Studies.

Medical Award #2

Leanne’s Medical Conference Keynote:

Why do people get sick and how does REDjuvenator Therapy heal at the ROOT of illness & disease? REDjuvenator Case Studies.

Medical Award #1

What the Medical Doctors are Saying About Leanne

and her Revolutionary Medical Teachings & Inventions

“Leanne is truly an expert in the study and benefits of Light and Color and how to use them to improve health. And she is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met.

Her education in engineering, acupuncture, Shiatsu, and holistic medicine bring the perfect perspective to the topic.

Leanne’s knowledge in the area of preventive medicine is well beyond that of most physicians in practice and she shows a breadth of knowledge that very few in the preventive medicine sector have.

And unlike many out those preaching their version of health, Leanne backs up her data with published, evidence-based medicine and research.

I personally use her REDjuvenator #3 for boosting muscle strength and endurance as well as rapid post-workout muscle recovery. When I use it at night, it’s extremely relaxing and reliably promotes deep, restful sleep.”

Dr. Richard D. Hammer, M.D. FABAARM, FASCP, FCAP
Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell & Anti-aging Expert
Associate Clinical Professor of Pathology & Anatomical Sciences
Director of Hematopathology, University of Missouri School of Medicine


Dr. Hammer is a 3-time, record-breaking Gold Medal Missouri State Power Lifting Champion. He attributes much of his success to his rapid recovery times and boosted muscle power from his REDjuvenator #3.

Learn How & Why Light Therapy Works

Leanne regularly teaches Medical Doctors, Neuroscientists & laypeople about her revolutionary research.
She recently presented to 2500 people and received a standing ovation!
“The Power of Color & Biophotonic Light Therapy for a Bulletproof Body & Brain”

Leanne on NBC-TV

– Speaking about The Science of Healing Color, Light Therapy & Art –

Reverse your Aging & Heal Yourself with Color, Light Therapy & Flow!

REDjuvenator Therapy, clinically-proven, science-based healing technology, by Leanne Venier

Leanne’s Free Color & Light Therapy Resources

Learn how Color and Light can help You:

– Heal both physically & emotionally
– Slow Down & Reverse the signs of Aging
– Sleep better
– Reduce Stress, Depression & Anxiety
– Enhance Creativity
– Tap into Flow State &
– Increase your Happiness in Life.

Color & Light have been scientifically proven to provide all of the above benefits and more.

Learn to Use Healing Colors & Light Therapy

Leanne’s Free Flow State Resources

Learn how Flow State (aka the Zone) can:

– Improve your mental Health,
– Heal long-standing illnesses
– Reduce stress,
– Dramatically increase your Happiness in Life
– Enhance your Creativity &
– Increase your Productivity by 500%.

Flow State is an Optimal State of Consciousness where you feel and perform your best. Getting into Flow has been scientifically proven to enhance your life in all of these ways and more.

Learn the Benefits of Flow State

Work with Leanne

Quickly & easily Improve your Health, Creativity & Productivity with the Power of Healing Colors & Flow State.

Work directly with Leanne in her Live Virtual Color and Creative Flow Training Program.
Leanne will personally guide you into Flow State and train you to tap into it at will using the Art & Science of Color & Neuroplasticity.

You’ll also learn all about your personal colors and what they mean for you. You’ll learn to harness their power to dramatically improve your personal AND business life, heal your mind, body and spirit and dramatically increase your Creativity & Productivity, beginning immediately.

What the Surgeons are Saying about Leanne

and her Revolutionary Medical Teachings

“Ms. Venier,
Using Color & Light for healing is a fascinating topic that I had no knowledge of until I heard you speak.

As a typical traditional surgeon, I know little about alternative treatments of any kind. I actually did not know that newborns with jaundice are treated (in hospitals) with blue light. It seems ironic that such a simple procedure could have such dramatic results.

If physicians will accept that treatment, why won’t they be open to managing other problems with light? But that is a recurring problem with many physicians. They simply do not keep an open mind to new or different ideas. There is a steep learning curve for most physicians.

I congratulate you for your efforts to enlighten the medical profession. You’ve certainly enlightened me.”

– Dr. Michael E. Glasscock III, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Otologist, Surgeon, Inventor, Patent holder & Author
Glasscock Hearing Implant Center

The 4 Pillars of Healing: Light, Color, Flow State & Art

Light Therapy Benefits

Sunlight spectrum with all Healing Colors

Color cannot exist without light, and light cannot exist without color. Color and Light are interchangeable terms in many ways.

All visible light has colors within it just as Sunlight contains all of the spectral colors – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo & Violet – which you can see whenever there’s a rainbow in the sky.

Different wavelengths of light correspond to different colors, each of which elicits different healing effects in our body & psyche. RED Light Therapy & Near Infrared LED Therapy are the MOST POWERFUL for healing & anti-aging.

Learn about Powerful REDjuvenator™ Red Light Therapy

Color Therapy Benefits

Color Wheel with all Healing Colors

Each and every color affects us on multiple levels – physically, emotionally & psychologically.

Research shows that Colors act like nutrients for our bodies, just like Vitamins do. We tend to crave the colors we need to restore balance and create potent healing effects, physically, emotionally, psychologically & spiritually.

Learn More About Color Therapy

Flow State Benefits

Leanne's Creative Flow Process

Flow State (aka the Zone, the Groove, Runner’s High, Deep Mindfulness, etc) is an optimal state of Consciousness where you feel and perform your best.

Numerous research studies show that when we operate in Flow State we are 500% more productive, far more Creative & Innovative, with Lower Stress levels, Better Health & Greater Happiness in Life.

Learn More about Flow State

Art Therapy Benefits

Article about Stress Reducing & Anti-aging effects of Leanne's Art

Art Therapy includes the benefits that you gain simply by gazing at specific types of artwork as well as those from creating your own artwork.

NASA & other medical research studies show that simply looking at certain artworks, like Leanne Venier’s paintings, can bring about profound healing effects. Her paintings have been written about by medical doctors for their healing, stress-reducing and anti-aging benefits.

Viewers of Leanne’s art also report that simply gazing at her work puts them into a deep meditative Flow State with potent healing effects.

Learn More about Art Therapy

How to Use Color & Light to Tap into Flow State

Leanne shares her techniques on National Radio

8 Simple Steps to Flow State
Learn More
How to Find Joy & Purpose in Life
Get Wildly Successful with Flow
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